Dimensions of the Universe Understood

Understanding Dimensions

An Embarrassing Situation:

Dimensions are not understood. Most people don’t know what a dimension is. They only know that it’s a size of something which exists in 3 directions. The embarrassing situation is that even some scientists and mathematicians think that the 1st and 2nd dimensions are real. The truth is that every drawing or picture is in 3 dimensions. Three dimensions are the length, width and height of an object. In a drawing or photo the 3rd dimension is the thickness of the ink or color that makes up the image. I agree that you can use drawings to represent the size of objects. But, don’t imply that these are real dimensions. Reality exists only in 3 dimensions or directions.

Man looking into the Milky Way Galaxy amazed at the immensity of it all

Time is not a Dimension! Sorry to shout out another popular belief. Yes, Einstein gave us the idea of spacetime. Time is a constant that only moves forward. Time is the same in any dimension and isn’t a part of the 3 spatial distances of space. Time exists so that everything does not happen at the same time. In the beginning time was very very important during the Big Bang. The process of quantum fluctuations had to be accurately controlled by time. During this process dimensions didn’t exist but time did.

For this discussion a dimension is one of the “dimensional” parts of the Universe. The popular misconception is that the 3rd dimension we live in is the entire Universe.

The confusion is that the 3 directions of space are called 3 dimensions. Every dimension has 3 directions, including drawings and pictures. The difference in Dimensions is the vibration or frequency of energy.  

How can people still believe that the world is flat or that this 3rd dimension is all there is?

Oh yes, they want proof, don’t they? But it seems that all the proof is useless to the Flat Earth people. How much proof do you need before realizing that other dimensions exist?

Proof of Other Dimensions

The Big Bang is proof that the universe was created from outside the universe, namely; another dimension. The laws of physics, math and dimensions are tools that existed before our Universe. We are here because the Big Bang worked and the creation of our universe started an evolution into life.

One of my beliefs is that creation and evolution work together in harmony. Imagine planting a garden as your creation. Without the attention to water, sunshine and nourishment your garden lacks the evolutionary aspect to grow.

This spaceship Earth only grows with the evolution of life and our loving care. The process of learning from experiences happens with creating and evolving during the experience.

What is Dark Matter? Why haven’t we found any of it since it makes up about 27% of the universe. Compare that to our 3rd dimension that has less than 5% of the total matter. The answer is too easy for scientists to understand. Dark Matter is inside another dimension of our universe.

What is this Dark Matter? Let’s say that the 5th dimension has dark matter. Then that matter is like our matter having the same 3 spatial directions.

However, the difference is the frequency of matter. Nikola Tesla said “ to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations”.

Black Holes are responsible for creating dark matter. With the awesome power of gravity black holes convert matter into a different version. This new frequency matter goes into a higher dimension by passing through a phase transition.

This drawing depicts Black Holes sending matter into the next higher frequency dimension.

How Many Dimensions Exist?

String-Theory is a mathematical explanation that makes a lot of sense. It says that there are 9 or 11 dimensions depending how you count. If you don’t count the 1st and 2nd dimensions because they don’t exist in reality then there are 9 dimensions.

There are 4 physical dimensions and 5 non physical dimensions. The 6th and 7th dimension are connected by a Golden Bridge that separates the visible from the invisible. The Eastern Gurus have known this secret for thousands of years from their teacher The Buddha.

The Big Bang enters the Universe from the 6th dimension and another Big Bang ends the Universe as the energy goes back into the 7th dimension and to the Source.

The drawing above shows the 3 matter and 3 antimatter dimensions. They will meet in the 6th dimension sending the energy of our universe back to the source of its creation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dimensions are tools used to create a Universe.

  2. The 3rd dimension is only one of 4 physical dimensions.

  3. The Big Bang came from the 7th dimension.

  4. Dark Matter is in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

  5. There are 9 dimensions in total. 4 physical and 5 non physical.

  6. This universe ends at the 6th dimension in a Big Bang.

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