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Black Holes and Dark Matter Part-2

Black Holes and Dark Matter Part-2

Black Holes and Dark Matter Facts .

This is part-2 of black holes and dark matter. These new facts are an update of the original article and includes new information. The current information that science has is completely dark, namely, without any substance. Simply they don’t have any clue about the truth.

Black Hole facts that we know:

  1. Black Holes are created when stars run out of fuel.
  2. The gravity is so strong that not even light can escape the pull of gravity
  3. They are spinning and usually in the center of a galaxy, which makes the galaxy spin around much like the planets that orbit our Sun.
  4. Our Milky Way Galaxy has a big black hole in its center.
  5. Black holes are a very strong source of gravity.
  6. There are millions of black holes in our visible universe.
  7. We don’t know what black holes do with matter.

My theory of Black Holes is that they are necessary for the evolution of a universe. (Erik Lovin)

Dark Matter facts that we know:

  1. Dark matter is invisible and a strong source of gravity.
  2. Gravity of dark matter is causing the universe to accelerate its expansion.
  3. Dark matter is mostly around galaxies.
  4. Dark matter makes up about 26% of the matter and 68% energy in the universe. Our visible universe is less than 5% of all the matter.
  5. We don’t know what dark matter is or where it is.

My theory (The Ultimate Truth) explains what dark matter is.

This picture shows the awesome power of gravity pulling matter into a hole in the fabric of spacetime. The strong gravity heats up in-coming matter as it gets sucked into another dimension. The rotating disc of orange matter will eventually also enter the Black Hole which is a portal into a higher frequency dimension. Photo courtesy of Nasa. (with an added funnel to depict a gravity well.)

A New Theory about Black Holes and Dark Matter

First ask yourself, what possible reason would the universe need massive gravity holes to attract matter?

Then ask what happens to the matter that goes into these holes? Finally why is it so important to the universe’s system of energy and evolution. Let’s look at these questions and find the answers.

I look at things and wonder what purpose does it serve? Each atom behaves by the universal laws that came with this package called the Universe.

When I look at the possible usefulness of black holes it seems almost like the Big Bang reaction going in reverse but on a much smaller scale.


During the Big Bang, high radiation energy entered the 3rd dimension (the lowest dimension) from an higher frequency source ( unknown dimension). This energy cooled down and formed atoms and the visible part of the universe.

In this diagram shows the Big Bang enters a physical Universe at the 6th dimension. Then it is stepped down into the 3rd dimension within one second. Black Holes start to move matter back into higher dimensions and finally back into the 7th dimension. After 13.8 billion years we are currently entering the 4th dimension shown in the bottom right image.

Big Bang:

Energy from a High Frequency Dimension entered lower frequency dimensions.

On the other hand, Black Holes use the awesome power of a supernova and super gravity to send matter into a higher frequency dimension. That sounds similar to the Big Bang except in reverse.

Black Holes:

Energy from a Low Frequency Dimension enters a higher frequency dimension.

The Process of Creating a Black Hole

When a massive star goes supernova it blasts away the top layer of the star and according to the law of motion of energy there is an equal and opposite force to the inside of the star.

The supernova energy blast pushes to the center of the star. At the same time the star’s massive gravity pulls matter into the center of the star.

The explosion and the collapse of the star’s mass creates a hole into another dimension. The energies open a portal to another dimension. Let me explain.

A black hole was created during the gravitational collapse of the star. The blackhole distorted the fabric of spacetime and created a hole into another dimension.

Our visible universe is in the 3rd dimension of space. This is the lowest energy dimension and it’s separated from the 4th dimension by a phase transition membrane.

Similar phase transition membranes exist between all dimensions. This membrane separating dimensions is like a force shield between frequencies.

So, a black hole penetrates the phase transition membrane into another dimension.

The current research shows that the frequency of our Earth (the Schumann resonance) has been increasing lately. Even our Earth has a small frequency. All matter is a form of vibrating energy with a certain frequency.

Black holes moving matter to the 7th dimension

This diagram shows black holes moving matter into higher frequency dimensions. From the dense 3rd dimension into the non physical 7th dimension.

What do Black Holes do and why

Dimensions are tools needed to create a Universe!

This diagram shows a hole in the fabric of spacetime. Black Holes pull matter into a gravity funnel and sends it into another higher frequency dimension.

The hot temperature and high frequency explosion of plasma from the star’s core pushed through a phase transition. A hole is created into the fabric of spacetime and into a higher frequency dimension.

We can call Black Holes, Phase Transition Stations. Because they allow passage through the membrane that separates dimensions.

A phase transition occurs when matter changes into different properties. For instance, when ice changes into water or ice disappears as vapor by sublimation.

The hole is black because light can’t travel out from a black hole. A strong gravity funnel extends out into our spacetime and pulls matter into the higher dimension.

This is a wormhole that only goes one way. That’s why even light can’t come back out from a black hole. You can’t see into other dimensions!

Nikola Tesla said “to understand the universe study energy, frequency and vibration.”

The power of gravity keeps the wormhole open as a critical phenomena gateway.

Imagine a future spaceship that has an energy shield force field. Then you could travel through this wormhole into other dimensions.

Another fact is that the gravity from the 4th dimension extends through the black hole into our dimension. This is why we can feel strong gravity from something called Dark Energy.

Yes, this is why our visible universe is expanding and accelerating toward the strong gravity coming from the 4th dimension.

Why are Black Holes Important in the Universe

My new theory of Black Holes covered a lot of information and explains all the unanswered questions. Let’s go over the information again.

Where do Black Holes come from:

Black holes form when stars run out of fuel and have a supernova reaction. The resulting explosion creates a black hole in the fabric of spacetime.

What are Black Holes:

Black holes are actually holes into the fabric of spacetime. Therefore, they are doorways into other dimensions. We could call them Phase Transition Stations. They are black because light and matter can only move in one direction, into the hole.

How do Black Holes Work:

Black holes are wormholes into other dimensions. They create a critical phenomena gateway that allows one way travel into higher frequency dimensions.

The strong force of gravity attracts matter and sends it into a higher dimension.

This timelapse photo provided by Nasa shows increased intensity of energy near the entrance to the hole when a lot of matter was entering. The matter also starts to get hotter before entering the hole. It seems that the force of gravity is focused into a narrow beam. Eventually the surrounding red orbiting mass will also enter the black hole.

Uncommon Facts about  Black Holes:

Black holes are used as a way to clean the chaos and entropy of a dimension. They take matter and convert it into Dark Matter.

Matter is attracted into the gravity of Black Holes and converted into higher frequencies in order to enter into a higher frequency dimension.

This matter becomes invisible to us but we can still feel the effects of gravity. This is why we call it Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

The strong gravity from the 4th dimension (dark energy) is responsible for the expansion and acceleration of our visible universe.

The purpose of Black Holes is to return all the matter and energy in the Universe back to the Source. The Universe has a lifetime from a birth into a death. However, we return to our true place of birth, our true home.

When all the matter meets all the antimatter in the 6th dimension a Big Bang will end the Universe. The Conservation of Energy is complete.

Now we know why Black Holes and Dark Matter are important.

10 Interesting facts of Black Holes

  1. Black Holes act like the reverse of the Big Bang
  2. Black Holes move matter into higher frequency dimensions
  3. They create a hole in the fabric of spacetime into another dimension
  4. This hole is a wormhole into a higher frequency dimension
  5. Energy and matter can only go one direction, into the black hole
  6. The matter that enters into the other dimension is Dark Matter
  7. Dark Energy attracts more matter into the hole.
  8. This dark energy is why our visible universe is expanding
  9. Black Holes are Phase Transition Stations into a higher frequency dimension
  10. Black holes collect all the matter and return it to the Source of the Big Bang

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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