The True Nature of Time and Gravity

The True Nature of Time and Gravity

Starts with a Bang

The Big Bang is our beginning of Time. It wasn’t really an explosion but more like a push of energy. If you are familiar with the X-men stories and movies you have seen what a push of energy looks like. It appears like an invisible energy that can cause a lot of force .

Light enters during the big bang and brings time into the Universe

Gravity is like Time

When the big bang started it was the start of our beginning of time. During that moment light entered bringing time with it. Can you imagine light entering a dimension of nothingness, an absence of time and space. Too late, you’ve already thought of something!

You see the light had time with it because time is absent in nothingness. Light is never stationary, it’s always moving at the speed of light “c”. Light and time exist together.

When light turned into matter it brought gravity to the universe. Without light, gravity would not exist and without gravity the universe wouldn’t exist.

The Similarities of Energy

The energy of the big bang came into the universe at the speed of light. Light brought in time with the constant speed of light. Since the speed of light is unchanging (invariant) then time itself is also invariant. These energies are linked together at the moment of creation.

I said at the moment of creation but the universe moves with evolution. These 2 energies are 2 sides of the same coin. When one creates the other evolves.

When light created matter in the big bang gravity was soon created. Gravity is a lot like time because we experience it every moment just like time.  Earth gravity is a constant that varies only slightly from mountaintop to the deepest valley. It has a value of g = 9.8 meters per second per second.

As you can see from the equation the force of gravity is related to time and time is related to the speed of light. Therefore, Light, Time and Gravity are all interconnected with the Energy that created the Universe.

You can’t see, touch or weigh them. They are the invisible energies that created the universe. We can measure them but measuring them doesn’t tell us anything about time itself or of gravity.

We can measure time and gravity but we don’t know what creates them or where they come from

What is Time and Gravity

So, if we can’t use our 5 senses to understand time and gravity how do we know they are real physical things. You see, the universe is a physical thing but it seems to have these 2 non physical things.

The only way we can experience them is by feeling the effects they manifest. We certainly know what it feels like to fall down and get hurt. Time is also felt by our body as a lack of sleep or the stomach saying it’s hungry and time to eat.

In trying to explain time and gravity I feel a bit lost in my understanding. It seems like time and gravity are aspects of matter. If a particle of matter exists in the universe it has time and gravity.

An atom or molecule has vibrations as cycles per second and it has mass which has a force of gravity.

Time, Gravity and Matter

When matter moves it has a force of momentum. But, when matter moves at or near the speed of light we notice the common bond it has with light and time.

Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity says that matter will gain mass to an infinite amount and the time of its vibrations slows down. As a matter of fact at light speed time stops and the mass is infinite.

Since these are impossible outcomes what is actually happening? Physics is saying that matter cannot move at the speed of light. Or that any particle that has gravity cannot move at the speed of light.

Since light has no gravity it’s free to travel at light speed. However, a proton has gravity so it can’t travel at light speed. This means that any particle that has quarks/gluons has a speed limit less than the speed of light.

Gravity works with time and attracts the apple to Earth at 9.8 meters per second per second

Is Time Constant or Relative

In conclusion, time and gravity are non physical aspects of matter. The speed of light is invariant so therefore, time is invariant. Time doesn’t change and it only flows forward.

But, physical things change if matter accelerates towards the speed of light. The mass of matter will increase because the gluon strong nuclear force increases to hold matter together. The quark-gluon bond energy increase translates into more mass.

The same effect happens to the matter inside the clock. It will start to slow down the physical time keeping of a clock because matter gets flattened and more massive. But, time itself doesn’t change or the universe would be a rather unreliable place indeed.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Big Bang started when light brought in Time.

  2. Shortly after light created gravity

  3. The speed of light is invariant therefore time is invariant

  4. Gravity and time are non physical aspects of matter

  5. Relativity affects the mass of matter travelling near the speed of light

  6. This affects the time keeping of clocks

  7. Time is constant and unchanging

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