How Does Time Move

9 Things About Time

Time means so many things to us even though we experience it every second of our lives.

Finding out the truth about the energy of motion we call time will not lead to a crisis but will allow scientists to develop new theories for unknown phenomena. 

It’s strange that we have so many different ideas about time and what time means. 

Every theory that scientists have involves the aspect of time such as the speed of light is 3 x 10*8 meters per second. The force of gravity moves at 9.8 meters per sec per sec. Etc...

Gravity is a force that shapes the universe and the frequency of matter moving inside this force will be affected by it. 

However, the motion of the universe moves at the speed of causality and that speed is invariant. 

The speed of gravity and light are the two invariant forces that govern the motion of the universe in the 3rd dimension.  

The Moment Motion Started

I always use the Big bang moment as the beginning of the universe. But I don’t believe in the Big bang theory of inflation.

Frequency and gravity are physical aspects of matter even though we can’t see them.  

Perhaps motion is energy from the nonphysical realm that created the Big bang. 

Clocks can measure this motion but that measurement says nothing about what causes motion.

In our physical world, the energy of motion entered with the speed of light and motion is part of all matter in its movement and frequency.

I believe that time exists outside of the universe as energy of some kind of universal motion. 

During the creation of the universe, energy and motion arrived into the 3rd dimension and created matter, E=mc2. 

We are curious creatures and we want to know how the universe works so we have invented time as a way to examine the motion of our world and our life.

Look at these 9 things about time:

1. Time is Absolute and Constant

Sir Isaac Newton believed that time was absolute in the universe. Newtonian time exists everywhere independently of any observer and it moves at a constant speed that is measured as time but it can only be understood mathematically. 

Absolute time doesn’t change depending on any frame of reference. There is no time dilation in the measurement of clocks and this type of time is still accurate in 99.9% of everyday life.

2. Einstein Time is Relative

Einstein and his relativity theory say that time can change according to your speed and frame of reference compared to another frame of reference. 

There is a lot of confusion regarding how time changes or why time changes depending on your circumstances.

I don’t know all the math in Einstein’s theories but the gist of it says that if an object accelerates to very fast speeds it will need more and more energy (fuel). 

This energy is equivalent to mass so to move an object to the speed of light it gains an “infinite” amount of mass (kinetic energy) by using an “infinite” amount of energy. 

On top of that time will slow down to a stop at the speed of light. 

Since this is an impossible task it means objects that have mass can’t travel even close to the speed of light. 

This is known as time dilation and it has been proved to exist using atomic clocks that are accurate to one second in 300 million years.

3. Spacetime

All theories about space and time consider them to be fundamentally real and that the structure of the entire universe is in this system of spacetime.

Spacetime is a Minkowski geometrical representation of an event happening in space during the motion of an event. 

In mathematical physics, Minkowski space is a combination of three-dimensional Euclidean space and time into a four-dimensional manifold.

The spacetime interval between any two events is independent of the inertial frame of reference in which they are recorded.

The problem with this theory is that it’s only a mathematical graph and not a reality. It tries to explain that the map of an event is the same as the event. A map isn’t the landscape. 

They use "Lorentz transformations" between inertial frames, usually in the context of special relativity and spacetime.

In each reference frame, an observer can use a local coordinate system (usually Cartesian coordinates in this context) to measure lengths, and a clock to measure time intervals. 

An event is something that happens at a point in space at an instant of time, or more formally a point in spacetime. 

The Lorentz transformations connect the space and time coordinates of an event as measured by an observer in each frame.

Spacetime, I think, is only a mathematical construct that tries to show reality in a drawing. 

For instance, General relativity predicts that matter falling into a black hole becomes compressed without limit as it approaches the center which is called a singularity. 

Theorists cannot extrapolate the trajectory of an object beyond the singularity; its timeline or spacetime ends there. 

Even to speak of it is a problem because the very spacetime that would define the location of the singularity ceases to exist. 

And so, Spacetime is not the correct view of our universe.

The real question is what becomes of the material that falls into a black hole? Click the link to get a free report about Black Holes.

4. Time as the 4th Dimension

Minkowski space uses the 3-spatial dimensions of normal space and adds time as a dimension to have a 4D Spacetime. 

Einstein didn’t like the geometrical version of spacetime because it didn't contain the force of gravity.

At this point in understanding time, I think that time can’t be considered a dimension or even like a real thing. 

There is a common misconception about the nature of time. Time does not flow, move, speed up, slow down or come to a stop. It can’t because it’s not a thing. 

Time is a measure of motion and that measurement says how long a motion lasted and how fast the motion moved. 

That means time is only a mathematical number that has no power or force to move objects. 

Saying that time is a dimension where objects move is totally false. The energy of motion has the power that moves planets and stars. Time is just a numerical value of that motion. 

5. Time and Energy of Motion

The energy of motion is in everything in the universe. Where does that energy come from?

Motion is a physical aspect of matter and the motion of that energy can be measured by a clock as time. 

Matter can be altered by a force of gravity so that its inertial mass and its vibrational frequency changes its energy of motion.

There are 2 ways to measure motion, one is the speed of an event, ( the speed of light is about 186,000 miles per second or a man ran 100 meters in 10 seconds). 

The other measure is the duration or length of an event. (For instance, when the cesium-133 atom has completed 9,192,631,770 cycles one second of time has happened). 

Looking just at a snapshot of motion gives us the current time of day. 

Behind all the laws and energy of the Big Bang event is an underlying consciousness.

Consciousness is fundamental and our physical experience of the world has made our brain accept that time is a reality. 

We are so attached to this experience of time that we believe in the reality of it. 

We have even called time the 4th dimension but the energy of motion is how all the laws of science work, nothing stands still. 

We must look beyond time at the cause of motion. 

 -Gravity the Source of Motion- - -

Without motion there isn’t anything going on, nothing is happening, a complete blackness with nothing. 

The universe didn’t come to exist without motion.  Realize that motion must have existed before the universe was born. 

The direction of motion moves forward at the speed of light so let’s consider that the speed of light and the speed of motion move together. 

To find out what causes motion let’s look at the 4 fundamental forces of nature. They are, the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and gravity. 

Science doesn't know what causes gravity and so science can’t fit gravity into the standard model of particles, SMP.

It’s funny and even strange that gravity doesn’t fit into the SMP model. When we find out where gravity comes from we will finally realize why Einstein called it a distortion of space.

6.Time in the Universe

When you were born time started for you but time existed for you even before your birth.

When the universe was born the energy of motion started in the universe but the motion of that energy existed in another realm before moving into the universe. 

Most people think about the universe as one big thing that consists of everything that’s possible but really these people can only imagine this one planet that they are in. 

Many uneducated and poor people only focus on their one life and on the next meal.

The Universe is enormous and much bigger than the 3rd dimension we call the universe. 

This diagram shows how energy entered into the universe and how it moves back to the source of energy when the universe ends. The mechanism for this movement is gravity.

There are multiple dimensions or levels of energy in the Universe and even you have multiple levels of energy that make your soul and higher mind into your total consciousness.

There is a similar purpose to your life and to the lifetime of the Universe. Both the Universe and you are here to experience life and love as we evolve consciousness for God.

God is not a being or a religious being. God is the infinite energy source of everything and God has nothing to do except watch as we evolve by our actions and experiences.

We are the vehicles of consciousness experiencing time in a physical life as a way of understanding who we are. As we make mistakes and evolve we learn and grow together.

The Universe exists as our schoolhouse and the only way to leave is to graduate (ascend).

7.Time Dilation

Einstein Postulated that travelling at the speed of light would cause the mass of an object to increase infinitely and cause the time to slow down and stop. 

Since these results are impossible I must conclude that reality and mathematics are two different things. 

However, atomic clocks have shown in experiments that clocks agree with Einstein’s predictions. Why is that? 

Experiments have proved that time dilation and mass increases are real. But let’s suppose the experimental evidence is interpreted incorrectly? 

We have noticed that historically gravity changes the measurement of all clocks. 

The water clock from ancient Egypt and the pendulum clock slow down in a weaker field of gravity. That’s because gravity is the power that moves these clocks so if the gravity is weaker the clocks move slower. 

With the quartz clock and atomic clock, time is counted by the frequencies of atoms. 

The force of gravity makes these clocks tick slower in a strong gravitational field and faster in a weaker field. This is called time dilation.

Clocks will show a difference in its measurement of time but the actual energy of motion will not change. 

Time dilation is when a force of gravity changes the frequency of matter.

Minkowski took Einstein’s theory of relativity and applied it to geometry to create Spacetime to describe space and time as 4-dimensional. 

He used geometry to calculate time dilation and proper time as the time at rest of a comparison clock. 

Einstein agreed with him that gravity changes time but he didn’t know what's the cause of gravity.  

The clock's ticking rate of motion changes because of the gravitational force on the quarks inside of matter. At relativistic speeds time dilation of clocks is extreme.

8. Now Time

Eckhart Tolle wrote about The Power of Now. 

I keep saying that Now is the only time that we have. We can’t do anything in the past or future. 

We must live now and do something now and maybe continue doing it in the next moment or the next day.

The motion of the universe and of planet Earth is happening Now and we are in that motion that moves forward at the speed of light. 

But, as human souls, we see that time has slowed down for us so we can experience this time in slow motion. 

When souls want something it happens instantly but when we are living a physical life we experience time moving slowly.

Things that we desire take time to manifest and it gives us time to ponder if we still want it tomorrow or next month.

9.Time Travel

This brings us to the question of what is time and can time change? Is time travel possible? 

Think about time travel like this. There is an energy of motion that allows physical objects to move and the best example is light. 

The top speed of motion is built into the speed of light. Time is used as a measurement of that motion. But time is not the energy of motion.

Humans have invented clocks to measure this motion accurately and calendars to keep track of the flow of this motion.

Consider that the flow of motion only goes forward like the flow of water in a river. 

You can’t step into the same water again because the water changes each moment.

The motion of light only moves forward so each passing moment is never the same. 

The past doesn’t exist anymore and the speed of motion continues forward.

Now you want to know if you can travel to a past energy of motion that doesn’t exist or to the future which doesn’t exist. 

-Time Travel using a Spaceship- - -  

All the way to the moon Elton.

The many theories that involve time travel using a spaceship involve time dilation. 

They theorize that traveling in a spaceship at almost the speed of light slows down time as well as your biological time.

When you return to Earth you would be younger than your friends. However, you have missed all the news and events that have happened in your absence. 

As I mentioned in the Time Dilation chapter gravitational force on matter causes time dilation in the measurement of a clock’s time.

But these also change the mass-energy and frequency of matter and not only the measure of time.   

With the increase in mass-energy and the slowing of matter’s frequencies, a human would not survive speeds close to the speed of light. 

What this really means is that time travel using a spaceship or using other ways is impossible. 

Motion in the universe is constant and always moving forward. 

We have come into the physical Universe as physical beings to learn and evolve consciousness, not to use time travel as a tool to avoid learning our lessons. 

As always you can dream of the past and of the future but please learn how to live in the Now moment and be happy.

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Thanks for being here and as always be well.

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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