The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life

Time in your life is the most discussed subject lately. People think that time is something that happens to them. Many even believe that time travel is possible. 

They believe that time moves the universe and their lives, namely, that time makes them older. 

It takes time to read this. It takes time to walk to the bus stop. It takes time for my heart to pump blood. How long does it take to walk to the store, and what time does it open? 

How do we experience time? Things like clocks don’t experience time, and photons don’t experience time. 

Humans experience time with the beating of their hearts. 

We call the measurement of motion an amount of time. Your heart beats at 72 times per minute, and this number (72) is a measurement of the beating of your heart. 

Your heart is the source of the motion, and it doesn’t experience time. You are the one who is experiencing time, and more accurately, the motion of your heart. 

Where does time fit into your beating heart? Is the motion of your heart time? Is the experience of living time? Is the number 72 beats per minute time? No, no, and no. 

Time is the measurement of motion (72 beats). We measure movement and events with a clock which is a timekeeping tool. 

The clock ticks at the rate of 86,400 seconds each day, and we use these seconds to measure events or a motion and keep track of the day (the position of the earth). 

Time is the number on a clock or the measurement of a motion or event. But time is not the event or the spinning earth or your beating heart. 

We use a tool to measure motion, but the measurement isn’t the motion. The measurement of motion is a number, and numbers are not real things. 

The motion that we measure is the real power that we experience. 

We experience the motion of the earth, the movement of our heart, and time is a measurement of the motion that we experience.

When your beating heart stops, your time ends, and the measurement of your age is the number of years you lived. 

However, it’s not the number of years that killed you. It’s the motion of your beating heart that stopped. 

You don’t die because of time you die if the motion of your heart stops. What is more natural, your beating heart or the clock’s ticking? 

The motion of the universe causes things to move, and we use time (clocks) to measure the motion. 

What Would Happen if Time Stops? Will Spacetime Stop?

Spacetime is a metric, and time is a metric. Numbers aren’t real things, so we can say that a number is only a measurement of something. 

In this example, time is a measurement of motion, and we experience the motion of the earth as it revolves around its axis each day. 

Time doesn’t have to exist for a motion to move, but if we want to measure an event or an activity, we need a measurement system. 

Time is our motion measuring system using clocks to keep track of the earth’s motion and events.

You could say that time isn’t real because it’s only a measurement of something real.

 However, we have learned to talk about time as if it’s something that happens to us and as if it can cause things to happen. 

But time is a number on the clock that shows us the time of day as a measurement of our planet’s position. 

It tells us where the sun is in relation to our position. But time isn’t the motion or the events happening. Time is our way of keeping track of our events. 

We are fooled into believing that time is a real thing that causes things to happen. 

Time is a measurement of things happening, but time is not the motion or the event we are doing.

It takes “time” to get used to this new meaning of time. We should think about time in a new way, and slowly we will know time is a measurement instead of controlling us.

Time should not control our thoughts and actions. We are in charge of our actions and thoughts, and thus the time must be in our control. 

Free your mind from the control that time has on you. Make your choices and actions based on your purpose and goals and let the time follow you instead of following the time.

I am only sharing the facts as I see them and connecting the dots.

You can draw your conclusions. 

Thanks for spending some of your precious time with me. As always, be well, and if you like to read some more of my thoughts, visit https://lovinthings.com/ 

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