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Black Holes and Dark Matter

Black Holes and Dark Matter

Black Holes and Dark Matter are regions in space that have been predicted by math and observed by astronomers. The characteristics of Black Holes is that they seem to have a huge gravity field. The gravity is so powerful that not even light can escape the power of its gravity. Dark matter is another region in space that has a lot of gravity. Therefore, since light doesn’t shine from these regions they appear as dark holes in space. Black Holes are surrounded by other particles that are attracted to the strong field of  gravity.

Furthermore, it’s an accepted fact that galaxies have a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. This is the reason that galaxies exist as spiral arms rotating around the massive gravity of a spinning black hole.

Image of black hole and radiation courtesy of Nasa image from Hubble telescope 2015

Many theories around black holes are astounding and mind blogging. The famous theory from Stephen Hawking says that eventually the energy of black holes leaks away and it disappears. This is called Hawking Radiation and many mathematical exercises have shown that some black holes could eventually disappear.

I don’t want to waste my time talking about the many theories available, if you want to see them here is the link on wikipedia black holes. I am surprised beyond belief why scientists have not thought about the question “why do black holes exist and what is their purpose?”

Actually, I can guess why scientists have missed the purpose of having black holes because they can’t contemplate that other dimensions exist. If you follow some of the mathematical formulae they suggest that there is another dimension on the other side of the black hole.

Some theories often suggest that the other side is a white hole and that this is kind of like a wormhole between dimensions or parts of the universe (same thing).

The description of these worm holes goes like this. A black hole only allows particles and light to go in and the white holes only allow light to come out showing that light and particles only travel one way in these types of wormholes.

Why do Black Holes Exist

My theory of Black Holes is that they are necessary for the evolution of a universe. (Erik Lovin)

First ask yourself, what possible reason would the universe need massive gravity holes to attract matter? Then ask what happens to the matter that goes into these holes? Finally why is it so important to the universe’s system of energy and evolution. Let’s look at these questions and try to find some answers.

I look at things and wonder what purpose does it serve? Each atom behaves by the universal laws that came with this package called the Universe. The first law is known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. It says that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system.  

But, energy can be changed into other forms as long as  the total amount of energy remains the same total amount. With this law I am saying that the total energy that created the universe must remain the same amount when added up in all the parts of the entire Universe.

For instance, if you heat a pot of water on the stove to the boiling point, the amount of electric power supplied to the pot of water is the same amount of energy that the hot water gives back to the room and pot as it cools down.

The energy was transferred from electricity to heat and then it cooled down by the same amount to equal zero change. Energy was changed to other forms and after a time it was back to equilibrium. Energy was conserved.

The 2nd Law of Energy

If energy is always conserved then the universe must also conserve energy in this way, but the universe is bigger and more complicated than we can imagine.

The 2nd Law of Energy is very important for us to understand. It states that the entropy or disorder of a closed system will increase. This means that nothing stays the same forever because change is the only constant in the universe.

The energy of the universe will change into other forms as the total energy begins to even out to an equilibrium state. This means that the boiling pot of water will not stay hot forever.

Eventually the pot of water loses the energy it gained as it goes back to the initial state and finally to an equilibrium where it will go into some other state of disorder.

What this means is that the energy of the Big Bang changes into other forms due to entropy which is the state of randomness and disorder. How does the universe change into random disorder? And how does the universe keep the total energy constant to the amount that was created at the Big Bang? If it’s constantly changing energy into other forms what are they?

Applying the Laws of Energy and Matter

Alright, now to apply the basic laws that we have talked about. Black Holes appear when large stars have finished burning all the fuel it has. The nuclear fusion of the elements inside the star was counteracting the immense gravity that the massive star had.

When the fuel is depleted the force of gravity pulls the inner remaining material into the core of the star. This violent action explodes the surface parts of the star into space during a supernova reaction.

The core of the star decreases in size to a black hole due to the enormous gravity. This happens because the nuclear force of the star has stopped.  This is the textbook answer for black holes.

I agree that this might be the way black holes are made. There must be some strange reactions going on inside the core of the black hole hiding its real power and  its real purpose.

Black Holes and Big Bangs

When I look at the possible usefulness of black holes it seems almost like the Big Bang reaction going in reverse but on a much smaller scale.  


During the Big Bang, high radiation energy entered the 3rd dimension from an unknown source (an unknown dimension). This energy cooled down and formed atoms and the visible part of the universe.

On the other hand, Black Holes use the big power of a supernova to send high frequency matter into another dimension. That does sound a lot similar? But I must show you the steps to make it more believable.

When a massive star goes supernova it blasts away the top layer of the star and according to the law of motion of energy there is an equal and opposite force to the inside of the star. The supernova power blasting to the center will open a portal through a phase transition into another dimension that has more mass and higher frequencies.

Nikola Tesla said “to understand the universe study matter, frequency and vibration.”

The power of gravity keeps the portal open as a critical phenomena gateway.

Why does this happen? I don’t know the math or the forces involved but it involves the Law of Entropy. This is when  Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity work together.

The 2nd law of energy is responsible for increasing entropy and bringing disorder and chaos to a closed system. The blueprint of creation uses this chaos as part of the evolution of matter.

Black holes are the entropy machines that take the matter from our visible 3rd dimension and moves matter into a higher frequency and a larger and higher frequency dimension.

By using entropy in this way it becomes part of the intended process of evolution.

Black holes are moving matter into higher frequency dimensions. We call this Dark Matter.

Black Holes with Dark Matter

Evolution always moves to higher and more intelligent energies. This process never goes backwards except during the Big Bang that created this Universe.

Black holes are the most powerful things in the universe. What goes on inside these powerful machines? We know that nothing comes back out so where does the matter and energy go?

The matter gets converted into higher frequency energies. Finally at the 6th dimension level  matter will meet antimatter. That will be the annihilation of matter that ends the universe. This is  similar to the Big Bang reaction.

Use the analogy of boiling water where the water disappeared as a gas during a phase transition. The water absorbed energy that made the water transition into a different invisible form.

In black holes matter is also converted into another form, which goes through a phase transition into another dimension. Let me explain...

We can’t see into a black hole because even light cannot escape the pull of gravity, or thinking about it in another way we can’t see into other dimensions. There is no information coming out because the reaction is a one way process.

Dark Matter is Invisible

We can’t see most of the matter in our universe so we have called it Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Black holes have swallowed up matter that can’t be seen. Now we know where the dark matter is. We can still feel the effects of strong gravity from black holes but the matter has disappeared.

The strong gravity in black holes keeps pulling matter away from our visible dimension. This process also causes our visible universe to accelerate outward. The analogy is that we are like dots on the surface of a balloon that is expanding.

Nikola Tesla said “The day science begins to study non physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of existence.”

Gravity within Black Holes

Gravity is a long range force that either has an effect past the phase transition barrier into our dimension, or the gravity field flows out of the black holes into our dimension.

That explains why we see high energy radiation vortexes shooting out from the black holes as it ionizes matter falling into the hole. See the image at the top of this article.

What happens when all the matter has been pulled from the 3rd dimension into the unseen 4th and 5th dimensions? That’s a good question? But first let’s look at the evolution of matter closely. Astronomers have noticed that black holes started forming as early as 300 million years after the Big Bang.

Understanding Antimatter and Matter

Entropy started working immediately after the universe formed. It’s logical that black holes are also inside the 4th and 5th dimensions moving matter into higher and higher forms of energy.

Eventually all the matter from the 3rd dimension will vanish into the 4th dimension and beyond. The obvious question is what happens to us and the 3rd dimension as energy continues to evolve?

To answer that question we have to look at the antimatter that is inside parallel dimensions of our  universe. Yes, kind of like a parallel universe as a part of our universe!

This color coded diagram shows the flow of energy and matter into the Universe at the 6th dimension and back into the 6th dimension as the Universe ceases to exist.

What Happens to Energy in a Universe?

The Big Bang separated energy into matter and antimatter versions at the 6th dimension. After a few quantum fluctuations, matter arrives at the 3rd dimension. Inflation reactions followed  to create the twin 3rd dimensions. Follow the red and yellow funnels, as life evolves in the twin 3rd dimensions (parallel universes).

After 13 billion years in the 3rd dimension, matter and life is still transitioning to the 4th and 5th dimensions. The twin dimensions of matter and antimatter get closer to the 6th and final physical dimension.

See the diagram of a clock. The clock hands were together at the beginning and are moving to meet at the 6th dimension. Energy in equals energy out.

This diagram shows energy movement like the hands of a clock starting at 6 and going back to 6 again.

High radiation energy entered during the Big Bang into the left red zone 6th dimension. There matter and antimatter separated into different dimensions. If the separation didn’t occur there wouldn’t be a universe, because matter and antimatter annihilate each other.

The antimatter dimensions move counterclockwise and the normal dimensions move clockwise’ They meet again at the 6th dimension to complete the lifetime of a Universe. The region outside of the energy circle is the 7th dimension and the beginning of non-physical matter.

What happens to us and our 3rd dimension? I don’t have a good answer at this time. Maybe our Galaxy will ‘magically’ be pulled into the 4th and 5th dimensions by science that we don’t know yet?

What if global warming has something to do with raising our frequency to equal the 4th dimension frequency? If we can increase our dimension’s frequency we will be evolving into the 4th dimension. In that case let global warming continue to raise our temperature…

The End of Our Universe

To continue the story of the evolution of our Universe. Black Holes continue to move matter into the 5th dimension. When all matter is finally in the 5th dimension something incredible will happen.

The life in our universe will cease to exist (after another 4 billion years?) when the 5th dimensions send matter during an entangled reaction into the 6th dimension. Before this time all human life must exit the physical body and move into the spiritual realm as souls or live in another  universe.

My theory is that when the 5th dimension matter enters the 6th dimension it meets the antimatter of creation. This SUPER annihilation reaction will be like the Big Bang as matter becomes pure energy without mass and enters back into the non physical 7th dimension.

The Big Bang that starts and ends our Universe.

The Big Bang Goes in Reverse

A Big Bang will end our universe. The Law of Conservation of Energy will be fulfilled as the total energy that came into creation goes back to the Source.

Don’t worry you will be  born again as a Soul. You can continue to live in another 3rd dimensional universe or hopefully stay as a high energy being without physical form.

There you have the story of Black Holes and Dark Matter in a nutshell. Did it enlighten you or frighten you?

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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