Matter and Antimatter

Matter and Antimatter

Antimatter Gets a Bad Rap

Antimatter is similar to normal matter except if they meet they will kill each other in a flash. It’s lucky we don’t have antimatter in our Universe because otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

If matter, such as an electron meets a positron (an antimatter electron) they annihilate each other in a big bang.  But in an antimatter Universe they don’t want any of our normal matter. These 2 universe types must have no contact with each other!

Why Does the Universe Exist?

Scientists say that when pure energy reacts it gives off equal amounts of matter and antimatter. During the Big Bang there should have been an equal amount of matter and antimatter. They should have annihilated each other instantly.

So, why is there next to no antimatter in the universe? The Big bang for Dummies answer is, “otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” What happened during the Big Bang to keep antimatter separate from matter?

Why is Antimatter important to the Universe?

Put away your disbelief and listen to this probable answer. The Big Bang created the Universe so the energy must have come from outside of our universe also known as the 3rd dimension. This is proof that other dimensions exist.

Imagine a dimension that wants to create a universe for whatever reason. Now imagine that it will take a lot of energy for this creation. Look at it as an experiment of sorts.

What if you can capture back all the energy if the experiment failed? And if the experiment created a universe you would still be able to return all that energy. Would your team of scientists get the go ahead because the energy cost is zero?

Antimatter solves both problems! In the first situation, if the Big Bang fails the annihilation of matter and antimatter quickly returns the energy to the source.

If the creation is successful, matter and antimatter are separated into different dimensions. During the separation they are instantly entangled.

These 2 particles show entanglement of matter and antimatter. They are opposite in energy but they will react and destroy each other in the future 6th dimension. The red one is an antimatter universe and the other one is a blue, normal matter universe or dimension.

Entanglement means no matter how long or how far apart they are, they are like twin particles. When they finally meet they will create a Big Bang and return all the energy back to Source. Win or lose the energy is conserved.

This Changes Everything

One of the biggest mysteries of the Big Bang is why isn’t there any antimatter? What happened to the antimatter that must have been present during the Big Bang?

The answer is in my article “The Big Bang”. The reason is that mass and dimensions didn’t exist during the time before 10^ -22 seconds. This was an era of only one force called the Grand Unified Theory (GUT).

During this brief time the matter and antimatter were separated into different dimensions. Then an inflationary reaction took the cooling energy into the 4th and finally the 3rd dimensions.

In the 3rd dimensions the Higgs Field finally added some mass to the particles. There the creation of atoms started building stars and galaxies.

The Purpose of Black Holes

As soon as 300 million years after the Big Bang there is evidence of Black Holes forming. Matter enters Black Holes and the strong force of Gravity converts matter into higher vibrations. Similar to a phase transition when ice changes into water or vapour.

We could call Black Holes as “Phase Transition Machines.”

When matter enters a Black Hole it goes into another dimension passing through a phase transition. Eventually all the matter in our universe will be inside the 5th dimension.

Now 13.8 billion years later we might only have a few more billion years until the entangled matter meets in the 6th dimension with the antimatter. The reaction of energy will annihilate the universe sending all the energy back to Source.

Shows how the energy of the Big Bang creates an antimatter and a matter dimension that are entangled. Our universe flows in a clockwise direction and the antimatter goes in an anticlockwise direction. They meet again in the 6th dimension ending the universe as the energy goes back to source.

The entire process is in my article here   

This diagram is the time clock of energy as they travel through dimensions.

The Big Bang enters the physical dimensions in the 6th dimension. The energy is separated into different dimensions and gets entangled.

In this clock timeline matter goes from the 6th dimension to the 3rd dimension and antimatter goes counterclockwise to the antimatter -3rd dimension.

This takes place in a fraction of a second before they can annihilate each other. The matter and antimatter stays in the 3rd dimensions as matter evolves.

However, after 13.7 billion years most of the matter has moved into the 4th and 5th dimensions. Currently we only have about 4% of the matter inside the visible 3rd dimension.

The rest is called Dark Matter which is in other dimensions. When the clock hands reach the 6th dimension again all the matter and energy creates a Big Bang. That will be the physical end of our Universe.

The Key Takeaways:

  1. During the Big Bang matter and antimatter separate into different dimensions.

  2. They became entangled during the separation phase.

  3. Antimatter evolves like matter in a kind of parallel universe.

  4. Antimatter and matter move into higher dimensions inside Black Holes.

  5. Finally the entangled particles meet in the 6th dimension.

  6. Another Big Bang ends the Universe and sends all the energy back to the Source.

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