The Arrows of Time in the Universe

The Arrows of Time in the Universe 

   The Arrows of time in the universe gives us the experience that events always move forward. Can time stop or move backwards? Is the universe static as Einstein believed? Does the universe have many arrows of time? Your amazing arrows of time move the universe. 

Does time only move forward?

The Big Bang Arrow of Time 

The Big bang event is considered to be the beginning of the universe and the beginning of time.

There must have been a time that took place before the Big bang event. The cause of the big bang is a separate situation known as a causal event.

Consider that trying to understand the start of the universe as the beginning of time is counter-intuitive. 

I want to show that the Big bang was about motion and not the beginning of time. 

We think about an event as happening at a certain time and that its duration lasted an amount of time. But the arrow of time is a direction of motion, not time. 

The motion of an explosion moves and causes an action while time is only a measurement of when it took place and how long the explosion lasted.

Look at time and motion as two separate events. The motion is the action of an event and the time is the duration of that event. 

The Cosmic Microwave Background

The Cosmological Arrow of Time 

Science says that the universe started about 13.8 billion years ago. 

It’s believed that an inflationary period expanded the universe rapidly and that currently, we are noticing that the universe is not only expanding but accelerating its expansion. 

Notice that the important point is that the universe is expanding and that this expansion is a forward action or arrow of motion and that time is just a description of when it happens. 

We can think of the arrow of motion as the entropy of the universe. It's the motion in the universe that moves and time is only a measurement of that motion. 

The Evolutionary Arrow of Time 

The universe has an arrow of motion that’s partly creation and partly evolution. 

Energy from the big bang event created matter and the intelligence of matter evolved into atoms, stars and planets.

What we notice is that there is a motion of energy/matter that moves forward and time is just a measurement of these events. 

The arrow of evolution of matter created life and it evolved into animals and humans.  

The Arrow of Earth Time 

Our solar system including Earth was created about 4.5 billion years ago.

So it took about 9 billion years after the Big bang event before our planet was created. 

Again, notice that time didn’t do anything to move the arrow of motion that created the Earth.

We know most of the history of evolution that shaped our planet by using time as a measuring tool of events.

However, it was the power of gravity and intelligence in the matter that took place during the evolutionary arrow of motion, energy and matter. 

The arrow of time is only a measurement of the direction and duration of these events. 

The measure of time is a human invention based on the motion of the Earth so in that regard, it is only valid using the clock system on Earth. 

But time is a motion measuring system using the number system invented here on Earth.

 We have a difficult time (pun intended) to realize the two aspects of time. 

One side of the coin is the measure of a clock’s ticking and the other side is the motion that is being measured. What’s more real, the ticking clock or the motion rotating the Earth?

Your Personal Arrow of Time 

We have a very personal relationship with time and our arrow of time/motion lets us live for a lifetime.

Have you heard no one gets out alive but no one dies either? I’ll explain the reason why, later. 

Humans have invented units of time that are used to measure the motion of events. 

We didn’t measure the motion of our planet’s rotation and call it time. Instead, we just decided to divide the motion of one day on Earth into 86,400 units called seconds. 

It’s important to realize that an Earth-second is called time but a second is only a number measuring the arrow of earth’s motion. 

These “seconds” are used as time to measure the motion of other things, but the action is in the motion and time is just a measured number. 

We use these seconds of motion to keep track of the days and weeks and to plan our future events. 

For example, how long does it take to read my book, how fast does my heartbeat, how fast am I driving, how much time do I have left before lunchtime? 

Notice that people are talking about doing things (motion) and calling it time. Yes, time is a measurement of motion but time isn’t the motion. 

Time was invented from the motion of our planet. What we call time is the motion of events and time is just a way to keep track of the motion. 

Today I woke up and my clock said it’s 9:00 am but when I turned on my iPad the time was 8:00 am. How did that happen?

It took me a second (thinking speed) to realize that time had moved backwards because daylight savings time changed. Today I have an extra hour of time.

The Quantum Arrow of Time 

We measure everything including the speed of light with our invention of time which is based on Earth’s motion. 

So, imagine if the motion of our planet moves faster and the clocks tick faster, how would we know that time is moving faster? 

We don’t have a fundamental understanding of what causes time or more importantly what causes the motion in the universe. 

We have the same lack of understanding of gravity. We can measure the force of gravity but we don’t know what causes gravity.

The Big bang event entered like an arrow of motion and it’s still moving the atoms, planets and stars into the greater universe. 

Quantum particles and quantum gravity came into the Universe during the Big Bang event. The intelligence in matter came from the source that pushed energy into our Universe. 

Matter doesn’t create life, it’s the intelligence from Source that creates life. The quantum arrow of motion is the delivery method. 

The Arrow of Time Dilation 

Time dilation happens when a force of gravity changes the quantum vibrations of atoms in an atomic clock. 

A Cesium-133 atomic clock measures the vibrations in the cesium atom for the correct number that defines one second.

If the field of gravity is smaller than the reference clock then a clock will tick faster and if the field of gravity is stronger a clock ticks slower.

This means that the arrow of time seems to go slower or faster and even stop altogether. 

How can time go slower, faster and even stop? The reason time can change and be manipulated by gravity is because a clock is affected by the force of gravity.

It’s important to realize that the motion of time on a clock depends on the motion of the clock and the force of gravity.  

Measuring time doesn’t tell us what time is, just like measuring gravity doesn’t tell us where gravity comes from. 

The real force in the universe is gravity and it controls the speed of time. Gravity affects motion and clocks will show a false reading. 

For example, the GPS satellite’s motion or speed causes acceleration time dilation to go slower about 7 milliseconds per day. 

But the motion of the satellite stays the same only the clocks ticking changes.

And, the lack of gravity in space allows the clocks to tick 45 milliseconds faster per day compared to another clock on Earth. 

The total amount of time dilation is about 38 milliseconds faster per day. But the satellite itself isn’t going 38 milliseconds faster each day.

Only the ticking of the clock changes, and it’s called time dilation. 

The motion of the satellite isn’t changing and the age of a satellite isn’t changing. When you examine time dilation closely you see that time has no power or energy to do anything. 

The Arrow of Time Travel 

Many people believe in time travel because of the science fiction movies that make it seem as real as life.

The speed of light is invariant and time is used in the speed of light (cycles per second), so how can time change? The motion (speed of light) is always the same. 

We never see light stop or move backward. 

The real power is in the motion of particles such as photons and electrons and they seem to be travelling forward with the arrow of motion.

A clock will slow down and even stop its time but it never moves backwards since motion only moves forward.

The confusion that exists is that people think time governs motion but it's the other way around, motion governs time. 

The arrow of motion only goes forward and therefore time travel is impossible except in the forward direction.

The past moment is beginning now, the present moment is happening now and the future moment is starting now, and again, and again… 

The Arrow of Absolute Time 

I think the universe is moving in a motion of energy and that this energy moves with the precision of absolute universal time. 

The important takeaway is that the movement is in the energy of motion and not in the time.

We can measure the speed of movement using clocks but this measurement doesn’t tell us what energy is making the universe move.  

Similarly, we don’t know what causes the Earth to rotate every day like clockwork. 

I believe in the infinite power of the Source that created the universe and I believe that we are from that Source.

I’m not a religious person but I am a spiritual person. I think we are here on purpose to experience living in a physical body in a physical universe. 

Consider that the only way we can interact with each other physically is to be in a physical relationship with Earth and its souls.

We get to experience physical things that Angels can’t and that even God can’t. Things like love, sex, children, dreams, music but mostly love. 

Perhaps, we are trying to evolve the evolution of consciousness and love. 

If I’m right then we never die. We are born again and again into this schoolhouse called planet Earth. 

We started to learn about the arrows of time and I hope we have had a glimpse into the greater power that moves with us in the motion of energy and absolute time. 

Thank you for your time as we learn about the ultimate truths of the universe.

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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