New Model of the Universe

New Model of the Universe

Finding the Truth

Can we find a new model of the universe? The Big Bang wasn’t like a shot from a cannon. The inflationary expansion of the universe has become widely popular. No other models of the universe are able to explain how the universe appeared. Most people think this visible dimension is the entire Universe. The entire dimension we live in is only about 4% of the total matter in the universe. Where is the rest of the universe? We need a new model of the universe.

This was just like me looking for answers of the universe. Is this all there is?

During the creation of the universe, energy came from a non physical dimension. This 3rd Dimension is real but where is the missing 96% of matter? The universe began 13.8 billion years ago where is it going?

When something has a beginning there is also  an ending, like a birth and a death. Do we have the answers to explain what happens when the universe ends? Do we want to know better explanations?

How can the universe only have 4% of the total mass? Where did the Big Bang come from? Most people think the universe came from nothing. Again this is false.

Einstein said in his theory of General Relativity that Mass distorts Space-Time. I can’t think of anything more absurd. The vacuum of space is curved by mass?

Why should we believe Einstein when he said gravity is not a force but a curvature of space? I can’t believe this nonsense. His idea was invented to explain why light is attracted to gravity.

A better answer is, light has mass and is attracted to gravity. The math still works properly but the Fabric of Spacetime is another falsehood.

Finding a Dimension

I lost my car key and for the love of science I looked everywhere twice. They say you find things finally in the last place you look. I mean I’m at home and I swear it was on the kitchen table last night. It’s driving me to walk when I want to drive.

But seriously, I eventually found it in another dimension. I looked into my pockets many, many times thinking that it’s going to be there, because it has to be. Then it was almost by accident that my finger went into the little pocket on top of the main pocket in my jeans.

That little top pocket in my jeans is almost like in another dimension because I never use it or think about it. it’s funny but I was embarrassed in my joy because it was such an obvious location.

This story relates to dimensions. If you are looking for a dimension inside a dimension it’s nowhere to be found. You can look many times and not find the key to dark matter. You know it’s here somewhere and it’s driving you crazy. You can feel it so where can it be.

Yes,I know we only live in one dimension. We don’t have a name for this physical dimension because we don’t imagine other dimensions can exist. I call this the 3rd dimension but it should be the first dimension where life is evolving.

The Entire Universe

We can’t explain the Universe by putting it into one physical dimension. Where did it come from? How did we get here and where is this universe expanding into. Why are we here asking questions? Is this all there is?

Our 3rd dimension has 3 spatial directions and I imagine all dimensions have 3 spatial directions or dimensions. And Time must exist in all dimensions in order for the laws of physics to work. So time isn’t a dimension.

Time can be measured like mass and gravity but time is a part of energy and matter.

On paper you can show one or two dimensions but they are mathematical constructs and not reality. Can the entire Universe be the 3rd dimension?

If you say yes then can you answer where did this 3rd dimension come from? Can you answer where is the dark matter that’s invisible? And can you explain what happens when the universe ends?

Even Einstein believed that the universe was static and unchanging until the expansion of the observable universe was measured. Then he added a cosmological constant to explain the expansion.

Other Dimensions

Other dimensions must exist in order to explain the structure of the universe. This is a simple idea that must be true. This allows us to explain where dark matter is and the evolution of matter and black holes.

The inflationary big bang reaction seems impossible but many scientists believe it. They say that in an instant of time the entire universe appeared from a speck and expanded to the size of the universe.

It’s absolutely impossible for that kind of an inflationary reaction. We need a new model of the universe that explains everything.

Another theory that seems false is that gravity distorts space and space tells objects where to move. That’s what Einstein came up with in his theory of General Relativity.  

When dimensions are understood everything will make sense.

The expansion of the universe happens because of black holes

Where is this Universe expanding

Most drawings show that the expansion shot out like a cannonball. This false assumption is wrong.  It’s time to understand the structure and shape of our universe.

The galaxies, stars and planets are on the curved surface of our expanding balloon universe (the 3rd dimension). But, the surface isn’t physical like a balloon.

As this invisible balloon expands we see that other galaxies appear to move away from us. It seems like a balloon analogy works as a description for the shape of our universe.

The power of gravity from dark matter continues to attract our visible dimension outward. This outward motion is partly into higher dimensions and partly an expansion inside our visible universe.

The false view that scientists have is that they are only thinking in one dimension, namely the 3rd Dimension. They must think in terms of four separate physical dimensions.

The Other Dimensions

The 3rd Dimension has less than 5% of the matter in this universe. Where is the invisible Dark matter except in other dimensions?

The obvious answer is that Black Holes are sending matter into other dimensions!

If the universe is flat as suggested by scientists then how does it transition into the 4th and 5th dimension. More importantly what is outside of the 3rd dimension that keeps the universe expanding like a sphere?

The only force in the visible universe is from the mass of matter and the Gravity that acts because of that mass.

The four physical dimensions are expanding inside a space that’s part of bigger non physical dimensions of creation.

All the physical energy and mass exist in the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th dimensions. The non physical dimensions are the source of the universe.

This drawing shows how energy entered into the 6th dimension of physicality then in one second arrived into the 3rd dimensions. After 13 billion years energy is moving into the higher dimensions where a Big Bang ends the physical Universe in the 6th dimension sending the total energy back to the non physical Source.

Is Time a Dimension

The simple truth is that time is not a dimension or a thing that can be stretched or distorted. The arrow of time moves only one way. You can’t reverse the frequency of matter in order  to reverse time.

Time and distance is measured by the speed of light but time is the system of movement. Without time nothing moves. The speed of light is constant for all observers of motion.

This means time is constant and unchanging because it’s part of light and all physical reactions.

Another false assumption is that according to Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity the force of gravity and the speed of movement changes time. This has been proven to be true but the proof is false.

Time doesn’t change, only the measure of time changes. Time is a constant that is part of the constant speed of light. The only thing we can do is measure time not change time.

Therefore, the clocks that are measuring time change but time does not change. The clocks are physical things which will give the wrong reading of time. However, time itself is a non physical aspect of matter. The speed of an object or the force of gravity doesn’t affect time.

I have demonstrated many false assumptions we have about the universe. It’s time that we try another approach that explains things better. I am writing a book that puts what I know into a possible theory of everything. I hope I succeed in explaining things correctly.

Key Takeaways  

  1. A new model of the universe is needed
  2. Numerous falsehoods exist
  3. Dimensions need to be understood
  4. Time is constant and isn’t a dimension
  5. My new theory of everything will be available soon

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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