Photons are Similar to Neutrinos

Photons are Similar to Neutrinos

Did the truth hurt in 2012 when they found that neutrinos have a small mass and travel at the speed of light. Previously it was assumed that neutrinos were massless. Neutrinos are created with electrons during nuclear reactions, photons are similar to neutrinos.  The neutrino has mass  and  it’s never at rest. Consider this, is the photon the only particle in the universe that is massless? I am continuing to prove that the photon has mass. Beware my journey to the truth might hurt…

The visible electromagnetic spectrum of photons

Neutrinos and Light

What are neutrinos and why are they  important? Neutrinos are fundamental particles that were formed in the first second of the Big Bang. They are continually produced in the nuclear reactions of stars such as our Sun.

It was assumed that they are massless and travel at the speed of light. But that all changed in 2012 when they discovered that they have a small mass. How can they travel at light speed?

Neutrinos have mass

Neutrinos are  strange particles. They were considered to be massless like photons. Then in 2015 the Nobel prize in physics was given to the work done in my hometown, Sudbury Ontario.

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory SNOLAB, is 2,000 meters underground. Here they solved  the case of the missing neutrinos. The question was, why is there a smaller amount of solar electron neutrinos at Earth than at the sun?

It was found  that neutrinos come in 3 different flavors and oscillate between types. That was enough proof to show that they must have a small mass.

Neutrino oscillations between 3 flavors as they travel at the speed of light

This was amazing, because these small particles come from the sun and change into different types as they are travelling to Earth. Another awesome fact is they travel at the speed of light and go right through the entire Earth without slowing down.

Gravity, Electrons and Light

An electron has mass but it’s a fundamental particle that does not have a gravity field. It has an electromagnetic field! Electrons are not attracted to other electrons because they lack gravity. And they are repelled by the similar negative charge of other electrons.

However, they are attracted to particles or matter that has a gravity field. Particles with gluons all have a gravity field. Such as, protons, neutrons, and all atoms. The force of gravity comes from the gluon interaction with quarks.

So quantum particles like electrons, neutrinos and even photons have mass. They do not have a gravity field, but they are attracted to gravity.

The Photoelectric Effect

In 1922 Albert Einstein received his Nobel prize in physics for his theory of the photoelectric effect. When a high enough frequency of light shines onto metal, electrons can be released to create a current of electricity. These electrons are called photoelectrons.

Because of this work he proved that light is made up of individual quanta of light called a photon. This is the smallest part of light. It is so small that you need at least 45 photons for the eye to register that it’s seeing light.

The frequency of the photons is the determining factor to release photoelectrons. It’s not the amplitude or intensity of light. Therefore, it proved that the quanta of light is a particle. This changed the understanding of scientists to say that light is a dual wave-particle.

However it also shows that light has momentum and a Relativistic Mass. That means we are closer to believing that light and all photons have passive gravitational mass. Photons will be attracted to gravity but not to other photons or electrons.

The Supercooled Rubidium experiment.

Proof that photons have a rest mass as well as momentum and relativistic mass.

Researchers pumped rubidium atoms into a vacuum tube and chilled them down almost to absolute zero.

Then they fired weak laser pulses to send photons into the cloud of cold atoms.

While passing through the cloud of rubidium the photons slowed down. When two photons were fired at the same time, they exited together, like a molecule.

That’s not all. When 3 photons  stuck together resembling an atom they measured a small mass. Another experiment actually stopped light for one entire minute.

This is proof that light has mass! How can a massless wave particle stop, combine with another wave and have a mass? Remember there is no momentum or kinetic energy present.

My take on this new information is that it proves individual photons are too small to register as mass. But, three on more photons together have mass.

Neutrinos are small particles that travel at the speed of light and have a small mass. Light and all photons must have a small mass.

Photons and Neutrinos can travel at Light Speed.

First, photons and neutrinos are small quanta that behave according to quantum mechanics. The theory of Relativity and classical physics pertains to the large world.

Electrons have mass and a wave orbital similar to a photon. The photon is already the “orbiting” the electron at light speed. When it is released by the electron it’s not subject to the law of relativity that says you can’t travel at light speed unless you are massless.

Second, the electron has mass but no gravity field. Only particles that have gluons have a gravity field. The photon and neutrino have no gravity field and only a small mass unless in a beam of light.  

Therefore, the photon and neutrino can continue at the speed ‘c’ they already had during their creation.

An Experiment to find the Photon Mass

Construct a mirror box that has near perfect reflecting walls. Install a fiber optic cable into the mirror box. Carefully weigh the box on a sensitive apparatus. Send photons into the box and see if it weighs more on a linear timeline.

The rubidium experiment has already weighed the photons, showing they have mass.

What does this new information mean

This changes everything in physics. It means that Einstein was wrong about his fabric spacetime theory of gravity.

It means light is attracted to the gravity of a large mass because it has mass.

I believe it means gravity comes from particles that have gluons. The graviton particle would not exist unless it’s a force field particle of gravity.

This new information proves why light travels at the speed of ‘c’. It explains where the photon gets its speed and electromagnetism. Furthermore, electrons are the source of photons and the source of electromagnetism.

Photons are real but also virtual fundamental particles because they don’t exist until electrons create them? Alone they are like atoms and they must be in large beams of light to register mass and energy.

I like to say photons are sparks of the electron and they will exist forever unless they hit another particle. Amazing what exists in the creation of our Universe.

Key Takeaways.

  1. The proof that neutrinos have mass supports the idea that photons have mass

  2. Electrons create photons with its electromagnetic field and speed

  3. The force of gravity comes from the gluon interaction with quarks.

  4. Electrons and photons have no gravity but they have passive mass

  5. Passive mass means they aren’t attracted to each other

  6. Experiments have shown that photons have rest mass

  7. Photons are small sparks of the electron

My Last Thoughts

This ends my truth that photons have mass.

If you resonate with this new information I want you to be on my tribe of followers. I would like to encourage your dreams and confirm your thoughts that science of light will show us the Ultimate Truth.

I care about you and hope you will join this journey into understanding science and light.

Your influence is greater than you can imagine!

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