Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe

Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe 

 Who created the Big bang that started the universe? I just finished looking at 90+ answers from a wide assortment of people. The scientists mention it was the Big bang followed by inflation that created the Universe. Various religions point to their holy book saying it was this or that god that created the Universe.  My goal is to show you that every one of the 90+ answers were wrong. 

Who was the magician that created the universe?

Of course, I can say anything I want but how can I prove what I say? The proof isn’t easy because no one has proof especially scientists. However, I will try a mixture of science and spiritual proof that might convince you. 

Again the disclaimer is if your mind is closed to any other possibility than what you now believe then I can’t change your belief.

Our Source is the reason for our Universe and the mind or consciousness of Source created the spiritual kingdom but what is that kingdom and why was it created?  

Why was the Universe created and why are we here? Science has been focusing on how the Big bang created our Universe but why was it created and by whom or what?

The Big Picture 

I want you to focus on the big picture. Try not to think about our planet and religion. Here is an example of what I mean. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the creation of the world is called Genesis. 

Let there be light and light was created, then planet Earth was created for our home and after that, the stars were created for our lights in the sky. 

Today we know that stars were created first. The universe is 13.8 billion years old and planet Earth is not the center of the universe because we live on a young 4.5 billion-year-old planet. 

Other holy books have similar tales of fiction, and they all talk about a God that created the universe. What they don’t mention is the real reason the universe was created.

Dimensions of the Universe 

Consider that the Universe consists of multiple layers of energy. Think of an onion that has many layers where each one is separated by a membrane. 

In this image, each layer of an onion is separated by a membrane

The Universe has similar layers or membranes where each layer has a certain level of energy. 

One of these layers is the observable universe where we exist. Another layer is the place that created the universe. 

We are familiar with the big bang that started the universe. The powerful energy that created the big bang came from a high energy place or a different layer of the Universe.

Who or what is God 

Try not to think about a personal god who sits on a throne who you can talk to and pray to as you ask for favors. 

Imagine the Big picture and why we are here versus nothing. The way to help you understand God is to think about the infinite power that exists only with God. 

God is the ultimate power source, yet this infinite Source is Infinity itself. There is no work or planning done inside the power source of God.

This infinite power has the means to create anything by creating all the laws of physics. 

God is the size of infinity.

The Size of Infinity 

Our mind is incapable of knowing an infinite amount of anything. We have a history of being overwhelmed and believing that there is a lack of everything. 

We are like ants who experience big mountains as infinite obstacles. In the past humankind believed that Earth was the center of the entire universe. 

Later we found that we are in a galaxy that exists in an infinite universe. Now we believe we are in the only universe that has ever existed. 

We are so vain because we lack the comparison of size and we have lost our memories of who we really are.

But, first, let’s talk more about the size of infinity. Scientists and mathematicians use the symbol of infinity in calculations and equations so much that they actually believe in infinity.

Physicists don’t like infinities because you can’t measure an infinity. An infinite amount is an imaginary number that is impossible to measure or know. 

The energy from the big bang was a finite amount and it hasn’t increased. The universe is 13.8 billion years old so we know it’s not eternal and it has a finite amount of energy. 

Also, the universe is expanding so it’s not infinite. You can’t say it’s infinite today and tomorrow it’s more infinite. 

So far have I convinced you that nothing in our observable universe is infinite?

Einstein said a joke, “only 2 things are infinite, the universe and mankind’s stupidity and I’m not too sure about the universe.” Very funny… 

God is Infinity 

Some people ask if God created the universe then who created God? I just finished saying that infinity is beyond any imaginary number or amount. 

There can only be one infinity and nothing can be more than this infinite source. God is infinite and eternal. God is all-powerful and all-knowing. 

There is nothing beyond or above this infinity. God is energy infinitely expressed.

Infinity has no beginning and no end. Infinity has an infinite amount of everything yet infinity is only one thing.

Infinity has one consciousness, one mind and is the power source of everything. Now ask yourself where did other spirits come from? What is the Spiritual Kingdom?

The Source of Our Consciousness 

Infinity is beyond imagination but let’s imagine that the infinite Source wanted to have the company of other minds to interact with? 

Imagine that being only One was boring and lonely. This thought would have taken energy and having infinite energy and power the One created many spirits that became the Spiritual Kingdom. 

One thing to understand is that the infinite Source can’t create another infinite thing. There is only one infinity one God one Source. Forget all the other prophets and false gods. 

The Spiritual Kingdom Created the Universe

The spiritual kingdom is made up of all the spirits that exist and they are the source of all the souls that exist. 

What would have happened is that spirits noticed they have most of the powers that God has because they are a chip off the old block. 

Spirits started experimenting with their powers of creation and they found a way to lower the high energy of Source and create physical things. 

Eventually, they created an entire Universe. They marveled at the beauty and contrast that physical things became compared to all the non-physical stuff they have. 

This is when spirits wanted to experience their creation. But try as they might they couldn’t touch physical things since the hand of spirit went right threw solid things. 

The idea of experiencing physical things grew into such a passion that they divided their huge energy field into smaller pieces of themselves. 

These small pieces of spirit are called souls and to skip ahead we are those souls. We are part of the energy of God and Spirit. We are the ones who came to experience physical life. 

You could even say that we created the universe and we are here to experience our creation.

That is the short answer to who created the universe. The Big answer is more complicated and full of layers of knowledge and hierarchy.  

Dimensions of Consciousness   

The infinite Source called God is the ultimate source of consciousness. We are conscious beings who realize and feel that we are self-aware. 

Sometimes we feel separate from the body and we are aware that we have intuition often called gut feelings.  

Imagine intuition and feelings of love as part of your personal consciousness 

Four levels of consciousness 

1. The unconscious incompetent person. 

2. The Unconscious competent person. 

3. The conscious incompetent person 

4. The conscious competent person.

Consciousness is an ever-expanding process. As a matter of fact, there is an evolution of consciousness that is never-ending. 

A higher level of consciousness gives you more intuition, more perception and the ability to make your dreams a reality.

Your Level of Consciousness 

Remember that quote from Einstein about stupidity being infinite? 

The sad news is that most people are at level one which is unconscious of being aware and incompetent to step up the ladder of consciousness.

There might be many reasons for this, such as lack of food and shelter. Physical abuse or emotional abuse. 

It could even be that the soul of a person wants to experience what pain and fear feel like. Because they are trying to understand the pain in order to heal it in another lifetime. 

This topic is for another article, for now, we are talking about why was the universe created.

Why was the Universe Created  

Remember we discussed who created the universe but what are the reasons that led to the creation of the Universe?  

First, it was a kind of curiosity that allowed spirits to create physical things. Just like a painter or an artist creates something for pleasure.

Next, it became a passion to experience that creation. Finally, this creation became a way to evolve consciousness while in the physical world.

What happened next was that Source itself started to love the idea of evolving consciousness while being outside of God’s energy field of ultimate consciousness. 

We are familiar with the idea of better understanding something by stepping in the wrong direction. 

In the physical world, there is duality in all things. For example, hot and cold, up and down, good and bad, pain and pleasure, abundance and lack. 

Levels of Energy 

The idea of experiencing physicality grew and a hierarchy was established to control and monitor the process. 

Levels of energy in the body

A hierarchy is a series of levels that exist in the whole. Such as the church has a Pope that sits at the top and below him are arch Bishops and so on down to ministers etc. 

Canada has the Prime Minister and then down the pyramid of power is the supreme court, the members of parliament in the house of commons and so on…  

Every company has many levels of expertise and power and so there must be a similar hierarchy at the source of our creation.

Realize that God didn’t plan and orchestrate the birth of the Universe. Realize that matter doesn’t create consciousness, it’s consciousness or the power of the mind that creates. 

People call the source of consciousness the mind of God, however, the Spiritual Kingdom uses that consciousness and gave us a connection to it. 

The non-physical dimensions used the power and mind of God to create and give life to the universe.

We are experiencing and learning in this physical dimension. You and I might have a new idea to add to the evolving consciousness of Source.

I implore you to give intent that you will follow the purpose of your soul. This is a journey that will never end because we are eternal beings just like our eternal source. 


God did not create the Universe. It was the power of Source used by the Spiritual Kingdom or the level of intent.

God just is and has nothing to do but monitor the work other spirits do. We evolve our souls which evolves our spirit and spirit evolves Source. 

Spirit beings created the Universe and then wanted to experience their creation.

Spirits decreased their energy size into smaller parts called souls. These souls are experiencing creation for the parent spirits.

You could say God created Spirits that created souls that experience living a physical life on a physical planet in a physical dimension

Now you should ask yourself if this makes logical sense. Do you feel a connection to a higher power? Did I at least give you food for thought? 

Leave me a comment below to encourage or help me in my quest to understand the Universe.

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