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Degrees of Movement

Degrees of Movement 

9 Degrees of Movement

What are the different ways that matter can move in 3 dimensional space? When I talk about the degrees of movement or degrees of freedom I am speaking about motion. With so many ways to move I wonder why we call this the 3rd dimension, because there are many more directions within the 3 spatial directions.

Imagine how matter moves during an explosion

I want to call our observable universe by another name. Perhaps the first level of existence which is the densest volume of space?

Matter comes in 4 different properties, solid, liquid, gas and plasma. You might be surprised that the most common form of matter is the plasma state that stars are made of. 

How many different ways can matter move within our dimension of the universe? Most people think of the 3 spatial directions as the 3 ways that describe movement in a 3 dimensional space. But each time energy changes shape it goes past a phase transition.

Movement into the 3rd Dimension 

Let’s look at the movement of matter as it entered our dimension during the big bang. The obvious first movement was energy entering the Universe. This counts as matter because of the equivalence between energy and mass.

The second way that energy moved was during the creation of quarks and electrons into matter and antimatter. The plasma soup of matter was able to move in the 3 spatial directions as well as 2 different spins. 

The antimatter plasma moved into its own dimension as a kind of parallel universe. These dimensions are entangled as twin dimensions with opposite types of energy such as spin or charge parity.

Energy moves into the Universe as 2 separate dimensions that are entangled. In this drawing the universe has 3 normal levels of energy and one high energy level in the 6th dimension. Energy enters the 6th and leaves the 6th level again back to the Source.

That’s a lot of motion and things are just starting to happen in the first level of the Universe. 

A single point particle is invisibly small yet it’s free to move in 3 spatial directions and 2 different rotations. 

The particle can move forward/backward, up/down, left/right in 3 axes combined with rotation around the 3 axes referred to as pitch, yaw and roll. It’s location at any moment is dependent on time. 

If you have seen stunt flying planes then you can imagine the 3 types of spin called, pitch, yaw and roll.

Structure of Energy Levels

OK, let’s rock n roll in the first level of physical matter. We call this the 3rd dimension but it’s only the first level. Think about any organization or country and you see many levels of business, politics, sports, finances, music, local government, provincial and federal etc…

Why would the Universe be any different. The Universe must have many levels of organization and structure just like any country, let alone a planet. 

With so many ways for matter to move there is no need of more freedom.  What other way can matter move? Maybe there is no other movement allowed in our 3rd dimension or 1st level in the Universe. 

Higher Levels of Movement 

Nikola Tesla said “To understand the universe study energy, vibrations and frequency.”

Consider that the speed of light is the ultimate speed limit in the Universe. What if the Universe has other levels of existence? And what if the speed of light is higher in a higher level of the Universe?

That means that light and quantum mechanics operates at a higher frequency. Furthermore, that means that other dimensions would exist in a higher frequency space or level. 

However, that doesn’t mean that matter has more degrees of movement, it means that matter is in a higher vibrational state and moves with a faster speed and more energy. 

String Theory and M Theory make the mistake of trying to put extra dimensions into the 3rd dimension which is the lowest level of the universe.

A perfect example is the source level that created the Universe. The higher level of energy could mean that the source level is non physical at a higher frequency than matter. 

For instance, our normal level of matter gradually increases in vibrational frequency from solid to liquid to gas and finally plasma. During the big bang the energy frequency decreased from plasma, to gas, to liquid, to solid. Each change of state involves a phase transition.

Can you imagine that higher frequencies are possible in other levels of the Universe. 

Black Holes are responsible for moving energy away from our dimension into higher levels of the Universe. Dark Matter is inside a higher frequency level.

Other Dimensions Exist 

Dimensions are tools to create the Universe (Erik Lovin)

The truth is obvious that other levels of the Universe exist. We have another example of higher frequency matter that is in a high frequency level. Dark matter is invisible to our level in the so called 3rd dimension.

Black holes attract normal matter into a region of the universe that is hidden from view. What happens to matter inside the millions of black holes.

We know that our level in the Universe has only about 5% of the entire matter that came into the universe. Where is the missing matter? 

The force of gravity is so strong inside black holes that matter must exist in a higher frequency state. But, since we can’t find any of that matter we have called it Dark Matter.

Imagine that matter inside black holes has enough energy to go past a phase transition into a higher level of the Universe. That matter has left our level because we only have 5% left. 

It must be in a higher frequency level where we can still feel the strong gravity pulling us closer to that level. 

How many Dimensions in the Universe 

Without a doubt I know there are many levels of energy in the Universe. I showed you that we have a source level and a dark matter level but there are even more. My estimate is that there are 4 physical levels and 5 non physical levels. Perhaps each level has 7 sub levels?

That would mean that the movement of energy has many more steps on its way back to the ultimate Source level. The last level of physical matter is a bridge to the non physical levels.

I named this article, the 9 Degrees of Movement because of the 9 different levels (dimensions) of energy.  However, there and many degrees of movement that I haven’t uncovered.

Perhaps you can think of other ways that energy and mass can move. The level between the 6th and 7th dimensions is a special area that will experience the reverse of the Big Bang. All matter and energy will react with the antimatter level and the annihilation of matter ends the visible Universe. 

The Law of Conservation of Energy is fulfilled as all energy is returned to the Source. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Energy moves from plasma to gas to liquid to solid as it gets more dense.

  2. Besides the 3 spatial directions energy has spin in 3 different rotations

  3. Between each energy state there is a frequency barrier or phase transition

  4. The Universe has 9 different levels of energy

  5. Dark matter and the source level are 2 examples of different levels

  6. Black Holes convert matter past a phase transition into a higher frequency level

  7. A phase transition between the 6th and 7th dimension ends the visible universe

  8. The conservation laws of energy are fulfilled and another universe can start

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