Big Bang Facts

Big Bang Facts.

What are the Big Bang Facts. 

BIG Bang facts! The Big Bang started the Universe and Time. How did  it start the universe and where did it come from? The main reasons that the Big Bang is the best evidence for the creation of our universe, are:

  1. We are certain that the universe had a beginning.

  2. The expanding universe supports the idea that at the beginning it must have been small.

  3. The hot beginning of the universe must have left a remnant of that heat. We have observed this as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB).

  4. The abundance of only light elements such as hydrogen and helium supports the origin of matter.

During the Big Bang energy cools and moves into various lower frequency dimensions.

How did the Big Bang Start

Before we can talk about how the Universe started we must understand dimensions. We only know one dimension of space, our 3rd dimension. Consider that the Big Bang came from outside of our dimension which is proof that other dimensions exist.

Dimensions are tools need to create a Universe. (Erik Lovin 2019)

The only outcome is that the Big Bang created our universe. Don’t try to be smart and imagine some other kind of ridiculous idea. The Universe was created and the questions are how did it start and who created it?

First of all religious ideas are blind and scientific ideas are lame without spirituality.   

This is the Ultimate Truth, so help me god:

Before I explain, realize that spirituality has almost nothing to do with religion. What religion calls God, man calls Science. However, master architects or some group created the Universe with a Big Bang.

In my article What happened before the Big Bang I discussed the Architect masters who planned the process of Creation. They had the support of our creator GOD. But, the Oneness or the source of life simply is while others do the work.

We are all part of this Oneness and our reason for living is to experience and learn about this Creation.

What Happened before the Big Bang

The total energy that created the Universe came from a dimension that has no physical matter. Therefore, it was more like a push of energy, due to a change of frequency, that entered our dimension.

When energy changes state it passes through a phase transition. This happens when ice changes to water or vapor, it goes into a higher frequency.

The same thing happens when energy lowers its frequency. Energy from the 7th dimension entered into the 6th dimension. As soon as that energy was in a physical dimension the Big Bang was ready to explode... But first a couple of quantum fluctuations must have taken  place.

The energy for the big bang enters the Universe into the 6th dimension on the left in this diagram and when the Universe ends it exists the 6th dimension back to the 7th dimension.

This diagram shows how the energy of the big bang enters and moves in the normal matter dimensions. A similar flow happens in the antimatter dimensions. They annihilate each other when they meet in the 6th dimension and return the energy back to the 7th dimension.

Note that it took the energy less than one second to reach the 3rd dimension which is the lowest and most dense dimension. Currently we are at the lower right 4th dimension of timeline. Only 4% of the matter remains in the 3rd dimension. Black holes are constantly moving matter into the 4th dimension and beyond.

What Happened During the Big Bang

As the energy entered a physical 6th dimension of duality it separated into matter and antimatter. Whenever energy undergoes a reaction it creates an equal amount of matter and antimatter.

In an instant this energy would have annihilated each other in a huge explosion and returned the energy back to the source. Since we are here, that explosion didn’t happen.

Instead the energies separated into 2 different 5th dimensions creating a parallel antimatter universe. During this separation they became entangled in the process. If this step didn’t happen we wouldn’t be here.

During each movement into lower frequency energy, two important things happen. First, as the energy cools it will pass a phase transition into a lower frequency dimension.

Secondly each time the energy moves it deflates into a smaller size dimension. This causes the energy to mix together into a uniform universe. The universe didn’t inflate quickly it deflated, creating a homogeneous 3rd dimension.

Energy enters the 6th dimension, normal matter moves clockwise as antimatter moves counterclockwise. They meet again in the 6th dimension sending the energy back to Source.

This is the possible timeline:

  1. T = 10-42 Seconds, the temperature was super hot about 1029 degrees Kelvin. At that temperature energy particles have no mass. This is also known as the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) when only one force was present.

  2. Immediately energy gets separated into matter and antimatter parts and they are entangled during this reaction. The energy goes into the 5th dimension of matter and the -5th antimatter dimension. This movement prevented the annihilation of energy.

  1. The movement of energy allowed the entangled particles to mix evenly while in the 5th dimensions. Deflation begins as the massless radiation energy moves into the 4th dimensions.

  1. Energy cools down enough to enter the 3rd dimensions and deflation continues. This energy is still a massless form of photons and there are no obstacles in the nothingness of space. Therefore speeds faster than the speed of light were possible.

  1. Time is about 10-22 seconds and the Higgs Field starts to form. The deflation slows down as the high frequency radiation gains mass inside the Higgs Field. High energy light having mass is produced.

  1. The next Era consists of high frequency photons creating electrons, quarks and gluons. The 3rd dimension is full of plasma and light during this opaque era.

After 380,000 years the Cosmic Microwave Background is a relic of the Big Bang. The plasma opaque era ended and the visible universe became transparent.

The Evolution of Matter

The first 380,000 years was full of light and a plasma of quarks and gluons cooling down. After all the photon radiation is used up the universe goes dark without light as protons and neutrons form. Matter and gravity create stars. Stars create black holes. Black holes create dark matter that expands the visible universe into higher frequencies.

  1. The Dark Era starts when all the light has been used up to create matter. The 3rd dimension becomes transparent and without light.

  1. About 380,000 years after, the remnants of this energy is visible as the cosmic microwave background (CMB) - see diagram above.

  1. Gravity starts building stars after 1 million years and starlight illuminates the universe as galaxies form. Within 400 million years black holes start forming.

     10.) The visible universe starts expanding due to the dark matter created by black holes.

     11.)The visible universe enters the 4th dimension as more black holes send matter and  energy into the 5th dimension.

     12.) Eventually all matter is in the 5th dimension waiting for the moment that it meets the Twin parallel universe of entangled antimatter.

Another Big Bang

The entanglement reaction in the 6th dimension annihilates the universe and sends all the energy back to the non physical source. This is the reverse of the Big Bang as the Universe ends. More about this reaction in my next article about Black Holes.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Big Bang is the best evidence for the creation of our universe.

  2. Dimensions are tools need to create a Universe.

  3. Architect masters created the Universe to experience physical life.

  4. Energy pushed into the 6th dimension started the Big Bang.

  5. Matter and antimatter separated into the twin 5th dimensions.

  6. The energy is entangled and will meet again in the 6th dimension.

  7. The big bang deflated into smaller and more dense dimensions.

  8. The homogeneous mixture arrived in the 3rd dimensions in one second.

  9. Black Holes move matter back into higher dimensions.

  10. The entangled matter ends the universe in another Big Bang.

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