Big Bang True Facts

The Big Bang Facts

The BIG Bang start! The Big Bang started the Universe and Time. Let’s talk about the facts. How did  it start the universe and where did it come from. Then follow my current understanding of the sequence of steps that took place. The reasons that the Big Bang is the best evidence for the creation of our universe, are:

  1. We are certain that the universe had a beginning.

  2. The expanding universe supports the idea that at the beginning it must have been small.

  3. The hot beginning of the universe must have left a remnant of that heat. We have observed this as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB)

  4. The abundance of only light elements such as hydrogen and helium supports the origin of matter.

The Big Bang timeline showing quantum fluctuations, inflation, the CMB, the dark ages and 13 billion years of evolution. We can only see the part in our dimension starting at the CMB.

The Big Bang Secret

A discussion of the Universe having a beginning implies a creation and a source of that creation. Let me say this right now that we would be fools to leave out the most important aspect of life and the universe.

I don’t care how  many university degrees you have, you are a fool if you think the Big Bang wasn’t a creation. The Universe was created from an unknown Source for an unknown purpose. This purpose will be a topic for another time.

Furthermore, the universal laws that make everything work were used in this creation. The  evolution of the universe and of our life, depends on the science that was used at the start. These laws came with the Creation. The journey of our evolution is just getting interesting.

Time before the Big Bang

Dimensions are Tools needed to Create a Universe (Erik Lovin 2019)

Put away your disbelief for a moment and imagine what happened before the Big Bang. There must have been some magic in that moment, when they pushed the start button. What or who pushed the start button? Let’s look at this seriously.

Consider this, it must have been a number of top scientists (Spirits), who used a formula for sending energy.  How did they send energy from a non physical place (Dimension) into a space of nothingness, creating a bubble of matter?

The process involved slowing down the frequency of matter to create lower frequency dimensions. The lowest frequency is the dense matter, that exists in the 3rd dimension, our visible universe.

Here is an analogy to understand what happened. Take some water and lower the temperature which lowers the frequency.  When you put water into the freezer it will slowly freeze into ice, because of a phase transition.

When high frequency energy at the source of the Big Bang was made into a lower frequency state it became unstable.  Just like the water that became ice. The energy went past a phase transition into a lower frequency dimension. Now let’s follow the flow of energy during the Big Bang.

Time at the Moment of Creation

Non physical high energy radiation starts to enter the physical 6th dimension of lower frequency. This is a phase transition which is similar to when water freezes and changes to a solid. So far no explosions or big bangs occurring.

A violent reaction starts shortly after time of T=0.  High energy radiation separates into -ve and +ve spins of matter and antimatter as they enter a physical world. The energy spins in different ways and are swept into 2 separate dimensions and are instantly entangled.

Entanglement has been created in a laboratory! This is quantum science! Entanglement is a very important quantum fluctuation when creating a universe. What that means is these particles are identical except they are opposite in energy. If this process didn’t happen the universe wouldn’t be here.

It’s a scientific fact that when energy undergoes a reaction it creates equal amounts of matter and antimatter. The separation of antimatter from matter must take place or they will annihilate each other back into energy.

These entangled dimensions will remain like twin evolving universes. It doesn’t matter how far they are apart or how long it takes. Eventually will they meet again in the 6th dimension and send the same energy back to the nonphysical source where it came from.

Big Bang energy pushes into the 6th dimension and separates into matter and antimatter. Energy arrives quickly to the 3rd dimensions and after 13 billion years it is still moving into the 4th and 5th dimensions. When the dimensions meet again in the 6th dimension the Universe ends in another Big Bang. Energy in equals energy out.

Quantum Reactions - the 3rd Dimension and Beyond

When energy entered the 6th dimension how did our universe get into the 3rd dimension? That question needs a good answer! It probably took at least a second or as much as 100 seconds before arriving at the 3rd dimension. This is the possible timeline:

  1. T = 10^-42 Seconds the temperature was super hot about 10^29 degrees Kelvin. At that temperature energy particles have no mass. This is also known as the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) when only one force was present.

  2. Immediately energy gets separated into matter and antimatter parts and they are entangled during this reaction. The energy goes into the 5th dimension of matter and the -5th antimatter dimension.

  1. A small time delay allowed the entangled particles to mix evenly while in the 5th dimensions. Inflation begins as the massless radiation energy moves into the 4th dimensions.

  1. Energy cools down enough to enter the 3rd dimensions and inflation continues. This energy is still a massless form of light and there are no obstacles in the nothingness of space. Therefore speeds faster than the speed of light were possible.

  1. Time is about 10^-22 seconds and the Higgs Field starts to form. The inflation slows down as the high frequency radiation gains mass inside the Higgs Field. High energy light having mass is produced.

  1. The next Era consists of high frequency photons creating electrons, quarks and gluons. The 3rd dimension is full of plasma and light during this opaque era.

  1. The Dark Era starts when all the light has been used up to create matter. The 3rd dimension becomes transparent and without light.

  1. After 380,000 years the remnants of this energy is visible as the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

  1. Gravity starts building stars and starlight illuminates the universe and galaxies form. Within 400 million years black holes start forming.

  1. The visible universe keeps expanding due to the dark matter created by black holes.

  2. The visible universe enters the 4th dimension as more black holes send matter and energy into the 5th dimension.

  1. Eventually all matter is in the 5th dimension waiting for the moment that it meets the twin universe of entangled antimatter.

  1. The entanglement reaction in the 6th dimension annihilates the universe and sends all the energy back to the non physical source. This is the reverse of the Big Bang as the Universe ends.

The flow of dimensions move like the hands of a clock and an anti-clock, meeting at the end.

The Big Bang in a Nutshell

To Recap the Big Bang sequence. High energy radiation was pushed into the 6th dimension. The energy separated into matter and antimatter. These energies were entangled and moved into separate 5th dimensions. Inflation sent the mixed energy into the 4th dimension. As energy cooled it ended up in the 3rd dimensions reacting with the Higgs Field and gaining mass.

Black Holes convert the dense matter back into higher frequencies while dark matter moves into the 4th and 5th dimensions. Finally the entangled energies annihilate in the 6th dimension. The Universe ends as all energy goes back to the nonphysical 7th dimension.

View of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

Where do we Go from Here?

The big question is what happens to us and all life? Don’t worry you will go to live in another universe because souls never die. If you can raise your own frequency enough you might not have to go back into another physical life.

You have the option of graduating into the non physical realms. Consciousness keeps evolving and we are the ones that evolve as well.

The study of Black Holes will give us more answers and lend support to my theory of Creation. Dimensions are the keys to understand the Universe. It makes complete scientific logic that this is how the Universe was created.

The Big Bang was the start of  the visible universe that we live in. But Evolution was part of creation by building the parts needed for life to happen. We are living inside this creation and evolving life and the consciousness that Created us.

The visible universe is the 3rd dimension and only has 4% of the matter and energy that the Big Bang created

If you resonate with this new information I want you to be on my tribe of followers. I want to encourage your dreams and confirm your thoughts that science will show us the Ultimate Truth. I care about your evolution as we all start to wake up one soul at a time.

Let’s stand for a future that elevates us into joy and love as science shows us a new Truth.

More information at,  https://lovinthings.com

About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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