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The Gravity of It

What is gravity? Of the 4 fundamental particle forces, gravity is called the Weakest force. We are all familiar with this force because we encounter it 24 hours a day every day. Yet it’s the only force that science hasn’t unlocked where it comes from. What causes gravity? Isaac Newton discovered the mathematical formula that gives the force of gravity. Einstein came out with his theory of Space-time distortion. This is commonly called the curvature of the fabric of spacetime. Yet scientists are still looking for the cause of gravity. Is there a quantum particle called a Graviton and do gravitational waves exist? Where does this common force come from?

The Apple is attracted to a field of gravity like we are attracted to the Earth’s gravity field. Think of it like lines of force sucking us toward Earth. Gravity sucks...

We all have a 24/7 relationship with Gravity. Think about it. Gravity is the only thing that we experience every second of every day of our life.

Try to think of something else that is always with us and affects us. Even the Moon dances with the ocean every second. It makes a high tide and a low tide 2 times each day.

For some reason I feel the full moon energy every month. But I don’t experience air and oxygen except when I breathe. I don’t get water unless I drink but gravity is always with me. Wouldn’t an antigravity machine be nice?

What is Gravity?

Matter has 4 different fundamental forces. The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and gravity. On the quantum level of particles gravity is the weakest force. Actually so weak that it’s undetectable.

At the quantum level gravity can be ignored for physical and chemical reactions.

If we compare the force between the Sun and the planets. Gravity is the strongest force and the other 3 forces can be ignored. So Gravity must be a special case of energy.

In the universe gravity is the strongest force yet in the tiny world of quantum particles it is so weak that it can be ignored. It is actually just the right amount needed for the universe to exist.

Some Facts About Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton gave us the law of gravity in 1687. It states that any two masses attract each other with a force equal to a constant of gravity multiplied by the product of the two masses and divided by the square of the distance between them.

In 1915 Einstein postulated in his theory of General Relativity that gravity wasn’t a force but a distortion of spacetime. Are you kidding me??

This theory of the curvature of spacetime, called the fabric of Space-Time is the new theory of gravity? But it’s over 100 years old now and getting more and more rotten.

I think the media has made a mistake with this theory? I believe Einstein meant that the distortion of spacetime around large objects in space curve light, period.

He didn’t mean that Isaac Newton was wrong. Did he? The truth is nobody knows where and what gravity is. Until now, in this article...

Contradicting Theories of Gravity

The measurement of the force of gravity is given by the Law of Gravity that Sir Isaac Newton discovered. This is a law and not a theory!

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity in 1915 postulates that gravity isn’t a force but a distortion of spacetime between two objects. This means that objects move toward each other because of this distortion.

The internet and the media have named it a curvature of the fabric of spacetime. I don’t know how that works. All the images show curving lines going towards the larger object.

But this is a two dimensional drawing depicting 3 dimensions. What if you have many objects falling towards each other. What does that look like and which of the objects has slightly more mass?

That force is still measured by Newton’s Laws of motion.

What about the theory of Gravitons and Gravity Waves? So far these are only theories since a graviton hasn’t been discovered. This theory explains that a massless particle called a graviton travels at the speed of light to carry the force of gravity. What? Is this science fiction?

Scientists believe that the curvature of spacetime governs how gravity works. Then why do they bring in another theory trying to explain it using Graviton particles of gravity waves?

Recently in 2012 the Higgs Boson particle was discovered. Scientists say this proves that the Higgs Field exists. That means that when particles enter the higgs field they gain mass.

So if particles gain mass then they also gain the force of gravity? How does that work? What about photons of light, do they stay massless? Because neutrinos have mass why should photons remain massless?

Finally the Gluon particle has been discovered with quarks. This is my theory!

In this drawing of a proton, 3 quarks are held together by 3 gluons that resemble a spring like action connecting the 3 quarks.

Gravity Source Discovered

Scientists have looked inside the atom and discovered a special glue called a Gluon.

An atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. The electron is a fundamental particle with a negative charge and an orbiting energy field.

Protons and Neutrons are made of 3 quarks and 3 gluons. These particles combine in different ways to create atoms and molecules.

Protons contain one positive charge that cancels out the electron’s negative charge. Turns out the proton has 2 up quarks and one down quark that equals a positive charge of one. Apparently quarks come in 6 flavors,  the up quark and down quark are more common.

But quarks are held together by the strong nuclear force which is a Gluon.

Gluons and Quarks don’t exist on their own. They are only found inside particles. Gluons hold 3 quarks together to make a proton or a neutron. And they also hold the nucleus together inside the atom. Eureka!

Gluons hold stuff together! Gravity holds stuff together. This isn’t rocket science, its logic or maybe quantum physics.

This drawing shows how Gluons keep everything stuck together by the Strong Nuclear Force.

Gluons the Source of Gravity   

It seems that the strong nuclear force of gluons is also the source of gravity. It makes sense that gravity is a product of a particle’s mass. Gluons have very little or almost no mass of their own.

The mass of a particle comes from the force that the gluon exerts to hold quarks together. Read my article on Quarks and Gluons.

This means gravity is a force like Isaac Newton said and not a distortion of spacetime!

This force field surrounds a gluon in the quantum gravity model. In large objects the gluon field extends out to great distances but there is no motion in the field. Namely, it’s not a massless particle travelling at the speed of light as in the Graviton theory.

Maybe Gluons create the Higgs Field, or should we call it The Gluon Field and the gluon boson? Just kidding lol.

Gravity: The Cosmic Builder

Remember that mass doesn’t come from the quarks or the gluons, it comes from the force acting between quarks and gluons. Very little mass exists until quarks bind together using gluons.

During the Big Bang there was a Gluon-Quark Plasma phase. The big bang energy produced electrons, quarks and gluons but it was still too hot to form atoms and gravity.

The inflation period of the universe continued without slowing down due to mass or gravity. After 10^-22 seconds the Higgs Field appears and possibly added some mass.

The jury is undecided if gravity started when quarks appeared or after stable atoms formed.

About 380,000 years later all the photon radiation was used up and the universe went into a dark era. Atoms formed when electrons captured the nuclei of protons and neutrons.

This was the true birth of gravity. The cosmic microwave background is visible during this era when the universe went transparent.

Gravity started attracting other particles and formed clouds of particles and gas. When the mass gets large enough the strong force of gravity starts a nuclear fusion reaction. Finally a star is born and the universe gets light.

How did Gravity Start?

Making something from Light. During the photon radiation era electrons were created from light. Next a plasma of quarks and gluons were created. This era might have been too hot for gluons and quarks to bond. That means there is little to no mass in this plasma era of quantum particles.

When temperatures cooled down stable atoms formed. The quantum world of tiny particles ends as gravity starts to create the large universe. This era begins Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

What is Gravity Made from

Gluons are the strong nuclear force that holds quarks together to make protons and neutrons. Protons attract electrons and stable atoms are created. The Gluon is kind of like a spring attached between two quarks.

During molecular vibration this spring keeps a constant force binding the quarks together. There is also a color force associated with this interaction but i won’t go into that now.

The force of the spring analogy explains how it seems to work. If you try to separate quarks from the gluons the spring becomes stronger and prevents them from pulling apart.

Adding enough energy to force them apart changes the extra energy into new quark pairs. So you created more matter from energy but it’s impossible to get free quarks.

Gluons and quarks are never free particles (except in the quark-gluon plasma during the big bang). Furthermore the gluon force (the strong nuclear force) has 3 ranges of strength.

The quark to quark bond is the first range in the quantum distance of gluons. At a slightly longer distance gluons hold the nucleus together that contains various protons and neutrons.

The Source of Gravity

I believe there is a 3rd distance that extends beyond the nucleus. Beyond the nucleus range there is an attraction to other atoms that have quarks. This attraction to nearby quarks explains why the force of gravity depends on the mass of the object.

This quantum force is too small to measure on the level of single atoms but gravity is an additive force. When the number of atoms gets to the size of large gaseous clouds the combined gravity starts a nuclear fusion reaction.

Isn’t it amazing that gluons create and attract matter using the strong nuclear force. Then gravity (inside gluons) attracts enough matter to create a nuclear fusion reaction. This fusion reaction creates more types of matter.

Gravity a Property of Gluons

Gluons create quantum gravity by interacting with quarks. Therefore, matter must have quarks in order to have a force of gravity. All Baryonic matter have quarks.

All other fundamental particles lack gravity. Electrons, neutrinos and photons can have mass but not gravity. That means they are attracted to gravity but are not attracted to each other since they don’t have a gravity field.

The universe is controlled by gravity. Matter turns into stars because of gravity and stars create black holes because of the strong force of gravity. All this happens because of quarks and gluons!

Quantum Intelligence

Quantum particles, quantum mechanics and quantum gravity came into the Universe during the Big Bang. This intelligence in matter came from the Source that pushed energy into our Universe.

Consider that matter didn’t create this intelligence. We are part of this matter that has  intelligence to keep us alive. We would all be fools if we believe that the Big Bang came here by chance.

I am in awe of the creation that created the big bang and which continues to evolve around us.

Matter never minds and mind is never matter… (Erik Lovin 2019)

The Theory of Everything (TOE)

The information in this article explains the way gravity works in the quantum world. The additive force of Gravity explains why it also works in the large scale of the Universe. Adding the quantum gravity theory to the Standard Model of Particles gets us to the Theory of Everything.

Summary of Key Facts

Gravity is known as the weakest of the 4 forces in quantum particles.

In the world of Relativity gravity is the strongest force of the Cosmos.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity that measures its force.

Einstein’s theory of the distortion of spacetime and gravity is a falsehood.

Quantum gravity and mass are born in the quark-gluon strong nuclear force.

Gravity is the cosmic builder of stars and matter.

The intelligence in matter comes from the Source that created this Universe.

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