Proof of Other Dimensions

Proof Other Dimensions Exist 

The proof of other dimensions in the universe took a turn for a bright future ahead as it became apparent that Einstein was wrong again. In 1905 Einstein came up with his famous equation E=mc2 but he admitted that the universe is static and eternal. 

Despite the 115 year old anniversary celebrating Einstein’s accurate equation we have found proof that the universe has multiple dimensions. The proof also shines light on the fallacy of Einstein’s theory of gravity published in 1915. 

The final nail that closed the coffin on Einstein’s falsehoods came during a study of giant Black holes. Here are the details of that never before news release.

When the process of massive black holes were examined it became clear how quantum mechanics works during a supernova reaction.

The Mechanics of a Supernova

To recap the process, when massive stars run out of fuel they try to fuse the iron core into energy. Iron fusion doesn’t add energy to the core so the fusion reaction in the star stops.

At that time the stars outer and middle layers stop being held in position by the stars explosive fusion reaction that counteracts the inner pull of gravity. These layers are then pulled immediately into the Star’s core by the strong force of gravity.

The rapid implosion of matter bounces against the iron core which is also collapsing.

A huge supernova explosion takes place and several quantum fluctuations happen. 

First, the explosion sends matter from the star into space. Next, an equal and opposite force is sent into the imploding iron core.

The effect of these 2 massive energies shakes the fabric of space tearing a hole into another dimension (level of space). 

The result was that the iron was able to move through a phase transition into a higher energy state and a higher frequency dimension.  

A phase transition is when matter changes state for example when ice changes to water or water into vapor. In this case plasma in the star turns into dark matter.

The outer layers of the star continue moving away by kinetic momentum while the core is undergoing a phase transition. 

A black hole is a rip into another dimension as a result of the enormous energy and explosion during the supernova. 

In this drawing supernovae create black holes and move matter into higher physical frequency dimensions, thus becoming dark matter

Exposing the Proof of Dimensions 

These are the basic facts: 

The massive iron core undergoes a phase transition and disappears into another dimension.

A tear in the fabric of space during the supernova becomes a black hole.

A massive gravitational force leaks out of the black hole proportional to the size of the opening.

What does this New Information Mean?

  1. The massive star lost all of its mass. The outer layers exploded into space.


  1. The inner iron core was swallowed into another dimension during a phase transition. This matter becomes dark matter. 

  1. We know that our visible universe is losing matter and that we only have about 4% of matter left. 

  1. Black holes have a huge gravitational force that can’t be explained by the supernova reaction. Dark energy explains it.

  1. There are millions of black holes so now we can guess that the missing matter has disappeared into black holes.

  1. This explains how black holes get a very strong gravity field.

  1. This explains how we are losing matter with only 4% left. 

  1. This explains the purpose of Black holes while conserving energy and mass.

  1. This proves that other dimensions exist.

More Proof 

The universe came from the Big bang which must have come from another dimension. The energy and science that created the universe had to have a source. 

That source is in a non physical dimension (if we keep using the term dimension). Energy can be non physical like with gravity, magnetism, time and even our life force.

The disappearing mass and energy must be going somewhere (another dimension). Where is dark matter and dark energy if not in another dimension.

The visible universe is full of galaxies and black holes

What are the other Dimensions like 

Forget trying to come up with a new direction to explain other dimensions. The tesseract shape has been used to explain other dimensions, but it’s the same as a complicated shape in 3 dimensions.  

Other dimensions are no different in shape than the 3rd dimension. The only difference is the energy or vibrational frequency of matter. Another characteristic is that dimensions exist within dimensions like layers of different size balloons stacked inside each other.

Other dimensions are not in a parallel universe separated by distance. They are close to each other like the colors of a rainbow. The only separation in a rainbow is the frequency of light, while white light is the sum of all colors.

Thus, dimensions are separated by frequencies, while the universe is the sum of all dimensions. Time is common and invariant in all dimensions. 

The Mathematical Proof 

The universe has a mass of approximately 1.5 x 10^53 kg. This mass was estimated by the density of matter and the size of the observable universe. This value might be as high as 10^60 kg.

If you add up the mass of all individual stars from the Trillions of visible galaxies you would get a larger value of mass.

If you add up the mass of the millions of black holes in the observable universe you will get a much bigger mass.  

For instance, the M87 black hole in the constellation Virgo is measured to be 6.5 trillion times more massive than our sun. That means just one black hole has a mass of 1.3 x 10^39 kg.

The question is where is all this extra mass that is missing from our visible universe?

First of all, the light from many galaxies has taken billions of years to reach us. Therefore, we have no way of knowing if they still exist. If they have disappeared where did they go?

The logical answer is that the black holes in older galaxies have swallowed old stars and that mass has gone away from our observable universe. 

This can be a mathematical proof that the mass of our known universe is moving into other areas or dimensions in the universe.

I am not a mathematician, so my theoretical views need you, a superior mathematician, to help prove my theories as we uncover the truths of the Universe.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Einstein’s theory of gravity seems to be false

  2. Quantum mechanics of supernovae implies that black hole gravity comes from a place beyond the fabric of space.

  3. A supernova explosion and the iron core implosion creates a black hole into the fabric of space. 

  4. Black holes are responsible for increasing entropy

  5. Black holes account for the loss of matter in the observable universe

  6. This matter becomes dark matter and dark energy

  7. Mathematical proof explains that dark matter is in another dimension 

I hope my theoretical explanation of physics and cosmology is giving you the sense of amazement and adventure that I have. I am always looking for the ultimate truth that makes the universe work. Please, join me as we travel in this evolution of science. Subscribe to my posts for the latest news. Thanks for your time and as always be well.

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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