Einstein does the Truth Hurt

Einstein does the Truth Hurt

Most people sugar coat the truth for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. You might say to your friend “Your golf swing isn’t bad all you need is more practice”. Sounds like you're giving helpful suggestions. If you want to hurt your friend just tell the truth. “Your golf swing is the worst one I’ve seen.” Einstein does the truth hurt?

When I speak about my theories I don’t add enough sugar. I often state my theory as the truth even though I have no proof to back my claim. My truth might hurt you especially when you have invested so much time and energy on your false belief. Oops, I did it again? Sorry.  

In science we should study the most logical theory as a possible truth and stop thinking that my truth is better than yours. The truth will always filter to the top and weigh down the old false beliefs. In my impatience I may hurt someone without meaning to, I apologize.

The truth hurts the ego or the belief system of the unconscious mind. I saw this cartoon by Stephen Pastis in a magazine. It’s funny yet so true…

Does Light Have Mass

Does light have mass or is it a massless wave/particle? Let’s test this belief to see if the truth hurts. Most of the scientists believe light is massless and they are in good company because

so did Einstein.

That’s why Einstein came up with his theory that mass distorts space in order to explain why light reacts to gravity. Light travels in this distortion because gravity creates a curvature around large objects?...

Think about that… no one believed his truth until during a total eclipse light from a star was seen to travel in a curve around the sun.

Wow imagine that? Maybe he was right. Does gravity really bend space? If this is your belief prepare to face my truth and suffer the hurt. Just kidding about the hurting lol.

If light has no mass I would probably believe Einstein’s theory too. But, I did a lot of thinking and came up with proof that supports the fact that light has mass. That would mean that Einstein’s theory and your belief is a falsehood.

Light has Mass

One hundred years ago when Einstein postulated his theory he didn’t know about the Big Bang inflationary model of the universe. He didn’t know about the Hubble Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). And he didn’t know that atoms were made of quarks and gluons.

During the big bang light created matter, first electrons and neutrinos then these formed into quarks and gluons. Eventually this plasma energy formed stable atoms of hydrogen and helium.

So far this is proof of the equivalence of mass and energy in the famous E=mc^ squared equation. That’s all good…

When gas clouds of hydrogen atoms attracted enough mass the force of gravity created a nuclear fusion reaction and stars formed. Are you following the process?

How does Einstein’s theory about gravity work? Did each atom have its own gravity well and each cloud of atoms have separate gravity wells? How did they attract each other if gravity is a distortion of space not a force of attraction.

How does a nuclear fusion reaction start out of distorted space? Gravity is a long distance force how does distorted space act as a long range force?

Gravity Explained

In the beginning of time light (photon radiation) entered as energy that turned into matter. Matter is made up of quarks gluons and electrons. Matter has a gravitational force that attracts more matter by the force of gravity. No distortion of space required.

Gravity must be found inside atoms not in space. Look at the hydrogen atom and find quantum gravity. Hydrogen atoms attracted each other by gravity and when the mass was large enough stars were born.

The single proton in a single hydrogen atom has 3 quarks and 3 gluons. We can disregard the electron which is a very small particle. At the quantum level gravity is a very small force, too small to detect. But when a billion billion atoms of hydrogen attract together the force of gravity is large.

My point is that space isn’t distorted when objects are in space. Gravity is one of the fundamental forces of matter even at the quantum level. The large gravity field around stars is what attracts light because light has mass.

In the beginning matter couldn’t curve spacetime when there was no matter and no gravity. You need matter attracting matter. First matter must be attracted together by gravity to create stars. Einstein got it backwards, saying gravity distorts space.

Proof that Light has Mass

The obvious proof that light has mass is because light is attracted to gravity. Gravity attracts more mass to itself. Another example that light is attracted to gravity is because Black Holes are attracting light and matter. Light behaves the same way if gravity works like Einstein said or as an attraction. We need a tiebreaker.

Light and all electromagnetic radiation is made of individual photons. The smallest quanta (particle) of light is the photon.

The photon has an electric field and a magnetic field which are at right angles to each other. An electromagnetic field exists only around a particle that has mass.

The rotating photon is a particle that has mass in order to support the electromagnetic field

Electromagnetism isn’t created without mass. Gravity doesn’t exist without mass. Black Holes work with the gravity of mass. Light only comes from electrons which have mass. Any reaction with energy involves mass.

The equation E=mc^squared shows the relationship of mass and energy. Anything that can be seen (light) has mass. All fundamental particles have mass, even the gluon has a tiny mass.  Math works by logic, in math we trust?

More Proof

It’s very interesting that photons made electrons during the “Big Bang”.  Now electrons make photons to give us light. Light doesn’t exist on its own, it must be created by electrons.

When an electron undergoes any type of reaction it emits a photon. Energy such as, mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear or quantum force can react with an electron.

What happens during such a reaction? The electron adds the energy to its orbital so it goes to a higher energy orbit in an atom. However, that energy is immediately given back as one photon of light.

This is a very fast process so the photon emitted could be the original orbital in the electron. The question is, does the photon have mass?

The vibrating electron creates an electromagnetic field around the electron particle. This field is around the electron and the photon is orbiting around the electron.

Because the photon is inside the electromagnetic field created by the electron it has the same field. Energy and mass are always together. Light definitely has energy!

My understanding is that any electromagnetic field must be from a particle with mass. That particle called a photon was orbiting the electron at light speed.

Electrons are fundamental particles with a dual wave/particle nature. Electrons create photons when the energy of an electron’s orbital is converted into mass. Energy can be converted into mass and mass can be converted into energy.

Birth of Photons

The photon is born from the electron’s orbital. A photon also has the speed of light and carries the same electromagnetic field as the electron. It looks like proof that the photon has mass.

When light is created by an electron the energy released is a photon which is related to the Planck Constant. The Planck Constant has a value of 6.626 10^-34 Joule,seconds.

This is the smallest quantum amount of energy that an electromagnetic reaction has. The energy of a photon is related to its frequency. At the quantum level energy and mass are equal.

Do you think that if a photon has any mass it can’t travel at the speed of light? That’s one of Einstein’s laws in General Relativity. But, in quantum mechanics of small elementary particles it’s different. The photon is already going at the speed of light inside the electron’s energy field.

What about all the other elementary particles? Every other fundamental particle has mass. Why wouldn’t the photon have mass? Even the gluon inside protons and neutrons has a small mass.

General Relativity says that a particle must have a rest mass to be a particle with mass. That is why Einstein said the photon must be massless because it is never at rest. But, the quantum world is different. We agree that the photon has relativistic mass.

The new quantum understanding of matter is that all particles are vibrating and are never at rest. All matter has dual particle/wave characteristics.

Consider this, electrons are fundamental particles that exist and have rest mass. Quarks and gluons are fundamental particles that exist and have rest mass. But, photons are always moving at the speed of light and they don’t exist until electrons create them.

The spark of an electron is a photon and it exists only at the speed of light and only until it hits other matter. If it doesn’t react with another electron it will last “forever”. 

My Last Words:

This ends my truth today about photons. To be continued in my next article where in an experiment photons were stopped and had rest mass!

If you resonate with this new information I want you to be on my tribe of followers. I would like to encourage your dreams and confirm your thoughts that science of light will show us the Ultimate Truth.

I care about you and hope you will join this journey into understanding science and light.

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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