How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe Connected

How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe Connected

First, let’s define what is a multiverse as opposed to a universe. While we are at it what’s a parallel universe? In any case, we will also need the definition of a dimension.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and false information on google. I will define things properly however you might like your own interpretation. 

Try to understand the following definitions that explain exactly what they are.

The Universe is supposed to mean everything that we see and know. The Uni- means there is only one and everything is included in this one thing. 

This one thing is also called the 3rd dimension because there are 3 spatial directions not counting time. 

The confusion for many is that dimensions and directions are often taken to be the same thing. 

The 3 dimensions of size are used in the 3 directions of location in space or in any large container. 

For example with the GPS system, you need longitude, latitude, and height to get the exact location. Is it a location or a size?

The 3rd dimension seems to be the wrong name for our universe. What if there are more dimensions in our Universe? Would we call them the 4th and 5th dimensions?

The Multiverse

The idea that the universe contains more than one dimension coined the name multi-verse as opposed to only one (uni) Universe. 

As science fiction needed more ideas the multiverse idea became known as many different universes floating in space inside their own bubbles. 

Science fiction spaceships would then be able to travel to another universe. This idea of a multiverse is totally impossible.

 In this kind of multiverse, each Universe is separate and not connected to other universes.

In a kind of multi-universe, each universe would be separate and have no connection to each other, energy-wise or spiritually. 

We have no way of knowing if other universes exist but it certainly seems possible. However, as was mentioned there is no way to contact other multiverses. 

The other type of multiverse exists when a Universe is made up of many layers that are separated from the other layers by some kind of energy barrier. 

In this kind of multiverse, all the layers are different dimensions and are connected together.

Imagine the layers of an onion are all separated by a membrane and each layer can grow to its own size without affecting the other layers.  

This is the only scenario that makes sense. Each separate layer is a different dimension that allows energy transfer from one dimension to the neighboring dimension.

Examples of dimensions are the Big bang energy that would have come from one dimension (layer) and dark matter would be in yet another dimension. 

Multiple dimensions move the matter into black holes and into the 6th dimension where it meets the antimatter of the 6th antimatter dimension and the universe ends in a big bang.

Parallel Universe 

This is yet another type of multiverse. In this scenario, there are two universes that are attached by some kind of connection (entanglement).

They have been called alternate universes or alternate realities that co-exist with us.

They were created at the same time and they evolve in the same fashion. Each universe remains separate and unaware of its twin universe. 

However, each of these parallel universes has multiple dimensions as in the multiverse model. 

Picture showing entangled bacteria. See more information here.

In our universe, the parallel universe is made up of antimatter that was created during the Big bang event. These parallel universes are entangled and are twin copies of each other.

Einstein called entanglement, spooky action at a distance. He wasn’t a believer that it was possible but it has been proved to exist in experiments. 

When these parallel universes eventually meet the entire Universe ends. Matter and antimatter will annihilate each other and send the total energy back to the Source dimension. 

Energy enters from the 6th dimension and exists from the 6th dimension in a big bang ending the universe. The twin parallel universes are entangled at the Big bang event.

Key takeaways: 

  1. Dimensions are different layers of a Universe 

  2. A science-fiction multiverse is the idea that many separate universes exist independently yet are assessable to each other.

  3. A universe made up of many layers of dimensions is often called a multiverse. 

  4. Black holes move matter into higher dimensions

  5. A parallel universe is an antimatter twin universe that has similar dimensions

  6. Parallel dimensions are entangled to evolve together and die together

  7. Matter and antimatter dimensions get entangled during the Big bang event

  8. Our Universe has many dimensions and is entangled with a parallel antimatter universe.

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