Where is the Higgs Boson

Where is the Higgs Boson 

Where is the Higgs Field Today 

In 1964, Peter Higgs and 5 other scientists proposed that a certain mechanism was responsible to explain why particles have mass. I mean as opposed to being massless like photons. Is this a profound question, how do particles get mass and therefore have a force of gravity. I might as well ask why does the universe exist instead of nothing? Maybe there’s a Lovin field that allows the Universe to exist? But I regress and need to focus. What is the Higgs field and is it real? 

A picture of a proton with 3 quarks joined by 3 gluons during the Big bang

Around 2010 the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN started searching for a particle called the Higgs boson. The theory was that if they found the right kind of unknown particle to fit the description of a Higgs boson, it would mean that the Higgs field exists. This was kind of like looking for a needle on the moon while searching on Earth. 

After 2 years of experiments and trillions of collisions in the LHC they found a particle that had about 125 Gev mass. Was this the Higgs particle that was ridiculed and named the God particle? In June 2012 they announced there was a candidate for the Higgs boson. On March 14th 2013 they were confident to say it was indeed the Higgs boson. 

In December 2013 the Nobel prize for physics was awarded to Peter Higgs and the other living candidates that submitted the theoretical papers in 1964. On June 16th 2014 professor John Ellis came to Sudbury Ontario, my hometown, to speak about the new Higgs boson. 

The Higgs Boson and Beyond

After listening to his lecture I was still totally in the dark about what the Higgs field was. It didn’t make sense that a field is needed to give mass to particles. 

They say it’s true that a field exists everywhere that adds mass to particles, but we can’t see this field, we don’t know where it is or how it does its magic? Is it magic or faith that made scientists believe in this mathematical construct?

Yet, if I say that Dark matter is inside Black holes no one thinks it’s possible. I’m actually saying where Dark matter is and how it got there. We can feel the effects of gravity from Dark matter. It’s so obvious to me…

 All I’m missing is the quantum math to prove it. Without math nothing exists? Is that the final word? Do we have any math students who want to try the math?

Okay, back to my blog post haha…

What is the Higgs Field

Last year when I wrote about the Higgs field I mentioned that it made a lot of sense for the Inflationary model of the Big bang. Because, during inflation the energy of the Big bang wouldn’t have any mass. 

This allowed the energy to travel at light speed before the Higgs field materialized to add some mass to the particles.

This year I have new information about the Big bang process and at this point in my research I am cautiously reevaluating if the higgs field exists. 

I have a feeling that the Higgs boson is something else. It’s too early to say anything until I study more about quantum gravity and the nature of time during the Big bang. 

At this point the only evidence that the “Higgs boson” particle is related to the proposed Higgs mechanism is theoretical math and a “particle” that has 125 Gev of mass. 

According to Einstein’s famous equation E=mc^2, energy is equivalent to mass and the Higgs mechanism isn’t needed to change energy to mass. 

The simple fact is that pure energy entered the Universe from a non physical dimension and cooled into particles of mass such as the electron, quarks and gluons. These particles created protons and neutrons to create matter that became stars etc… 

New meaning of Mass

But the new research into quarks and gluons is finally putting old Einstein’s theories about gravity into the dark past. 

Experiments show that the mass of particles is 99% because of the binding energy in matter. 

This energy between quarks and gluons is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD) or just the color force.

The strong nuclear force is the quantum force that binds atoms together. The mechanism that controls this force is the (QCD). Energy is equivalent to mass and that’s why particles get mass.

What does the Higgs field really mean in quantum chromodynamics? I can’t find a relationship between the Higgs boson, the strong nuclear force (QCD) and mass.

However, I would like to see research into QCD and the gluon force. I strongly believe that the source of gravity comes from the quantum reaction between quarks and gluons.

Does anyone else think that the QCD is also the source of gravity? Please, write your comments at the bottom of this post. In my next post I will study the connection between energy and mass. Stay tuned by following me https://lovinthings.com 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. The Higgs mechanism was proposed in 1964 as the reason particles have mass

  2. In 2013 the LHC at CERN found a boson particle with 125 Gev of mass

  3. Is the Higgs boson really why particles have mass?

  4. I believe the QCD color force adds mass as a binding energy

  5. I believe the quantum quark/gluon reaction creates gravity

  6. We need more research into quantum chromodynamics and gravity

I hope my theoretical explanation of physics and cosmology is giving you the sense of amazement and adventure that I have. I am always looking for the ultimate truth that makes the universe work. Please, join me as we travel in this evolution of science. Subscribe to my posts for the latest news. Thanks for your time and as always be well. https://lovinthings.com 

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