Quantum Gravity in Atoms

Quantum Gravity in Atoms 

Quantum Gravity Measured 

I admit my math skills are poor but a thought popped into my mind. Isaac Newton came up with the law of gravity but he didn’t know what force creates gravity. Does gravity start in the nucleus of matter? If gravity is a result of the quark/gluon color force, then gravity starts in the proton as a quantum reaction. The more quarks and gluons present the more mass. Quarks attract more quarks. This is an attraction force like gravity. 

If I compare love to the power of gravity I think they are both a force of attraction. When you fall in love, it's a feeling like falling down, thinking with your big head instead of your small head. So it’s kind of like attraction and disaster combined lol. 

When science compares the mass of atoms to heavier atoms there will be an equal larger number of gluons in the increased mass. Gluons are responsible for adding 99% of the mass to matter. Let's consider that for a while.

For example, one mole of anything contains the same number of particles which is the Avogadro number (6.022 x 10^23). Another way to say it is if you have 6.022 x 10^23 particles you have one mole of that matter. 

 Measurement of Mass 

Do the math and the mass of a mole of any particle/atom divided by the Avogadro number equals the mass of one particle/atom. 

For instance, the mass of one atom of iron is,  55.845 (mole mass in grams) divided by Avogadro number (6.02214 x 10^23) equals about 9.27 x 10^-23 grams. 

The same result happens if you multiply 55.845 Atomic mass number of Iron x 1 Dalton (1.661 x 10^-24 grams) equals 9.27 x 10^-23 grams. This seems confusing at first so let me explain what’s going on. 

The Dalton is the new unit for the unified amu, which is defined as the mass of 1/12th of the mass of the Carbon 12 atom. The value is about 1.661 x 10^-24 grams. 

The Atomic mass number of Carbon-12 is exactly 12 Daltons. To get the mass of one atom of carbon multiply 12 x 1 dalton = 12 x 1.661 x 10^-24g and get 1.993 x 10^-23 grams.

If you start with the mass of a mole of Carbon-12 which is 12 grams. Then divide by Avogadro’s number 6.0221 x 10^23 and get the same thing 1.993 x 10^-23 grams.

Dalton and Atomic Mass Explained

The mass of a single atom equals the atomic mass number multiplied by the atomic mass unit (amu) which is now called the Dalton. The mass of the atom is related to the number of protons and neutrons and also to the quark/gluon pairs that the atom has...

What I mean is that the mass of one atom is equivalent by the number of quark/gluon pairs in that mass. This mass is the gravity force or weight on Earth of that mass. Take that mass to the moon’s gravity and the weight changes in proportion to the number of quark/gluon pairs in the moon.

The force of gravity is directly the result of the number of gluons. Issac Newton used the mass of two objects to determine the gravitational constant. You can use the number of quark/gluon pairs and get the same result. 

A small error will be the difference between the proton quark/gluon energy verses the neutron quark/gluon energy. 

If you calculate the different value of protons and neutrons together and add the electron mass you get the perfect weight or mass of any atom. 

To get the quantum gravity of a particle use the speed and gravitational force that the particle’s quark/gluon force is experiencing. Then adjust the final value for the correct mass/gravitational force.

Quantum Gravity from Quarks

The Classical way to get the mass of an atom is to weigh a mole of atoms and divide by the Avogadro number. However, in the quantum world protons and neutrons have a different combination of the 3 quark-gluon pairs. 

Proton with 2 up quarks and 1 down quark.

The proton has 2 up quarks and 1 down quark. The neutron has 2 down quarks and 1 up quark. The difference in the binding energy adds a complication to what could be an easy way to measure mass and gravitational force. 

Remember 99% of the mass is from the color force between quarks and gluons. But the difference between the atomic mass compared to the mass number is very small. 

There must be a way to calculate the mass directly from the number of quark/gluon pairs in an atom or molecule. This quantum reaction is the source of gravity since each quark is attracted to other quarks and it becomes a force of attraction like gravity.

Combine this knowledge with the fact that time dilation due to speed or gravitational field is caused by the change in the quantum quark/gluon force. 

The GPS system of 24 satellites uses this information already to correct the time difference compared to a stationary clock on Earth. 

Quantum fluctuations cause apparent time dilation so this quantum quark/gluon force must also be the source of gravity.

Is this finally the marriage of quantum gravity, classical gravity and relativity? It seems so simple that we never thought of it? 

A call out to scientists to find the mathematical equations that prove the source of gravity!

Key Takeaways: 

  1. The mass of particles has been measured on atomic scales

  2. The quark-gluon pair has a color force the gives atoms its mass

  3. The Avogadro number of particles equals the mass of 1 mole

  4. The mass of 1 mole is the Atomic Number in Daltons

  5. The Avogadro number is related to the number of quark-gluon pairs

  6. Time dilation is caused by quantum fluctuations

  7. Quantum fluctuations cause gravity and time dilation

  8. Quantum gravity is the source of gravity

I hope you were well informed of the source of quantum gravity. Time dilation is due to the quantum quark/gluon force known as the color force of the strong nuclear force.

I hope my theoretical explanation of physics and cosmology is giving you the sense of amazement and adventure that I have. I am always looking for the ultimate truth that makes the universe work. Please, join me as we travel in this evolution of science. Subscribe to my posts for the latest news. Thanks for your time and as always be well. https://lovinthings.com 

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