Living By The Numbers

Living By The Numbers

Living by numbers is what we do. We use the numbers on a clock, the numbers of our identification and the numbers of our address to describe us. What are numbers and how do they describe our life and give us time to live our lives?

What are Numbers


A number is a mathematical object that is used to count, measure and label things. Common numbers are written as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. We define our age and birth date using numbers. 

Numbers aren’t real things like people but we need numbers to explain things about us. 

Numbers are abstract entities created by people, and formalized by mathematicians, to have useful properties. Numbers are not real things!!! 

Nothing is a mathematical point between positive and negative numbers. Numbers aren’t real things and numbers only represent how many items are being counted. 

If you have several marbles and you give some away until you have none left or zero that’s still a number and not a marble. Marbles are real and numbers are not.

Your Space and Your Time


You live your life in a location in space for an amount of time. The space you occupy can be described by GPS positioning numbers. 

You can move from location to location and back again. But time is different.

You can only move forward in time which is not an accurate way to say it because time is not a real thing like the space you live in. 

Space is a physical thing such as the place you call home. Time is an abstract thing that we can’t see or touch. Time is a number and numbers are not real.

What is Time 

We don’t know the fundamental meaning of time. The following is my best attempt to describe time and how it relates to our life. 

Time is an abstract thing that doesn’t exist outside of this now moment. Time is a measurement using a clock that counts and works by using numbers. 

We don’t live in time or move in time. Time is the measurement of motion. Everything we do with time is based on the motion, duration or rate of motion of an event. 

Time is not the event. We don't count numbers and grow old and we don’t get old by looking at our watch.

Physical stuff has 3-spatial dimensions that describe the shape and size of matter.

Time also has 3 dimensions to describe an event or motion. The 3 dimensions are the past, present and future. 

The past is becoming now, the present is happening now, and the future is beginning now. That means all 3 dimensions of time are happening at this now moment. 

Counting The Measure of Time

We use a tool like a clock to keep track of time but a clock is a motion measuring system. The clock is made to tick 86,400 seconds every 24 hours of an average day. 

A clock just keeps on ticking at the same rate if it’s resting in the same location. The rate of ticking will change when a clock is moved if the force of gravity changes.

We use the number of ticks from a clock to measure the movement of motion or the duration and start of events. 

We measure how long it takes to walk to work. We measure how long until we get out of work. We call this number time. 

Most people make the error of thinking that time is the same as motion. Motion is what we measure with a clock and then call it time. Time is the measurement of motion.

Counting the Measurement of Motion 

It takes 86,400 seconds every 24 hours for one revolution of the earth. Time is the measurement of the event or motion of the earth but time is not the motion.

We don’t know what causes the earth to move but the movement and the measurement of the movement are not the same things. 

Think about your heart beating and you measure it has 72 beats per minute, the beating heart is motion, time is the measure of the motion. 

Time is also a number and numbers are not real. You can’t touch time, smell time, or see time, but you feel time because you have a heart that beats.

To measure a race we use a stopwatch to see how many seconds it took. We measure the duration of movement and then we call it time. 

Time is a motion measuring system based on the motion of the earth. But we don’t know what causes the motion of events. 

We don’t know what force makes the Earth rotate at the rate of 86,400 seconds each day.

 We just measure events using the seconds of the earth’s motion. We call these seconds time but time is an abstract thing and the motion that moves the earth is the cause. 

Time on a clock is how we keep track of our daily events and calendars are used to track past events.

Time Dilation Counted

Time is a number on a clock that seems real but time dilation can change a clock’s ticking rate by the force of gravity. 

The force of gravity also acts on our biological age but not because a clock’s time changes. 

We live and move in our earth’s field of gravity and our clocks are standardized to the gravity on Earth. 

A clock outside of Earth’s gravity will change its rate of keeping time but this time dilation doesn’t change the age of Earth or the universe.

We don’t understand time and fundamentally science has no definition of what time is except to say it’s based on the unit of one second on earth. 

Since 1967 the second is defined by the oscillations of a cesium-133 atom. One second happens when the atom has completed 9,192,631,770 oscillations.

So time is defined by the motion of an atom. The measurement of the cesium-133 atom’s motion is translated into time by counting with numbers.

Time is counted by how many times an atom moves (its frequency) but time isn’t the motion of atoms. Time is the measurement of motion.

What came first time or motion? I hope you know the answer.

Measuring Time Dilation


Time is counted by how many seconds of motion have been measured. The problem with this method is that motion can change and then the time will change.

The force of gravity changes time because the vibrations (frequency) of matter will slow down and then counting the number of seconds will change. 

A perfect example of time dilation occurs with the GPS system. The atomic clocks in all the satellites must be updated every day to keep the same time as the reference clock. 

GPS system of satellites

The reference atomic clock measures the motion (frequency) of a cesium atom that is experiencing the force of gravity on earth and this clock is used as the real-time.

In space, the gravity is so weak that the frequency of the cesium atom increases and the clock will count more seconds than the reference clock on earth. 

Each day the satellite clock counts 45 microseconds faster than the clock experiencing the gravity on earth. Therefore, time moves faster in space.

But the gravitational force of acceleration on a satellite slows down the frequency of atoms and time goes slower than the reference clock on earth. 

Each day this acceleration force slows down the clock by 7 microseconds so the total time dilation is 38 microseconds slower than the reference clock on earth. 

Time dilation in the satellites must be adjusted by 38 microseconds each day or the GPS tracking system will not remain accurate. 

The frequency of matter depends on the force of gravity and this will change a clock’s time. Time depends on the force of gravity that a clock experiences.

But remember that time isn’t a real thing. Time dilation is a false time on a clock and it doesn’t change the speed or age of earth or the satellite.

However, if the force of gravity is extreme like inside stars or black holes then a clock’s time will stop and maybe the frequency of quarks will transform matter into a plasma.

Counting Our Age

Time is a measurement of motion using a clock that works by counting numbers. 

We don’t live in time or move in time. Time is the measurement of motion and age. 

Everything we do with time is based on the motion, duration or rate of motion of an event. Time is not the event. The action or movement is the event. 

We don't grow old by counting numbers and we don’t get old by looking at the time.

We get older because of unseen things such as gravity, stress, injury or illness. 

Time is just the measurement of getting older and losing our marbles. 

My Last Words About Time

We can keep using our clocks and phones to keep track of time. Gravity and frequencies move the universe and our lives but we measure it as time. 

We use the time on a clock to measure and document our motion. Understand that time is only a measurement of our beating heart but it’s not our beating heart. 

Time is a measurement of our life but it’s not our life. You get it?

That’s all for now my friends, did you get enlightened or confused? 

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