The Measure of Time

Measure of Time

We can measure time and we can experience time. We can look at the time of day and plan a future event. But, what is time? What would you say? Could we time travel, is time relative or constant and what time is it now?

Time is a gift from the Gods that provides animation for life”

What is Time?

My answer is that time prevents everything from happening at once and allows things to happen. But seriously, time is a quality of matter that can be measured. However, it’s not physical and measuring time tells us nothing about time itself.

The truth is that time exists so light and matter can vibrate. Light must have a frequency and wavelength to move. Let there be light and the big bang appeared...

Did time exist before the big bang? We can only measure what we can see or experience. Therefore, time before the big bang didn’t exist for us, yet, it must have existed with all the other laws of physics before the Universe started.

Time began in the universe when light entered during the big bang. Therefore, time is related to the frequency or speed of light.

A constant is the speed of light, so the frequency of light times the wavelength is always equal to the speed of light. Something in the relationship of light and time is the meaning of time or at least the measure of time.

Since the speed of light is invariant then time itself is invariant (unchanging). But, physical things that contain protons and electrons will be affected by the speed of light.

Physical things will gain more mass and slow down the rate of molecular frequencies near the speed of light. This could mean that at fast speeds you will age slower than a person on Earth.

My question is does the body age slower when it has more mass and all body functions slow down? Does a person age by the number of heart beats? If time is invariant what governs the aging process? How slow can your heart beat before you die?

We don’t have the objective answers and we may never travel at speeds that would make any difference to your lifespan?

We experience time every day but without a frame of reference we don’t know what time it is. Imagine being shipwrecked on an island and scratching lines to mark off the number of days.

Measuring Time

The only way to measure time is to use a tool such as a clock, watch or digital device. For longer times we can count the days by the number of sunsets or full moons. For short times we can use a stopwatch, or an accurate digital device.

Measured time only tells us a quantity of time but not anything about time. Usually that’s all we want to know so we can plan our events by time management.

When it comes to measuring quantum fluctuations and very short durations of time, scientists use an atomic clock.

Time in physics

We have created Earth time according to the length of time it takes the Earth (one year) to rotate and travel around the Sun. Every 4 years (leap year) we add one day to correct the duration of the year as 365 days.

Our time makes no sense to someone in another part of the solar system or our Galaxy. Perhaps, the exact moment that the big bang happened could be the Absolute Universal Time for anywhere in the universe.

A digital clock uses the frequency of quartz crystals for near accurate time. An atomic clock uses atoms to make clocks that are accurate up to one second in a billion years.

Standard time of one second is when the Cesium 133 atom has completed 9,192,631,770 cycles. To be accurate it must be at a certain temperature and standard gravity.

On another planet a scientist might calibrate the second as 9,192,631,111 cycles? Earth time is only relevant on Earth.

Time is not a Dimension

Dimensions consist of 3 spatial distances or sizes. Time is not a property of matter but matter has a property of time called its rate of vibration.

All matter including light has a certain frequency which is defined as cycles per second. The frequency of visible light is around 430-770 THz.

Einstein’s popular theory of spacetime is based on a false idea that spacetime is like a fabric that can be distorted by gravity. Einstein tried to combine space and time in a way that they are affected by gravity / speed that an object is experiencing.

Because Einstein didn’t understand gravity (we still don’t know what it is) he came up with a simple idea that gravity is not a force but a distortion of spacetime. His simple solution has turned into a complex dimension of space full of distortions. My theory of gravity is here.

The simple truth is that time is not a dimension or a thing that can be stretched or distorted. The arrow of time moves only one way. You can’t reverse the frequency of matter in order  to reverse time.

What is a Dimension

A dimension is a description of matter. Dimensions are the size or location of an object in space. Each location in space has the same 3 spatial qualities in order to locate an object .

The 3rd dimension is the space that the observable universe is inside.  People have started using spacetime which includes the time that an object is at a place inside the 3rd dimension.

The result is we get 4 dimensions inside of the 3rd dimension, 3 spatial and one of time. It’s not good when we are calling the 3rd dimension the 4th dimension.  The 4th dimension is actually another one of the dimensions in this universe.

Our 3rd dimension is moving into the 4th and 5th dimensions during the evolution of the Universe. A Big Bang into the 7th dimension ends the Universe.

Quantum Time

Quantum vibrations and fluctuations take place in unbelievable small amounts of time. The measurement of such small times are accomplished by atomic clocks.

For instance, many particles such as antimatter particles have a very short life and are measured on a graph with the speed of light.  

The smallest measure of time is Planck Time which is the time it takes light to travel one Planck Length, equal to 10^-43 seconds.

One Planck time was the first quantum fluctuation event of the big bang.

Relativity Time

In a much larger scale, time seems to slow down when an object moves close to the speed of light. Time dilation is the amount of time that changes during the accelerating speed compared to a stationary object’s time.

Another Relativity effect is gravitational mass change. If an object is in a stronger gravity field time will also go slower.

I strongly believe that the the effects of Einstein’s relativity only affect objects and not time itself. The experimental evidence proves that this time change is correct but time itself is non physical and not affected by motion or gravity.

Consider that time is a non physical aspect and the speed of light is invariant (unchanging). Which makes me believe that the effect on time is purely a physical effect on the timekeeping system. Do we have real evidence other than what the clock says?

The GPS System of Time

The GPS system has 24 satellites orbiting Earth. Relativity and time dilation adjustments are performed daily to compensate the time difference from clocks on Earth.

The difference in speed causes the satellite time to go slower by 7 microseconds daily and due to the smaller gravitaional force in space the time goes faster by 45 microseconds. Therefore the time is adjusted by 38 microseconds daily for each satellite.

Measure Distances with Time

We use distance to measure time and time to measure distance. The smallest distance in a physical world is the Planck length. It is the time (10^-43 seconds) that light travels 1.616229 x 10^-35 meters.

If you know one value you can calculate the other value. To measure distances in space we use the light year as the distance light travels in one year. The light year is 9.4607 x 10^12 kilometers. Read more about gravity here.

That’s all the time I have for now…

Summary of Time:

  1. Time is the non physical force that governs the speed of light

  2. Measuring time tells us nothing about time itself

  3. The standard definition of time is the vibration of Cesium 133 in one second

  4. Time is not a dimension or a product of the physical world

  5. The measure of time slows down the faster an object moves

  6. The measure of time goes faster in a weak gravity field

  7. Time is invariant and the speed of light is invariant

  8. Time is constant and only moves in a forward direction

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