Did the Big Bang “Explosion” Happen?

Did the Big Bang “Explosion” Happen?

Today we are starting a sideways approach to the Law of Attraction.

First of all, the Big Bang wasn’t caused by an explosion but more like a push of energy from another dimension.

What do I mean by another dimension?

When pure energy arrived from another dimension there was a time delay of about 10*-22 seconds before any mass formed since the Higgs Field arrived shortly after the energy ball. This allowed the energy to separate into 2 different dimensions using the difference of particle spins and entanglement in the process to create 2 dimensions at the same time.

Yes, an antimatter dimension and an equal but normal matter dimension. Perhaps incorrectly called a parallel universe.

As that energy entered into a space without physical dimensions or physical properties it created the lower frequency dimensions and its twin antimatter dimensions.

The Law of Conservation of Energy says you can’t destroy energy but you can change it into other forms. And one of these other forms is entropy.

Entropy is a law that says energy inside a closed system will begin to change into disarray or lower states of energy when left untouched.

Entropy started after a few hundred thousand years as the matter from the big bang cooled enough to create lower vibration dimensions as well as the 3rd dimension.

This was the beginning of Black Holes gathering matter and starting to send it back toward the high frequency matter it came from. Because of entanglement both dimensions evolve in the same manner.

When the Big Bang energy expanded outwards from a point source it exploded evenly in all directions and in a circular shape. This is called the inflation stage of the universe.

Use the balloon analogy. When you blow air into a balloon it takes the shape of the balloon, which might be circular or elongated. But during the Big Bang there is nothing preventing the shape from staying circular, for instance, no gravity or other energy acting upon the expanding energy.

Furthermore, using the balloon analogy again, imagine that the balloon is blowing up from the inside center of the balloon at the point of the Big Bang and growing bigger in all directions at the same time during an inflationary period which seems to be accelerating in its expansion.

I hope that this description has been adequate to show why the universe is circular. All the galaxies are on the expanding surface of this circular universe and as it keeps expanding the distance between galaxies increases just like dots on an expanding surface of a balloon.

To explain this process more accurately we must explore dimensions, mass, entanglement, gravity, information, the Higgs field and light speed.

Stay tuned for more news of the Big Bang as I shift into the science of light and life to finally understand how neutrinos and electrons make the Law of Attraction work.

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