FAQ About Time Answered

FAQ About Time Answered

Time is on many people’s minds, and I think it’s more so during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the questions I see are about time travel and time dilation. I have answered many of these questions this week, and here are some of my answers. 

What Branch of Physics Deals with Time?

Time is a human invention based on the 86,400 seconds of duration in each day on earth. 

The earth spins around its axis each day and orbits the sun in one year. We have invented time to document this motion and to measure the speed of motion. 

Time is our way of measuring motion. A measurement is the number of seconds of an event, but numbers are not real. The motion that we measure is real. 

Science has no fundamental definition of time without using our earth’s system of time. 

We don’t know what causes the motion of the universe or Earth, for that matter. 

All we can do is measure the motion and say that the measurement is time.

A clocksmith is a person who repairs clocks and watches and a horologist builds clocks.

Time is involved in every branch of physics and in everything we do on Earth. But always remember that time is only a measurement of our motion on earth. 

Does Time move slower when we move faster?

Time doesn’t move or do anything else. Time is a number on a time-keeping tool, like a watch or clock. 

The numbers keep moving at a constant rate unless the environment changes in temperature or gravity. 

Time is a motion measuring system based on the motion of the earth. Clocks tick at the same rate of 86,400 seconds each day. 

Thus, clocks help us keep track of the day to do things at the correct “time” of the day.

You are confusing time with motion. Time is the measurement of a motion or event.

The duration consists of the start and end of an event. 

Daylight starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. The duration of daylight depends on the season and location where you are.

To keep track of the day, we use clocks that tick 86,400 seconds every day.

But the time on the clock is just a number that lets us know how many seconds have been counted during the day. Therefore, time is a measurement based on the motion of the earth. 

The numbers on a clock have no power to change anything. The only thing the numbers of time (clocks) do is to keep ticking at the rate of 86,400 seconds each day.

If you can grasp this simple fact, you must realize that time travel is impossible because time is only a measurement of motion using numbers. 

The real power is in motion. We travel with motion, and we measure our travel time with a clock. 

Yes, you are travelling in motion every second of the day. Motion travel is what we do but don’t forget to bring your watch.

Do We Travel in Time?

Nothing and no one travels in time or with time. Time is a measurement of motion as measured with a clock. 

Time is a number on your watch or another tool. Time does nothing except show you what the time is at your location on earth. 

Time is a moment in the motion of our planet. We travel with the moments of motion of our planet.

Things can not move without motion, and time is a measurement of motion. 

 We have all been fooled into thinking that time is what causes everything to happen. 

 Time is only the measurement of something that is happening. Time is based on our planet’s rotation, and we call the measurement of that motion Time. 

 But Time is the measurement! Time is not the motion! 

 Can we Isolate the Field of Time from the Field of Space?

 Time is not a field or a dimension or anything except the time (number) showing on a clock or other time-keeping tool. 

Time is a measurement of an event that has motion, and even atoms have motion. 

Time isn’t a real thing. Time is a number, and spacetime is also a metric (number) and not real. 

But the motion that is happening is real and real things such as clocks are subject to the force of gravity, frequency, temperature, and pressure.

We don’t travel in time or interact with time. We travel with the motion of our planet and we look at our clock to see the time at a certain moment. 

When we travel, time doesn’t get us to another place. It was the motion we took within the motion of our planet. 

Time is a measurement of the motion of an event. We noted the time when we left and when we arrived, but time didn’t do anything to get us there. 

It was the motion of our feet, the motion of the car, within the motion of the earth.

To answer your question, yes, time is separate from the dimension of space. 

 Space doesn’t have time. Space is full of motion. Time is just the measurement of motion in space. 

 The universe moves with its motion, and time is our way of measuring that motion. 

 If our time-keeping clock moves or is subject to gravity or any other force, then the time (numbers) on the clock will change and be inaccurate. 

 This is known as time dilation, but that time has no power or energy to do anything except to show a wrong time. 

 Time dilation cannot make you younger or make it possible to time travel into the future.

 Sorry to take away all your dreams of time travel. Try to understand that time is a number, a measurement of a motion is time. The motion is real, but numbers aren’t real.

 Why does Time Flow Slower in Stronger Gravity?

Time does not flow or move or have any physical properties. Time is a number on a clock, and numbers are not real. 

 Numbers on a clock show the time at the moment you look at the time (clock.) 

 Why does the correct time on a clock change in stronger gravity? 

 Clocks are physical things, and thus, they are subject to the force of gravity. 

 A mechanical or atomic clock’s time changes when gravity makes it harder to move physically. 

 In the atomic clock, the frequency of quarks changes and the quantum chromodynamics of motion slows down, giving a false reading on the clock. 

 This is called time dilation, and the number on the clock is false compared to a reference clock that’s not experiencing the same force. 

 Similarly, if you go to a planet with twice the earth’s gravity, you will have difficulty moving because of the intense gravity. 

 Thanks for spending time with me. And as always be well.

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