Does It Take Time?

Does It Take Time?

 Does it take time to do things, and can we measure time? 

For example, does it take time to travel? Do we use time to travel? Maybe you’re thinking about time travel, lol. 

If you're driving 300 kilometers, and your average speed is 100 km/hr, you can say it takes three hours to travel. 

But the car's engine moves the car, and time is a measurement of the travel duration. 

You can estimate the travel time if you know the speed and distance. To know your travel time, you can calculate it using a clock’s time when you arrive at your destination. 

Can We Measure Time?

You probably think clocks measure time. But clocks show numbers, and you interpret the numbers as time. 

A clock is like a time machine, lol. 

The Earth moves at a constant speed, and clocks tick at the rate Earth rotates.  

We calculate the motion and speed of things based on the speed of clocks. 

The stars and galaxies don't move with time. They use the force of gravity. 

Time doesn't cause motion. We can measure motion, but we can't measure time.  

Einstein assumed that objects take time to move, but time isn’t a force of nature. 

Einstein attempted to measure time by using the constant speed of light to reach different frames of reference. 

We say it takes time for an object to move from here to there. 

But a force moves the object, and we measure the motion using the display of a clock. 

How far is the distance, and how fast is the speed? Time is an invention using clocks. 

Time is a concept that is used to measure motion and activity. 

It’s not a simple concept because we use words to explain time without realizing that our meaning is wrong. 

Whenever we talk about time, we use words to describe our thoughts incorrectly. Time is what a clock shows.

It doesn’t take time to move. It takes a force to move, but you can use clocks to measure the motion. 

If you say it takes time to move, you are saying that time travel exists. 

Does it take time for sunlight to reach us? Sunlight moves with electromagnetic force, and it doesn’t take time or use time to move. We use clocks to measure the sunlight's travel time.

Is Time Relative, or are Clocks Relative?

Einstein postulated that it takes light time to move and that time is relative to your frame of reference. 

It’s a mistake to say that time has physical qualities. Light is always moving as an electromagnetic wave function. 

Light doesn’t use time or take time to move. Time on a clock measures the movement. 

In special relativity, Einstein used imaginary clocks to measure time. His theory of relativity uses a photon clock that gives different times for light to move the same distance. 

But the speed of light doesn't change no matter how fast an object moves. 

Clocks are relative to the force of gravity, and time dilation is the result. Time dilation is the measured motion change during a change in the force of gravity.

Using Time And Energy

We don’t move in time or use time. Time doesn’t flow or move. Clocks move. 

Does it take time to walk to the store? No, you supply the power using your feet. 

Does it take time to read a book? No, it takes your eyes and mind to do the reading. 

Nothing takes time. Nothing uses time. Timekeeping uses the measurement of durations and motion of events and actions. 

We don’t use time to make things. It never takes time to make things. It takes your mind and a tool using your energy as a force. 

We don’t save time. We save energy. We don’t use time. We use clocks. We don’t spend time doing anything. 

We spend energy. We work, we sleep, we exercise, we talk, we read, we imagine, we dream, and we use a clock to measure our activities. 

Time is in the motion of energy.

We use energy, we spend and save energy. But we can’t save time, take time or spend time. 

However, we monitor and measure our energy with the invention of clocks. 

Clocks show the time, and timekeeping lets us keep track of our daily events and future appointments. 

Time is a challenging concept that comes from clocks and governs everything we do. 

But when you think about time, it’s only found on clocks and as concepts in our thoughts. 

Time doesn’t exist except as the measurement of energy in motion. Clocks show the time but time is invisible. Be mindful of how you think and talk about time. 

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