Motion in the Universe

Motion in the Universe

  ~From the Big Bang Motion to the End of Time~

Science doesn’t know that motion in the universe made gravity. A theory that Albert Einstein postulated is that gravity isn’t a force but that it somehow curves space and objects will move into this distortion. The ultimate truth is that gravity attracts objects by the Law of Attraction. My new idea makes sense and it doesn’t need a Higgs Boson to explain how motion made gravity and energy into the Theory of Everything.

The Abstract:

Scientists have created the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles to explain how the four fundamental forces of nature interact. The four forces are known as electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force and gravity. 

I will show that the universe began during the Big bang event with one force of motion that evolved into the 4 fundamental forces.

The Big Bang Motion

Physicists have calculated the mathematical process after the beginning of the Big Bang event but their math can’t predict what happened before.

The only theory that makes sense is that photon radiation entered from an unknown realm into the container of space to create the universe. 

For the time being, I am saying that a force of some kind moved energy into the space of the universe. 

This original energy would have been too powerful to be physical until it entered the universe. 

Energy can move into a phase transition and change into physical energy as high-frequency photon radiation. 

All energy in the physical universe is related to mass and how it can be converted into other forms to do work. 

So the first event in the universe was the motion of photons entering the container of space in the universe. 

Motion of Photons 

Photons are the quanta of light and they moved into the universe at the speed of light cooling down and losing energy in this physical realm.

The high-frequency energy was converted into high-frequency electrons. During this moment the only energy present was electromagnetism. 

The high-frequency photons had a massive amount of energy to change into electrons.

We are familiar with electrons creating light but in the beginning, light created electrons.

All the initial photon radiation disappeared into a plasma of electrons. 

Motion of Electrons 

The high-frequency energy of electrons cooled down further and most of the energy was converted into a plasma of quarks and gluons. 

So far the only energy was photon radiation that cooled and stepped down into other forms of energy where the energies have little to no mass.

Wikipedia agrees with me that all the fundamental particles in the standard model can be created from photons of varying energies. 

Motion of Quarks 

The plasma of quarks and gluons changed into free particles of quarks and combined into quantum particles called hadrons.

Hadrons are made of 2 quarks and when 3 quarks attract together they are called baryons which are protons, neutrons and the building blocks of matter. 

At this point, the 3 quarks are held together by the strong nuclear force that emerged from the gluon particle.

While in the hot plasma state quarks and gluons are almost massless. 

When gluons hold quarks together these particles create quantum gravity by quantum chromodynamics using the strong nuclear force. 

Gluons hold quarks together like glue while quarks attract more quarks. Both of these actions are attractive energies. The energy in matter attracts more matter.

Motion of Protons 

Protons have two up quarks and one down quark held together by 3 gluons.

Finally, the protons gain mass as the quantum force creates gravity. Thus gravity emerges during the creation of energy cooling into quarks and gluons.

Protons are hydrogen ions with a positive charge of one so electrons are attracted to the positive charge creating hydrogen atoms. 

These atoms have an amount of mass, the mass has energy, (E=mc^2) and mass has a force of attraction called gravity. 

Notice that energy converted into quarks that have a mass, and quantum chromodynamics created quantum gravity without needing something called the Higgs Field.

Motion of Gravity 

The motion of energy transformed into quarks and then the attractive power of quarks and gluons created protons as quantum gravity emerged. 

Gravity didn’t need to have a strange elusive Higgs Boson to give mass to protons. 

It took no time and only motion to turn the Big Bang energy into matter and mass into gravity. 

When quantum gravity arrived the energy of attraction pulled hydrogen atoms into a massive cloud. 

The force of gravity isn’t like a regular outward force, it’s more like an energy of attraction. Do you feel attracted to earth or forced to the ground?

Gravity attracts more atoms together until the total gravity is so strong that a plasma of protons emerges. 

Motion of Energy

A fusion reaction happens when the plasma of protons fuses into helium atoms releasing energy. The nuclear fusion reaction combines atoms of hydrogen into helium. 

This fusion reaction starts because of the immense force of gravity attracting particles of protons together. 

A star is born during the fusion of hydrogen as the motion of energy continues converting hydrogen into helium and later into most of the lighter elements. 

The nuclear fusion reaction of stars causes explosions sending molten plasma into space.

But the strong attractive force of gravity pulls the magma back into the star’s surface. 

A supernova reaction occurs when a giant star runs out of elements to fuse and its core has turned into solid iron. 

Then a resulting supernova happens when fusion has stopped and the gravity from the star’s iron core attracts the outer shell of the star towards the inner core.

This movement of energy is an implosion that slams into the massive gravity of the core. 

The implosion causes an explosion of matter sending most of the volume of the star into space.

During this explosion, the heavy elements such as gold and silver are created by the immense heat and pressure in the molten plasma. 

The Motion of the Expanding Universe 

The final effects of the supernova create a Black Hole from the strong gravity of the iron core. 

The structure of a star before a supernova. See the Black Hole Report.

Black holes are like massive vacuum cleaners because they attract all the available mass and particles that get caught in its strong field of gravity. 

Once more, the energy that Black Holes use is the attractive energy of gravity.

The question we should be asking is what happens to the matter that enters a Black Hole?

How can the gravity of black holes be so strong that not even light can escape its attraction?

The universe is expanding and accelerating its motion of expansion. 

The only sensible idea is that energy is moving into higher frequency levels of space. 

Energy has been moving for 13.8 billion years and this motion has a destination. 

The life of the universe is finite and energy is starting to move back to the Source that pushed this energy into our physical universe creating the Big Bang event. 

The final movement of energy arrives into the highest physical energy level of the universe where it meets its twin antimatter energy level.

The resulting explosion annihilates all the energy sending it back into the high-frequency level Source that created the universe.

The Conservation of energy is complete as the universe ends and returns to its Source.

In this diagram, Black holes attract matter, neutrinos and photons into a phase transition which is like a portal into higher frequency energy.

A phase transition converts mass/energy into other forms such as ice turns into water or water turns into a gas. 

From my previous articles about gravity, energy and life the universe is full of motion and we are riding on our planet in this motion. 

Key Takeaways:

*  A movement of energy started the Big Bang event.

* Energy moved into lower forms, from photons to electrons to quarks and protons.

* Quantum particles build matter out of energy and gravity out of mass. 

* Quantum gravity creates mass without using an imaginary “Higgs Field”.

* Gravity creates stars and stars create all the other elements needed for life. 

* Since quantum gravity creates gravity it’s possibly the Theory of Everything

* Stars transition into Black Holes and move matter into higher frequency levels.

* The universe ends in a Big Bang as all the energy is sent back to the Source. 

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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