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What is the Fabric of Space-time?

What is the Fabric of Space-Time?

Einstein’s Fabric of Space-Time

What is the Fabric of Space-Time? This popular myth comes from Einstein when he postulated that gravity in space was not a force but a distortion of space. He was trying to invent a scientific reason why light curves around the sun. Einstein’s assumption was that light being a dual wave-particle had no mass. If it had no mass why was light attracted to gravity? The media has lately written many articles calling spacetime a fabric. Einstein called it a distortion of space caused by large astronomical objects such as stars. Now the media has everyone calling space-time a fabric. A curvature of the fabric of space-time as the cause of gravity. What nonsense!

Curved lines of space-time pulling your mass into the center of Earth??

Einstein’s Blunder

In order to have a theory of Gravity Einstein came up with an idea of a distortion in spacetime. His theory was that large objects in space distort spacetime, so this distortion curves light around stars.

The truth is that large objects such as stars have a Gravity force field around them. On Earth this force field is like the Magnetic field that protects us from Cosmic Rays. Our Gravity field holds us to the Earth not by a curvature of space but by the force of gravity. The moon is also attracted to our gravity field or else it would speed away into the sun.

If Einstein would have postulated that light has mass or at least Relativity mass he wouldn’t have had to invent this crazy idea of distortion. The only distortion gravity makes is a force of attraction. Not like a well that you can fall into but like spiderman's sticky threads keeping us grounded.

Also ask Einstein, why did he also come up with the graviton as a particle or wave to explain gravity? These are 2 conflicting theories. One is a distortion of space and the other one is a ray that propagates like light.

The Ultimate Proof- What is Space-Time?

The scientific knowledge of the Universe is distorted by the lack of critical thinking outside the box. The belief is that the entire Universe is the visible universe. Scientists have tunnel vision because they can only believe what they can see and touch with experiments.

Yet, they don’t realize that they allow themselves to believe the visible universe lives in an invisible fabric that is curved in order to allow gravity to work. It sounds preposterous yet that is the scientific belief.

Let’s put the theory of ‘curved fabric’ of SpaceTime to rest. First of all, what is Space? When the Big Bang created the Universe where did it come from and what did it go into?

Namely, that it must have come from outside of our Universe. We are living inside this space but what dimension or container are we in?

My theory is that the Universe has many dimensions. Superstring theory says there must be 9 or 11 dimensions that make up the Universe. Since the Big Bang created the universe it must have come from one of the other dimensions.

We have measured that our visible universe only has about 4% of the mass in the universe. The rest of the matter must be in another dimension. This isn’t hard to understand.

Our Bubble inside Space

I often use the analogy that the visible universe is like an expanding balloon. Imagine we are on the surface of the balloon and inside this balloon is empty space. You can think of the Big Bang blowing up the balloon from the center of it and it keeps expanding. We live in the 3rd dimension as we are heading into the 4th dimension and beyond.

Scientists believe that the 3rd dimension is the only dimension. They have added time as the 4th dimension. Time isn’t a dimension because time is a universal measurement that allows life and movement into our universe that we use in our vehicle, Mother Earth.

Where is our visible universe balloon floating? What is outside of the “fabric of spacetime” or visible universe? Is there a boundary or just more space into infinity? Think about an onion that has many layers each one separated by a membrane from the other layers.

This onion represents the entire Universe, the 3rd, 4th. 5th and 6th dimensions are physical dimensions created by the Big Bang and the 5 higher dimensions are non physical and the Source of our Universe.

The 3rd dimension is inside the middle of the onion and it is surrounded by other larger layers. Imagine the 4th dimension is a bigger balloon around the 3rd dimension. Then another balloon surrounds the 4th dimension and into the 6th dimension. Then the balloons stop! How do we enter into the bigger balloons and what is outside of the 6th dimension balloon?

When one balloon expands into the next balloon it gets swallowed up to be inside the next higher frequency balloon.The membranes separating dimensions are not balloon surfaces, they are phase transitions into higher frequencies.

A phase transition occurs when matter changes composition and vibrations. Common examples are when ice changes into water or vapor.

The strong gravity inside black holes converts matter into higher vibrations. Black Holes move that matter into the next higher dimensions.

What is outside of the large 6th dimension? The question means where does the balloon end and what is on the other side of the 6th dimension? I call the area outside of the universe the nothingness of Absolute Space.

The 6th dimension is the last physical dimension, so after that dimensions are non physical.

The non physical is impossible to describe. What is non physical? What is the boundary separating the real from the invisible. I believe it is consciousness.

In this consciousness everything is pure energy. Energy without mass. The laws of physics are different and in the final dimension is Source. We have labelled this as God, and there is nothing beyond this level.

There you have the fabric of space and time in a nutshell.

The Key Takeaways are:

  1. The Fabric of Space-time is a falsehood

  2. The visible universe only has about 4% of the matter and energy of the total Universe.

  3. The Universe has up to 11 dimensions.

  4. Black Holes move matter into higher frequencies.

  5. Dark Matter is in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

  6. Consciousness comes from the Source Dimension.

  7. Gravitons are not real, gravity is real

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