Is Time A Dimension?

Is Time a Dimension?

 Scientists consider time to be the 4th dimension when using the geometry equations of Spacetime in Einstein's General relativity. 

But time isn’t a physical dimension or a physical thing, and neither is the fabric of space-time. 

Time is what a clock shows, and it’s a number that corresponds to the rotation of the Earth. 

You can think that a clock is like a miniature model of the Earth, ticking (moving) at the rate that the Earth moves. 

Time only exists on clocks and in our thoughts. 

When we look at the numbers on a clock, we convert numbers into time. 

The process of numbers turning into time is the magic of clocks showing us the time. 

It’s a fantastic way of creating time from a clock's ticking.

However, we use time in many different ways to earn money and make a living. 

Most people think that time is a physical thing that causes events and activities. But time has no physical power to change anything. 

Time is a measurement system of motion. 

We use the speed of clocks to measure the speed of everything else, and we use timekeeping to keep track of our daily events and activities. 

The properties of time are multifaceted, but they only exist in our minds and on clocks. 

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Is Time An Observable Thing?

This question is a bit strange, but so is time. 

Time isn’t an observable process except on a clock’s display. 

Atomic clocks use quantum mechanics to count photon oscillations in a cesium atom. 

Quantum oscillations are not observable because they happen at the speed of light. 

The speed of light and quantum particles moves at the speed of c, and thus the motion is not observable. 

The only movement observable in the universe is the motion of visible objects and matter. 

We can see the movement of visible things, but we can't see time. 

Time is the measurement of movement.

Nothing is stationary in the universe, and we assume time is moving when we see the movement of things. 

But time isn't the movement. It's the measurement of movement.  

The movement is visible, and a measuring device shows you the time. 

For instance, you don’t see the Earth spinning. You see the Sun moving across the sky. 

However, the Sun doesn’t move. The Earth moves. 

The time on clocks moves at the rate of Earth’s rotation, and the only way we can measure the rotation is to compare it to the stationary Sun. 

We invented time from our motion, using clocks to display the movement as time. 

Then we use the display on clocks to measure the motion of everything else. 

I hope that explains why time isn’t visible because time is a measurement. 

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