The Dimension of Dark Matter

 The Dimension of Dark Matter 

In the beginning, there was light and we have called it a Big bang. It was more of an event than a bang and it came to make the Universe as we know it. 

 Since we can’t see where the Big bang came from I’m sure someone would call it a dark dimension made up of dark matter. (smile here)

 However, scientists just ignore anything they can’t measure and test. They are limited in vision and mind but I say they are blind. 


The enormous size of our universe only has 5% of its matter/energy.

 Scientists understand dimensions

On a 3rd dimensional environment

On a 2nd dimensional screen

On their one dimensional brain.

 How can anyone who is intelligent and studies physics ignore where everything came from, namely the universe.  No that’s not true, they study the result and the start of the Big bang.

 They know when the Big bang happened (13.8 billion years ago) and the total amount of energy it produced (5% is in our part of the universe and 95% is elsewhere).

 Where is 95% of the matter  

It seems like such an obvious question to ask if we have 5% of the matter where is the other 95%? We know what the scientists say, it’s dark matter and energy that’s hidden somewhere in the universe. 

I don’t know about you but if 5% is everything in the universe how can 95% also be in the universe, cause that equals 100%. 

Yes, I know they say it’s dark matter, kind of like the dark energy that made the Universe. It doesn’t react with electromagnetism only by gravity.

Well, guess what, only matter reacts with gravity. So, where is the hidden matter? Cosmologists have found that the first galaxies to exist had black holes in their center.

As a matter of fact, they say that all galaxies started from a black hole. In the early part of the universe, stars were able to grow into supermassive giants due to the abundance of raw material.

Eventually, these giant stars ran out of fuel and went supernova to become giant black holes. This was the start of early galaxies but now I wonder where are these galaxies?

We can see them in telescopes but they can’t be in our universe because we only have 5% of the matter left. Where is the other 95%?

The light we see is maybe 11 billion years old and the galaxies probably don’t exist anymore since we can’t find the missing 95%. 

Where is the missing Gravity in Black Holes 

I’m about to give you some amazing facts about the gravity in black holes. It seems that everyone thinks black holes have an enormous amount of gravity. 

They say even light can’t escape the pull of gravity and that galaxies are held together by the strong gravity of black holes.

Consider this that a black hole was made from a star that went supernova. But much of the star was exploded into space, therefore, the black hole has less mass and gravity than the original star. 

The only difference is that the size of the black hole or event horizon is small compared to the size of the gigantic star that collapsed.

Since the gravity field is small and the black hole is small in size why would an entire galaxy rotate around a black hole? 

Black Holes and Gravity 

The answer, of course, is that black holes have a powerful gravitational field. I want to show you that the strong force of gravity comes from another location where 95% of matter exists.

Using good old plain logic tells me that the missing 95% is in another dimension or energy level that’s parallel to our dimension. 

Black holes move the matter into higher energy dimensions where it is known as dark matter.

Black holes somehow open a portal into this other dimension and matter falling into a black hole goes past an energy phase transition into this dimension. 

This is a one-way phase transition and nothing except gravity can come out of that portal. 

This explains where the other 95% is and why the gravity is strong enough to give birth to a galaxy. But, on top of that, it proves that another dimension exists besides the dark dimension that produced the Universe. 

Furthermore, it means that when matter falls into black holes it’s converted into higher frequency matter that increases the mass and gravity of that dimension.

The entire process is responsible for the accelerating expansion of our universe (dimension). 

As more and more matter is transported into the other dimension the force of gravity coming from black holes increases. 

Our dimension loses more and more matter when it goes into the billions of black holes. 

The resulting gravity from the parallel dimension is so strong it spills into our dimension attracting us towards the other dimension. 

The Power of Black Holes

Now for the mind-blowing news. Black holes convert our ordinary matter into what we call dark matter! I guess you could have predicted this by yourself.

Dark matter isn’t mysterious at all, because it’s just matter in a higher energy state. We know that all matter in our universe has 4 different states, such as solid, liquid, gas and plasma. 

But. did you know that plasma is the most common form of matter? Plasma exists inside stars and makes up most of our matter. 

Perhaps in another dimension, there is a fifth state of matter that we call dark matter. However, I suspect it to be similar to our matter except in a finer or higher frequency. 

In Conclusion:

This one beautiful idea that other dimensions exist solves almost all of the problems that scientists are trying to solve. 

The Universe came from a dark dimension and now it’s going back into another dark dimension. Since we can’t see into other dimensions we are lost in understanding the universe.

Black holes are increasing the entropy of the universe and moving matter into higher energy states. This region of the universe is where the dark 95% of matter exists. 

Finally, these two dark dimensions prove that other dimensions exist. They show how energy entered our dimension to make the universe we see. 

And they show where dark matter is and why our dimension is expanding. 

It seems that scientists are following in the footsteps of a ghost. But not any old ghost because their work and paycheck is keeping them employed.

What would happen if all the current research on dark matter stopped? Thousands upon thousands of people would be out of work. 

Think of it like cancer research. If a cure for cancer is found imagine how many people would be out of work.

On the other hand, let’s not be fearful, perhaps there will be other meaningful work once we step into the next phase of enlightenment.

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