COVID-19 and Climate Change

COVID-19 and Climate Change

There’s a new kind of energy in our level (area) of the universe. Most of us have heard of the new coronavirus called COVID-19. You have heard the news and seen how many people are dying from it. But have you felt differently about your daily activities? I mean have you been sleeping well, feeling nauseous, or experiencing more headaches than normally? 

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Have you noticed USA president Donald Trump making more of his silly comments than before? I have also experienced strange headaches and strange behaviour from acquaintances.

It’s like logic has left people or is it that I’m just starting to notice what Einstein said, “Two things seem infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Is this new energy causing stupidity and what is the cause of these weird energies? 

Do you feel this new energy is giving you symptoms like vertigo or the hastening of time?

Unusual Global Energy 

A new type of energy has been around for a few years and we have felt many climate changes happening. However, what is causing global warming? 

Well, the scientific answer is that our use of carbon-based fuels has created a layer of carbon dioxide around the planet and it’s keeping heat from escaping into the atmosphere. 

I don’t argue the scientific facts but I look at it as a motion of energy moving Earth to a higher frequency. 

When matter heats up it vibrates at a higher rate and increases in energy. What if planet Earth (mother nature) is involved in raising its energy levels. 

Maybe it’s a good thing to move into higher energies and high frequencies. The alternative is staying the same or possibly moving into an ice-age.

The only constant in the universe is Change. The motion of energy in the universe is constantly moving.  

Yes, climate change is causing widespread destruction of properties and landscapes. However, we have no option except to move with the flow of energy and minimize its impact. 

We will figure out how to cope just like we cope with the CORVD-19 virus.

The Motion of Energy brings Change 

The universe isn’t static, it’s constantly moving and increasing its entropy. 

The accelerating expansion of our observable universe is moving into a higher frequency level in the greater universe.

Black holes are using the force of gravity to move the matter into other energy levels and it seems that our solar system has entered into a new level in the universe. 

When we understand why the energy is different and why it’s moving we can feel safe and confident that the evolution of the universe is happening for a purpose.

In the last 20 years, we have had unusual swings in the magnetic north pole as well as spikes in the Schumann resonance which is called the heartbeat of mother earth.

During this time many animals and birds have gone extinct with many more on the verge of extinction. Maybe these animals can’t survive in the new energies happening?

In humans, we have seen a dramatic increase in autistic children who might be born ready to live in higher energy vibrations.

Even the universe is expanding and accelerating at an alarming rate as if something is about to happen. 

Have you noticed that time seems to move faster? The days go by so fast that often I don’t know what day it is. 

You think I’m crazy right? I mean how can time move faster? The sunrise and sunset are still the same, or are they?

The Evolving Earth

Try to imagine the universe as an evolving living being. 

An energy with a mind and a purpose to evolve matter into life. To experience physical life and death and at the same time to experience consciousness in a physical body. 

Perhaps that’s the only way to evolve consciousness and to feel love. The universe is like a child that has grown into an adult and is now turning into old age. 

At this time there is an urgency to move into the wisdom of old age. We either go with the flow or struggle and leave this planet, maybe end our life by a new virus or cancer. 

My message this week is to raise your awareness that times are changing. Maybe, you have felt this change and you thought it was your imagination.

Consider if you are only 20 years old then you have missed the first 10 years without noticing a difference. 

The last 10 years of your life have been focused on puberty and education. 

The young generation thinks this is normal and they think old people are senile or nostalgic.

 Each generation has a different experience of the times. When you have lived more than 50 years you start to realize these changes are real. 

Trust me you are not senile after 50 years of age, you become enlightened and wise. The young people seem to be stupid but in our wisdom, we never call them that. 

Our Evolutionary Path 

My new book will be about Einstein’s special relativity, new energy and time dilation. 

I have realized that time is moving faster in the entire universe and that time is relative in a different way than time dilation.

For you science fiction fans, time travel remains impossible but some things about time will startle you and you might call me stupid for saying this.

Remember that everything is not as it seems, there is a movement of energy and you either resist it or choose to go with the flow. 

On my blog about cosmology, I sometimes branch off talking about our spiritual connection and the law of attraction.

Learning about science has convinced me that there is a realm of infinite power that we call God. 

While the power supply is in that infinite source, God is the Source and does nothing but allows the energy to flow where it’s needed. 

We, on the other hand, are the ones that use that energy. We create things, we build stuff from energy and we give birth to more humans so that more souls can be physical.

I ask you to realize the true source of power and to realize that the universe is here for us to experience our energy source while in a physical body. 

In conclusion, take some time to get used to these new energies. Find your passion and create your life by thinking the right way. 

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