What is Space inside the Universe

What is Space inside the Universe 

What is Space 

What is space in the universe? Is space something or nothing? How big is space? During the Big bang the universe was created (happened) so what was there before the universe? Space has been called the Final frontier which implies that space is a thing. In order to make popcorn, first you need to have a container for it. The same thing when making a universe. 

Before the Big bang and before inflation there must be a container to hold the universe. For now let’s not talk about where or how the universe appeared. 

What is space that contains the universe?

The common misconception is that space is nothing. Space is a thing that can bend and expand and contains everything in the universe.

Imagine a balloon and you can call the helium inside the balloon as the space and the balloon’s surface as the container for the universe.

The balloon (container) must have been ready to accept the universe before the Big bang. 

I often hear questions such as, how did the universe come from nothing. This kind of thinking is totally wrong. Nothing is one of those words we misuse all the time. 

What are you doing? Answers, nothing. How much did it cost? Answers, nothing. Oh you mean it was free… See how we misuse the word nothing.

Nothing doesn’t exist if you are talking about something. Mathematically the number zero is nothing which means an imaginary number such as an infinity. 

The size of Infinity

I hear people talk about space being infinite and that space is expanding into infinity. First of all, an infinite thing can’t become bigger or smaller. The meaning of infinity is that it can’t be measured quantitatively. 

If the universe is expanding it can’t be infinite. Was it less than infinite before and now it’s more infinite? 

As a matter of fact only “nothing” is infinite in the universe and the only thing that's nothing is the zero in math. 

I said let’s not talk about what happened before the Big bang but speaking of infinite things there is only one thing that’s infinite and that’s the energy of source (God).

As we now know there is nothing more infinite than infinity. There is nothing beyond God because God is the only infinite thing that exists. 

Every infinite value in mathematics is an imaginary amount that doesn’t exist in reality. 

The Space of our Container

The universe consists of 4 things, energy, matter, space and the container holding the universe.

The imaginary inflation of the universe is usually shown as a flat expansion of matter coming from a singularity into the present flat shaped universe.

This model ignores the fact that the universe needs a container. They just assume that space is infinite and has always existed. That’s 3 strikes against that theory. 

Space is a thing, it’s not infinite and it hasn’t always existed, just like the universe hasn’t always existed. 

Timeline of an expanding universe.

Because the universe is expanding it’s difficult to draw a diagram showing how the universe grew to this size and how its expanding to a bigger size.

I hope that the reader understands that the diagram used to illustrate the timeline expansion rate isn’t what the universe’s shape looks like. 

However the current drawing represents the fact that the universe is growing.

The Container of our Space 

Why does conventional science make the mistake of misunderstanding the composition of the universe?

One of Einstein's biggest achievements was showing us that there is an equivalence between energy and matter. His famous equation is known everywhere, E=mc^2. 

The universe was created at the Big bang event when energy was pushed into the container of space that holds our universe. 

This energy wheel shows how matter and antimatter move during the life of the Universe.

The photon radiation energy can’t go into nothingness because nothingness isn’t real. It had to go into something that could accept the energy.

I believe that nothingness does exist outside of the universe in an abstract way, namely as a non physical, non energy state without time. 

However, in order to put something such as a universe into that nothingness it must be inside a container that houses the universe. 

This container can expand since there is nothing to stop the expansion (except the properties inside the container itself).

A perfect analogy is a balloon filled with helium. The balloon expands easily into the surrounding air. The balloon is the container and helium in the balloon is the space.

On Earth I can imagine that the air around our planet is our space for life held in a container known as the atmosphere. For a fish the water is its space for life and its container is a lake or ocean.

Space is the medium for life in our universe on a large scale and the container for space is the balloon called our universe. 

The area outside of space is the nothingness of a non physical realm. 

The Dimensions of our Container 

I know what you're thinking...how can the universe (our container) continue to expand forever. The answer is it doesn’t.

The universe only has the same amount of energy and matter that it had during the Big bang event. The container of the universe holds the same amount no matter how big it gets.

Furthermore, the expansion of space is limited by the amount of matter/energy. Since the expansion is into nothingness there is no physical limit on the size of our balloon. 

The space in the universe expands into the 7th dimension.

Try to imagine a balloon getting too big until it finally explodes. This is a good analogy to the balloon of the universe because there must be an end to the life of a universe. 

The universe can not last for eternity or an infinite amount of time. I already discussed the fact that there are no infinities (time included) in a physical universe.

The only infinite thing is the infinite energy of our source (God). And there is no thing, not anything that is beyond this energy. 

There you have the universe in a nutshell. The inside is our dimension of life and the shell is the container for the nuts, including you and me (smile here).

Today I am not talking about the other dimensions. 

There is the dimension that pushed energy into the universe. There is the dimension that is non physical where the universe floats and there are the other dimensions inside the nut. 

I trust that my readers understood what I was saying, that the universe has 4 parts (energy, matter, space and container) and also many dimensions.

I hope my theoretical explanation of physics and cosmology is giving you the sense of amazement and adventure that I have. I am always looking for the ultimate truth that makes the universe work. Please, join me as we travel in this evolution of science. Subscribe to my posts for the latest news. Thanks for your time and as always be well. https://lovinthings.com 

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