Saving Time Spending Time

Saving Time Spending Time

Today is March 14th, 2021 and the start of daylight saving time in Canada. How can we save time and spend more time in daylight? 

Do we know what time it is, and do we know what time is? These are two questions that most people can’t answer. This is why. 

I have been thinking about time for a long time, and I just used the word time four times in one sentence. The problem is that we don’t understand what time is. 

Time seems personal because we organize our day and our time with the things that we do.

We prioritize the things we want to do with the things we need to do with the amount of time we have. 

That means our time consists of events and durations measured by our watch and our schedule.

How we think about time governs how we live our life. But we don’t understand time. 

Time is a human invention used to keep track of our daily events. Time is based on the duration of one earth day as it spins on its axis. 

Thus, time is a motion measuring system based on the 86,400 seconds it takes for one earth revolution. 

It’s important to understand that time is a measurement of motion, but time is not motion.

We use a clock to keep track of the earth’s motion, but we can’t move forward or backwards in the earth’s movement. 

We live inside this motion, and there’s no way to make the motion of earth go backwards, slow down or move faster. 

On Earth, we live our life being part of the motion, and we keep track of our life with the time-based measurement of clocks on our planet. 

Our Time in Motion  

Our life on Earth moves with motion, and we live our life not only based on this motion but being part of the motion.

Time is a big part of modern life. However, time only exists on Earth. Why is that?

Time is our invention based on the duration of a day on earth. 

The earth moves around its axis and orbits the sun in one year. We have invented time to document events and to measure the speed of the earth’s motion. 

We have even measured the speed of light using our earth seconds. Time is our way of measuring motion. 

A measurement is the number of seconds of an event, but numbers are not real. The motion being measured is real. 

Science has never given a fundamental definition of time without using our earth’s system of time. 

“The popular definition of time; time is the progression of events from the past into the future, and a clock is a device for measuring and showing time.” 

We don’t have a definition of time because we don’t know what causes Earth’s movement.

All we can do is measure the motion and say that the measurement is time.

Time is involved in every branch of physics and in everything we do on Earth. 

But always try to understand that time is only a measurement of the motion of the earth. 

That also means time travel is impossible because we can’t leave the motion we live in, and time is a measurement of that motion.

We can’t travel in time. We travel with motion. Time gives us the measured rate and duration of motion. 

That’s all the time I have for this week’s message.

Thanks for spending time with me, and as always, be well.

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