Changing the World One Person at a Time

Famous People Like You 

Changing the World 

You probably have a lot of ideas to make things better according to your personal taste. But, people that change the world are rare and often hidden away from news makers. Off the top of my head there’s Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and our favorite Albert Einstein. 

I had always thought that one person can’t change the world but there is a new example of 16 year old Greta Thunberg from Sweden. 

Greta says let’s all strike for global warming

Have you heard of her starting school strikes to bring awareness to global warming. On Friday September 27th 2019 she was in Montreal with 500,000 people marching in the city. 

Greta Thunburg has 2,324,621 following her on Facebook. How can you make a difference?

Transforming Your Inner Self 

Before you can start anything you need a goal but before that you need a reality check on yourself. 

Talk to yourself and ask your self what are your beliefs about, what makes you interested in things. What bugs you about life? What would you change if you had a mind to?

Dig deep into your belief system. Are you deeply religious? Are you a social animal or a private type of person? 

If you had to, would you change your beliefs if you saw a better way or saw problems with the old school values.

Honesty is the only way. Be critically honest with your beliefs and values. Then stand tall and be that ideal person you want to be.

How to change is different for each person and the difficulty is in your beliefs more than in your mind.

Transforming your Beliefs 

As you start to identify the beliefs that are holding you stuck your journey begins.

Start building the vision of your new goal and slowly replace your old beliefs with your new vision.

You will begin to notice your levels of happiness increase and you wonder if you can do more to help humanity during this evolutionary change. 

Remember to be happy with who you are at each step of your journey. Let your vision guide you but stay happy during the entire transformation. 

Your happiness increases the rate of your transformation. To help you stay the course use gratitude as a daily practice. Be grateful with anything that helps you along the way. 

Let go of anything that negatively affects you and release it from your mind gently with your inner smile. 

Learn to use forgiveness as a tool to remain unattached to negative things or situations. When you are comfortable start using the transforming tool of giving. 

Giving kindness and helping others gives you more happiness in return. It’s the law of attraction working for you in positive ways. 

Becoming Extraordinary 

Notice that your dreams and goals are aligned to your new vision. You will feel more confident about reaching higher goals. 

This is a good time to skip small steps and just focus on your end goal. What is the main purpose and goal that you want to reach? 

This kind of thinking keeps you focused on the one thing that you really want. 

Minds that are extraordinary are fueled by a calling to change the world somehow. They create new ideas and models that shake the established ways of thinking. 

The mad scientist’s world of discovery

Steps to a Life of Meaning 

Your life changes into an extraordinary person during an evolutionary journey. 

First you must  rise above fear into a state of being at peace with yourself. 

Your feelings of happiness and love will come from within you and the judgement of others won’t affect you.

Identify your End Goal. Focus on your end goal so that obstacles are just steps to walk around towards your main goal. 

The best thing is to just start. The journey of a lifetime never stops - the more you do the more the universe will support you.

Let your intuition help you along the way. Don’t worry about How you will do it? Focus on the goal and why it matters.

Follow your calling to change the world is what matters. It might feel like work but the more you work, the more it feels like play.

Who doesn’t want to play and get paid at the same time, just do it, do it, do it, do it….. 

My disclaimer is that not everyone is going to be a world changer but that’s not the end goal.

Your end goal is to show the world your contribution. The one thing you have that no one else has is waiting to be discovered.  

Find your hidden treasure and start your end game. 

My goal is to help you with your search for ultimate truths. I want to help people find answers to questions as we journey in this evolutionary life.  https://lovinthings.com 

About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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