A Black Hole is a Phase Transition

A Black Hole is a Phase Transition

Phase Transition

Phase transition is when a substance changes from a solid, liquid, gas or plasma state to a different state. Every element and substance can transition from one phase to another at a specific combination of temperature and pressure. The most common type of matter in the universe is the plasma state, which stars are made of.

An atom in the Plasma State. Hot ionized state without electrons or matter attached


There are nine ways a substance can change between these three phases.  For instance, melting, freezing, evaporating, condensing, sublimation and deposition. What happens if matter has a phase transition as it enters a black hole.

  • Melting: The transition from the solid to the liquid phase

  • Freezing: The transition from the liquid phase to the solid phase

  • Evaporating: The transition from the liquid phase to the gas phase

  • Condensing:The transition from the gas phase to the liquid phase

  • Sublimation: The transition from the solid phase to the gas phase

  • Deposition: The transition from the gas phase to the solid phase

  • Phase transition of matter from black holes into a higher state

  • Ionization from a gas to a plasma

  • Recombination from Plasma to gas

A phase diagram of water. The center or triple point shows when all 3 states exist.

Strange States of Matter

A common and strange state of matter is called a Plasma state. A gas can convert into a plasma by extremely high temperatures or by a huge voltage difference such as during a lightning storm. Neon lights and plasma screen televisions are another example of a plasma state.

Boise-Einstein Condensate  is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero. It resembles a liquid with zero viscosity.

Degenerate matter is highly compressed matter in the core of massive stars which turns matter into a quantum state.

Quark-gluon plasma is a state of matter when all the elementary particles are free of the strong nuclear attraction. The gluon force carriers (bosons) are separated from the quarks (fermions). This phase of matter has been created  in the CERN collider.

During the Big Bang a quark-gluon plasma phase was a period when free nuclei existed with a soup of electrons. Temperatures were too hot for electrons to attach to make protons and neutrons.

Gravitational Singularity is predicted by general relativity to exist in the center of a black hole. But, this isn’t a phase of matter, this is a (unknown) phase transition into another state of matter.

Black Holes -  Dark Gravity Singularity

Notice the lack of a color force? Black things make dark things means we are in the dark when it comes to understanding the universe. What are black holes and dark matter?

In another article I discussed how black holes are created. The common method is when a massive star goes supernova. As a star runs out of nuclear fuel the massive gravity pulls the core into the center in an enormous pull of attraction.

During this inward rush of matter a nuclear explosion happens and the surface matter of the star gets blasted into space. The explosion coupled with massive gravity creates a phase transition into another dimension.

This phase transition is a gravitational singularity to another state of matter, commonly called a Black Hole.

From a Black Hole into Dark Matter

When matter is attracted into a black hole what happens to the matter? I like to explain this as a journey from one place to another place. It’s like moving from living in water to living on land and taking another step to live in the air. Kinda like a phase transition, liquid to gas…

To fully understand the big bang and black holes means you must know how matter and energy move. Black holes create a phase transition.

During the big bang matter was extremely hot and it moved into the 3rd dimension, the most dense form of matter.

When matter moves into black holes it changes into less dense and higher frequency matter. It’s like the reverse of the big bang reaction, energy gets less dense instead of more dense.

The Black Hole is really a portal or doorway into a different kind of matter. We have been calling it Dark Matter because we can’t find it or see it.

We can’t see or touch other dimensions but we can feel them

Dark matter is inside another dimension surrounding our lower frequency dimension. Just like an iceberg floating in the ocean is surrounded by water. Each phase transition has higher frequencies.

Gravity in the 4th Dimension

These phase states are what I call dimensions. Maybe another word would be better? Our dense state to a less dense state? A low vibration to a higher vibration? The 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension? You choose...

A Black Hole is an opening into the 4th or 5th dimension. This portal is kept open by gravity, Einstein called it a distortion of spacetime. Because, gravity is a long range force our dimension feels the gravity field, coming out of the black holes.

Our visible universe is expanding and being accelerated towards the larger dark matter dimension surrounding our visible universe bubble.

Black holes are converting dense matter into higher frequencies and into higher dimensions eventually the 6th dimension will have a big bang that sends all the energy back to source.


Black holes are the physical gateways to higher frequency matter. The phase transition is what  takes place inside black holes to raise matter’s vibrations. When matter flows through the gateway it becomes known to us as Dark Matter.

The 4th and 5th Dimension

Inside the 4th dimension life goes on in a normal way. But, black hole continues attracting matter into the 5th dimension. When matter moves past a phase transition it has become less dense with a higher frequency. Eventually all matter ends up in the 5th dimension. By this time mankind would be like gods, able to create whatever they desire. But, it’s no big deal, everyone can do it too.

The End of Our Universe

The Universe was created when the “Big Bang” entered the 6th dimension. The final phase transition occurs when matter and antimatter meet in the 6th dimension. The resulting explosion sends all the energy back to the non physical 7th dimension where it came from. By that time all souls have left Earth and moved to other dimensions.


Key Takeaways

  1. A phase transition occurs when matter changes to a different state.

  2. When matter enters a black hole it experiences a gravitational singularity state

  3. The matter changes into a high frequency state called Dark Matter

  4. Black Holes are portals into other dimensions

  5. Dark matter is a phase transition state of matter

  6. Matter and antimatter will create the final phase transition that ends the universe

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