The 4th Dimension Is Motion

The 4th Dimension Is Motion

 The universe has three spatial dimensions of movement, but everything is static until something moves. 

We could consider the motion in the universe as the 4th dimension. 

What I mean is without movement, nothing exists, so motion is necessary. 

We incorrectly label it as time. We use clocks to measure the motion of things. 

Time is a description of motion, while motion is the result of a force. 

The book, Einstein Misled By Time, has some fantastic examples of where we have made mistakes and how we can correct them. 

Time exists on clocks and in our thoughts. 

But time isn’t a natural phenomenon, such as gravity and motion. 

Time is what a clock shows. But does that explain time? 

A series of “snapshots” could be a video or pictures of events. 

They are images of our lives, and as soon as we take them, they are history. 

Time doesn’t exist in the universe except in our minds. 

The motion of objects and particles is constant in the universe, and we measure the speed of things using clocks that tick at the rate of Earth’s rotation. 

A clock's time compares every other motion to Earth’s motion. 

The motion is real. The measurement of the motion is called “time." 

My point is that time doesn’t cause motion because it describes motion. 

Einstein was Misled By Time, and I discovered that Einstein’s relativity is false. 

I know. It surprised me to find that special relativity cannot be correct and that general relativity is just a description of gravity, not an actual spacetime curvature.

Do we travel with time in the 4th dimension?

Time is not a dimension. Time is a description of the universe's motion measured with a clock. 

Time gives us a description of when an event happens or the duration of the motion. 

Spacetime is a geometric description of motion, but it’s not an actual physical thing. 

Descriptions and measurements of motion are numbers, not things. 

The motion we see and measure is real. 

However, your question implies that we can move through time. That’s a false assumption. 

Time is how we measure motion, but we move in vehicles, not with time. 

Time is what a clock shows. 

If we measure our motion to find our speed or travel time, we describe our motion. Time is a description of motion.

Special Relativity regards Photons as Massless. But Photons have Energy.

Einstein used imaginary clocks in mind experiments and measured time using imaginary photons. 


Special relativity is full of false science. Time is impossible to measure. 


Clocks measure motion and display time, but you can’t measure time and display motion. 


Time doesn't exist as atoms and gravity do. 


Time is the measurement of the motion of things. 


For instance, we can measure the speed of light using the speed of clocks that tick at the speed of Earth’s rotation. 


Light has energy and mass, but not rest mass. 


We can’t measure the mass of light, although the value of light’s mass is on Wikipedia. 


The equivalence principle states that energy is equal to its mass. 


Since light has mass, it explains why it's attracted to a large source of gravity.  


Einstein announced the equivalence principle E=mc2. So, why did he assume light which has energy, has no mass? 


That would falsify his theory that light moves in curved space because light is massless.


Relativity implies that time stops at the speed of light. If time stops, how can a photon travel? What do I misunderstand?

Einstein made mistakes in special relativity that we are starting to realize. Let me explain. 

Einstein said time slows down the faster you travel, and time stops at the speed of light. 

When I read incredible science facts, I think there’s another, more logical explanation. 

For instance, the universe has been expanding into space at the speed of light for 13.8 billion years, and nothing has stopped or slowed down. 

That alone should explain time doesn't stop. 

Einstein used imaginary clocks and imaginary distances to measure time with the speed of light (I don't understand his mind experiment math). 

We can’t measure time because clocks measure motion, and we call the measurement time, but time itself doesn't exist. 

Time is what a clock shows. 

Experiments cannot show that time slows down the faster you move. 

What happens is that a force of acceleration is required to move faster. Acceleration is a force similar to gravity that affects clocks and all physical things. 

To increase speed, a force of acceleration slows down a clock. Speed alone doesn’t cause a clock to tick slower. 

The Earth is moving thousands of kilometers per second, and clocks stay at a constant rate. 

Time is a measurement, and time has no force that could cause an event or activity to happen. 

Einstein treated time as if it was a natural force of nature. 

If my thoughts are correct, Einstein’s special relativity is false. 

Time is not relative to anything. Clocks are affected by the force of gravity in the same way we all are. I hope you agree. 

To learn more about time, my new book, Einstein: Misled By Time, will help you with your time, lol.

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