Global Warming to a New Dimension

Global Warming to a New Dimension

Global warming is bringing us into a new dimension. The terms Global Warming and Climate Change are often used interchangeably. But, climate change is about the effects of global warming. Such as, precipitation, sunshine, and water temperature on farming, environment and air quality. Global warming is about an evolutionary movement into the next dimension. The Earth and our galaxy is slowly entering a new dimension. Let me explain... 

Imagine a new dimension that is more enlightened, peaceful and loving                                  

Global Warming

Global Warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide,  and chlorofluorocarbons. This warming isn’t considered a normal occurrence in the world.

The Northern Hemisphere and the North Pole have warmed up faster than the South Pole. The North has much more land area and the decrease of reflective snow allows for greater warming of the water and land. 

Thus, climate changes happen as areas absorb more sun. The climate system is comprised of 5 essential parts. The atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere and lithosphere. For more information look on wikipedia.

The internet is full of articles and agencies documenting and studying this climate change but we have missed the meaning of global warming. Global warming includes the effects of climate change but the ultimate goal is our movement into a new dimension.

Causes of Global Warming

There are many factors that can alter global warming and climate change. A few that come to mind are, sun activity of solar flares, volcanoes and excessive greenhouse gases. The scientists of the world are 97% in agreement about the main cause. 

The main reason they say is that we have an excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. This means humans are responsible for global warming. I couldn’t agree more ...except, this is normal.

The question begs a closer look at the reasons of global warming with a better understanding of the human condition. The climate crisis affects us in many ways and it requires a holistic answer. It can’t be resolved by experts in financial, environmental or political representatives. 

The Human Energy System may have the answer to Global Warming

What is needed is a radical understanding of evolution

A Business of Emotions

The current state of mass consciousness is controlled by big companies using the power of emotions. Here are some examples for you to ponder.

Cigarettes and Cancer

Many people are dying from smoking cigarettes. A big anti-smoking campaign started to educate people about the dangers of cigarette smoke. 

The question is do we cure Cancer  or stop smoking cigarettes?


The fact remains that people are addicted and cancer has increased. The focus went to find a cure for cancer instead of eliminating smoking.

Now the cure for Cancer is such a big business that more people are living off of cancer than there are people dying from cancer. Why do we make and sell a product that is poison?

The fuel that maintains cancer research is the money that people donate during multiple walks and Cancer Runs. Emotionally people are personally invested in contributing to finding a cure. 

The truth is that a cure would put too many people out of a job. This isn’t a good situation.

The Search for Dark Matter

Scientists have been looking for invisible matter for about 50 years. All the research in physics and the universe shows that about 26% of the matter in our universe is missing.

$50 Billion plus- spent looking for dark matter in the wrong dimension.

This invisible matter is called dark matter and the big business of science spent $13.25 billion to build the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 1976 to find this dark material.

The operating expenses are around $5 billion per year and they haven’t found a trace of this dark matter. Imagine how many people are making a living looking for matter that isn’t in the 3rd dimension (our visible universe).

In early 2019 they announced that they will spend another $22 billion to construct a larger and more powerful collider. This money will provide jobs but will never find Dark Matter because it is in another dimension.

Scientists are heavily invested in this research for their livelihood. 

Global Warming Organizations

I imagine that there are many, many corporations and government funded organizations funded by public money to study Climate Change.

We are part of the problem when we focus on fighting we aren’t solving 

This is another big business model where scientists are making a living to solve a global crisis. Yes, the data they have collected is conclusive. 

Climate change is a result of Global Warming! Furthermore, they say it’s caused by human activity burning fossil fuels. We are being blamed for using fossil fuels…

How do they solve this global problem? The governments apply a carbon tax on fuels that can partly fund the research and study global warming.

Again it becomes a big business where many people are making a living. But this is not a cure for the illness.

Global Warming Cure?

Government funded solutions are similar to the cure for cigarette smoking.  They put the blame on you and say don’t smoke it’s not healthy. 

In the case of global warming they say don’t use your car, take a bicycle to work. Grow your own garden or shop local to cut down on transportation and refrigeration costs. 

On the other hand, you will pay more money for the fuel to heat your home and drive your car.

The blame is always on us as consumers but it’s not our fault. Big companies are the ones behind all the policies which are manipulated into financial concerns.

Global warming has caused a shift in the temperature and weather patterns. But it’s not entirely caused by burning fossil fuels. The dangers of global warming is one of the biggest lies being perpetrated at this time. 

When Ice Melts 

As you know when ice and water is heated the molecules vibrate faster and at a specific frequency they change into different things. 

What happens is molecules enter a phase transition and ice becomes water and water becomes a gas. Each atom and molecule can pass through a phase transition and become a solid, liquid, gas or plasma. The plasma state of matter is the most abundant form of matter in the universe and it exists inside all stars.

A Phase Transition to Another Dimension

At this time Earth is starting to transition from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and eventually into the 5th dimension. Just like water can transition into gas, the Earth will transition to another dimension.

One thing that is holding this ascension from happening is our lack of knowing about extra dimensions. The Universe is made up of different dimensions and the 3rd dimension is the heaviest or most dense.

I have been saying this for years, “Dimensions are the tools needed to create a Universe.”

Mother Earth and our Sun is preparing for our journey into the 4th dimension by using Global Warming as a signal it’s time to help raise mass consciousness

What we call Dark Matter is normal matter that has already transitioned into the next higher frequency dimension.

What Does Global Warming Really Mean

Global warming means that it’s a signal from the sun to start the next step of evolution. The Universe is not static, it moves through dimensions. The energy that created the Universe came from a dimension that is not physical the way we know physicality. 

Most of the matter in our 3rd dimension of the universe has already moved into the 4th dimension. We call it dark matter because we can’t see into other dimensions.

When enough matter has gone into black holes and entered the 4th dimension the rest of the matter will ascend in some kind of manner. I still am unsure how mankind will make the journey. But there must be a way...

What is special about our ascension is that the Earth is taking all of her inhabitants with her. This has never been done before so all eyes are on planet Earth to see how it happens. 

This transition will go smoothly if you help your body into accepting higher frequencies. Your emotions can keep you stuck to old unresolved issues of loss and illness. Those toxic emotions will make it difficult to transition into higher vibrations. 

During this transition, climate changes will happen. Our Sun is also going through changes into higher frequencies. 

With this change the Sun will direct more heat to Earth as a signal to mother Earth that it’s time to move forward. This extra energy isn’t only because of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming and Big Business

Now is not the time to worry and be afraid of global warming. Big corporations don’t want change because they fear it will take away their power and money. 

Already they are tugging at our emotions by saying Polar Bears and other species may disappear. They focus only on negative emotions and ask us to help.

We have been programmed into thinking that we have a lack of abundance to go around. Corporations warn that the food supply is dwindling and that energy is becoming scarce. 

The opposite is true. There is an unlimited supply of abundance and the ability to create more. But our current perception is that we see lack because of our emotions

Animal lovers as well as most environmental agencies will fight global change because of the evidence that many animal species are going extinct. But that is a big falsehood as history has shown us. 

Would we want dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers roaming the cities. Animals evolve but, we are the reason the universe exists. As the universe evolves we evolve. Let’s focus on our evolution since all the animals, birds, reptiles and insects will not make it into the next dimension.  

Global Warming isn’t Our Fault

The current feeling is that global warming is the fault of you and me using fossil fuels. How can it be unnatural to use the material that mother Earth has provided for us. Now is not the time to focus on blame but to stay positive.

The most toxic energy that we can subject the Earth to is our own toxic emotions. The more anger, fear, and limitation we create, the more damaging it is for the Earth. This is the worst energy that we can pump into the air.

Let me remind you how we like to support Cancer Research with our time and money. Our emotions are being used to focus on Cancer and illness, not on being healthy.

The Power of Thought

This is the Law of Attraction at work. What you focus on you will create more of. You want to eliminate cancer not make more of it.

Let me explain it in another way. What makes more sense focusing our energy to study poverty to eliminate it. Or focusing energy to study abundance to eliminate poverty.

Another example, let's focus on how to fight and win wars to get a peaceful Earth. Or let’s focus on studying how to make peace in the world.

When we put our energy and emotions to heal the toxic world we are externally keeping the world in a 3rd dimension mindset of lack. We are creating more of the problem instead of healing the Earth. 

Mother Earth is reflecting back the energy that we give out. Look at things from a different perspective and realize that the Earth is a reflection of our inner emotional state. Mass consciousness is what needs to heal.

You can change Global Warming into a positive force. Notice when you treat your family and friends with love you get more love and friendship in return. You can still love your family even if there is a negative situation, the same with mother Earth.

This feeling of lack isn’t our fault. We have been victims of the media and financial institutions that perpetuate these toxic feelings as a positive emotion. 


(Mother Earth is our home, schoolhouse and vehicle for evolving consciousness)

New Paradigm Cure

The new paradigm to change the toxic Earth is by changing our perception of reality. Know that mother Earth will nurture and heal us when we need it. But if we heal our old emotional issues, mother Earth will help us heal even faster.  

The Ultimate Truth is that Mother Earth is here for our experience of life in a physical world. Earth was created as our schoolhouse to learn and evolve consciousness.

Of course we never imagined that Earth was ascending into another dimension. This changes the ball game. Now we have a new meaning for healing the world…

Imagine living in the 4th dimension which isn’t as dense as this reality. You can help this transition by your thoughts and actions. 

Are you thinking lack again by saying you are only one person so you can’t make a difference in the world? Well it matters. Each one of us matters.

It only takes 144.000 people out of 6 billion to make a change. You can help others follow your positive thinking and the world will begin to change.

Global Warming isn’t such a bad thing after all. Allow your emotions to relax and be happy, we're  going to a higher vibration, a more positive place to live. 

In Summary:

  1. Global Warming is a crisis the needs a Holistic healing process

  2. What is needed is a radical paradigm shift.

  3. Examples of toxic emotions show how we are manipulated by big business

  4. Humans are the cause of global warming which means it’s time to heal our emotions

  5. Be careful how you use the Law of Attraction, what you think is what you get

  6. Our Universe is transitioning into a new dimension

  7. The new Paradigm Cure is in the evolution of consciousness

  8. Each one of us can make a difference!

If you resonate with this new information I want you to be on my tribe of followers. I would like to encourage your dreams and confirm your thoughts that science will show us the Ultimate Truth. I care about our evolution as we all start to wake up one soul at a time.

Let’s begin to appreciate how important it is to share our personal beliefs.

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Thanks for being here. As always, be well. 

About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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