The Theory of Evolution and Creation

The Theory of Evolution and Creation

The theory of evolution by natural selection, was first published in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859. It states that the process by which organisms change over time is a result of changes in physical or behavioral characteristics that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment and help it survive.

Evolution by natural selection is one of the best substantiated theories in the history of science, supported by evidence from a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including paleontology, geology, genetics and developmental biology.

The theory is sometimes described as “survival of the fittest” but that can be misleading, when it is more about the ability to survive and reproduce. In modern science Darwinism is used as a general theory of evolution.

 Was Darwin Wrong About Evolution?

A recent article in National Geographic had the headline “Was Darwin wrong about evolution”?

 I believe in evolution of life and that nothing stays the same forever. Bacteria, amino acids and viruses evolved until life began. Darwin mapped out how life evolved into more and more complex forms but when we get to us humans there is a missing link that sets us apart.

Darwin didn’t know anything about genetics, he just observed the pattern of evolution, but he didn’t really know about the mechanism. The discovery of how genes encode different biological or behavioral traits, and how genes are passed down from parents to offspring, Darwin’s theory is now known as “modern evolutionary synthesis.”

The physical and behavioral changes that make natural selection possible happen at the level of DNA and genes. 


 Did mankind evolve from Apes? 

The Journey of Mankind

A big false assumption is that mankind evolved from apes and only from Africa. Then over thousands of years they moved to all the various places on Earth. I think this is a false belief! What kind of proof do we have that humans evolved from apes? If scientists don’t know, why there is a missing link that separates man from ape.

They say that the cave man moved away from Africa the cradle of civilization then the skin tones changed and the facial shape as well as the voices took on other tones to make various distinct human populations? All because of evolution from Africans? Yet these same Africans that decided to stay in Africa didn’t evolve in language skills and science technology like most other human groups?

This is the kind of false history that has been taught to us in schools! I never understood or believed the logic that was behind this teaching… You know, like the natives walked across the Bering Strait and down to South America. Or that humans walked over to Asia and became Chinese and used a raft to get to Australia? In today’s technology the refugees can’t even go a few hundred kilometers across the Mediterranean Sea without sinking!

Yet we are to believe that the early humans without any means of travel sailed around the world and settled in places like Easter Island? We don’t understand how they were able to build huge stone statues and move them several kilometers! How did they have these skills while their so called ancestors stay in Africa living in grass huts?

It’s time that humanity accepts the truth, that humans arrived on planet Earth into at least 5 different zones and 5 different races. Can we suspend our disbelief on how they did that for now, but it sounds many times more likely than the history book version?

Consciousness and the Soul

There is a difference between the caveman, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens and Humans The difference is the missing link that gave mankind a soul and consciousness. 

The complete story would involve Evolution that creates more and more complex animals until the ape became a Neanderthal and then the soul was added to create the Human, the original meaning of the word is Hu-man or God-man. Sounds like a bible story but now it seems more like Creation. What do you think as a human? Is the soul the missing link that created the Human?

Science is a brain activity. Mindfulness is a consciousness activity.

Physicians and scientists look inside the brain and the awareness of a person or animal as having consciousness. Conscience and being conscious is not the same as having consciousness. The soul brings consciousness to the person. This consciousness is not the mind or the body. The one who uses the mind and the one who is evolving in that body is the consciousness. It’s the soul who brings consciousness and makes a Human!


The medical scientists look in the brain to find the soul or the consciousness. Is the soul in any one place or in the entire body? The information says that the soul enters the pineal gland in the brain at birth but then attaches to the entire endocrine system to create the chakra system of 7 energy centers. You won’t find it in the DNA of life because it uses magnetic lines inside DNA strands that are invisible to our modern methods of testing and so it’s separate from the physical body.

Our VehicleThis DNA was somehow added to the Homo Sapiens which is 
the missing link that may never be found. The body is just a vehicle for the soul and consciousness is part of the soul. The body may age and die but the soul lives forever!

Let me explain in terms of an analogy. Let’s compare our body to a vehicle we all use, a car or automobile. The automobile company creates the design for the body of the vehicle. Different engineers design the motor, the electrical system, the exhaust system, the music and navigation system. All these parts are put together and also the color and interior is completed. A computer operating system is installed that runs the engine and it is connected to a visual display where all the functions can be monitored, such as fuel, oil temperature and engine performance. With today’s high level of technology, they even have cars that will drive and operate without a driver.

So, it seems that a car can function almost like a person? Imagine it has a fuel supply that will last for 100 years, also imagine that all the parts keep working without falling apart. Maybe the color will fade and get a few bumps and bruises, perhaps a wheel or two will need to be replaced and a few new windshields for better vision but it still works until old age catches up to the entire vehicle. It eventually goes into an old age home for cars where it stays until it dies and is recycled into new parts. Sounds like the life of a person…

Can you really relate your life to a machine? The car doesn’t have a driver! Even if the car can drive by itself what would be the purpose of that? Why drive around your whole lifetime without a purpose?

Think about this deeply…our body is similar to the car in one respect, it’s a vehicle. But our body has a driver! The car can drive itself but the car doesn’t have a soul! Our body can function and move around like the car but it still needs a driver.

Are you thinking that our mind is the driver, just like in the car the operating system is the driver? This is where we get caught in a false assumption. Our mind has taught our ego that we are just a body with an operating system. When we die we cease to exist just like the old cars, right? I asked you to think deeply about this! Don’t you feel that life is more than living in a vehicle and traveling around until you die? Is this all there is?

Consider that you are not your body, you are the one driving your vehicle. You are not your mind; you are the one using your mind. You are not this person; you are pretending to be this person. You have a purpose, you have a soul and you have consciousness. Your vehicle will die but your driver remains alive. You are the driver! You are the soul.

Here is an example where I felt one of those magical moments when everything is happening in perfection around me. I was feeling that I was the center of the Universe and my thoughts were being created at the same time I was thinking the thoughts.

 It was a hot summer’s day and I was sitting in air conditioned comfort enjoying this perfect moment. It felt even better because I had just had a nice salad and a cold refreshing beer for supper. But what made it even more remarkable was knowing that I was finally washing and waxing my car at the same time as I am enjoying everything else in the same now time, ahhhhh, what a feeling…

Next time why don’t you give this a try! On a hot day after a great dinner or lunch take your car through an automatic car wash while listening to your favorite music and just feel the perfection in that moment. Nice! Right? Be open to these simple examples in life that allow you to realize the power of now, the perfection that’s possible, the knowing of greater energies and that life can be enjoyable when you think the right way.

Can Creation and Evolution Exist as One Theory

Religions teach us that our world was created by God. Their sermons and religious writings preach the fact that our world was created by God and that we were created in the likeness of God to live on Earth and to obey the laws given to us, such as the Ten Commandments, or a religion similar to this same idea. The belief is that Creation was the work of God. Does this creation theory mean the entire Universe or just for this planet Earth?

Darwin and his theory of Biological Evolution, suggests that there is a law of natural selection at work that mutates cells to create a new species. Survival of the fittest as the origin of species. In modern science Darwinism is used as a general theory of evolution.

Each of these theories have problems that have not been solved as a unified theory into a Universal Law. Now that we understand more about the Big Bang Theory and other universal laws, it lets us bring a new unified theory closer to the Truth.

First a universal theory means it will be true in any part of the Universe. This theory states that everything in this Universe was a Creation of the Big Bang and Evolution created the stars and planets. Furthermore, life evolved from this matter and created all living species, which are still evolving today in all parts of the Universe. This can be known as the Animation of Matter theory or the theory of life from matter.

Creation and Evolution go hand in hand. One begins and the other builds. When a world is created by the laws of physics, it evolves from the energy and mass. As cells evolve and live they create or build more complex structures. These new forms of life evolve and create again, so Evolution and Creation continue…

How did life begin in the first place? One theory is that matter has a built in intelligence that is similar to the term Evolution. The other theory is Creation, where unseen help from the non physical dimensions helped plant the seeds of life as needed. In other words, parts of Evolution are Creation and parts of Creation are Evolution…

These two processes happened and the Universe is at this point in evolution where we humans on a small planet called Earth are asking questions. We want to know Why? Why are we here? Why was the Universe created? What is the purpose of the Universe? What or who created the Universe? Who are we? Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? Where are we going? When will I die? When will we know some answers? Do you have any other questions?

My question is why was this Universe created. I keep coming up with the same answer, because God or the mind of the Creator or the Source of our energy wants to experience everything while in a physical world and a physical body. Source wants to feel love and sex on the emotional level. I think that it is all about the evolution of Love. Might there be things that we can learn about love while in this physical world that can’t be experienced without having a body to feel and to know love in a physical way?

We are part of Soul which is part of Spirit which is all part of the one Creator we call God. We are all One and that is why the saying goes that there is only one of us here. We all go back to Source just like the energy of this Universe will get pulled back to the Creators and ultimately to God.

The reason I just said Creators instead of Creator is because the energy was stepped down from God to an infinite number of Spirits. God the Creator is still that Oneness to everything but the Creation comes from the work that the Spirits did. That can mean that we humans created the Universe and we are here to experience our creation…. Wow!

This means that God simply is and has nothing to do except experience and learn from us. So the Spiritual Kingdom created the Universe and some of them wanted to experience their Creation. But the hand of Spirit simply passes through matter, just like high energy neutrinos pass right through the Earth without reacting.

Spirits had to divide their energy in a similar way that God did, and they created a Soul Level of being. The Soul is still a very large energy field and they could only enter the physical as an etheric body without being totally physical, something like ghosts or apparitions. Thus they had to divide the Soul again into still smaller parts. This spark of Soul needed a vehicle in which to experience, this is when the soul spark entered animal man and created the Human.

What happened then is that we forgot our connection to Source and we got kind of stuck in physicality. We still have our connection to the Soul but it’s a small connection and the Ego has taken over the command station relegating our soul spark to a deep unconscious state.

We are slowly waking up and realizing that there is something else beyond this world. “Is this all there is?” We are questioning life and remembering our connection to higher levels. This life, this lifetime, this world will be waking up to a new reality, a new paradigm and I want to discover and remember my higher self. Will you help our planet and our civilization during this evolutionary period?

Remember that we are all created as equal parts of the Oneness of Source. Realize your power and become aware that you are a child of God. You have the god given right to accept your abundance. Ask and it shall be given! Our world doesn’t need hunger or pain and suffering anymore to understand abundance.How do you do that? Start by reading my
 Free eBook Attracting Abundance with the How to Think method.

When we can renounce the need for having opposites such as war and suffering in order to understand love and happiness we will be set free. You have free choice so it’s up to you to let go of thoughts that contain judgment and criticism or lack and pain. Use gratitude and love. Ask yourself am I hurting anyone with my thoughts, my actions? Change the way you look at things and then notice that those things start to change.

The answers are in your mind, but the mass consciousness thoughts flow through your mind as well. Use your powers of discernment to pick out the right way to think. Doing this will put more of the thoughts of love into the stream of mass unconscious thinking. You can do this! Your life will get better as you are creating a better world and all because of your thoughts.

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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