Consciousness of the Universe

Consciousness of the Universe

The history of consciousness before the Big Bang event is a mystery, but we can imagine its history. 

Many religious books have been written about a God that is the supreme source of everything. 

We have been asking the following questions for thousands of years.

What is God, where did the Universe come from, where did consciousness come from and who am I…

These questions always have a personal interest or curiosity because we are living on this small planet Earth without the answers.

Try to imagine what happened before you or I existed. 

Scientists say it’s impossible to know anything before the Big bang event.

It’s like asking what was in your mind before you had a thought about something.

Science can’t prove what made your thoughts and you might not remember either but something gave you the idea to have a thought. 

Did God have thoughts of loneliness? 

What is Consciousness

Consciousness is the ability to know that you exist and that you are aware of yourself as a separate entity having free will. 

Our physical, mental, and emotional bodies are separate parts. 

But the spiritual part comes from outside of our body, just like the Big Bang event comes from outside the Universe. 

The big question is where does consciousness come from and how can we get it? 


To understand consciousness think outside the box. The Big Bang 

Created the universe and life. In life, there is a power that wants to 

know itself and to experience its Creation.

Does God Exist 

Does God exist and what would a God do or look like? What science calls energy, religions call God.

It’s almost laughable that people still believe in a personal God. 

A popular belief is that a person born to a woman on a remote, small planet in the universe is a God and that his father created the entire Universe.

The joke is in our inability to understand the magnitude of the question, what is God.

What is God ​

To even begin to understand what God means you must understand how the Universe came into existence. 

Then try to understand where life came from and finally where did consciousness come from. 

The answer to each of these questions begins with knowing that nothing can be made without having an idea or a plan.

What that means is that everything starts from some kind of energy and that energy must have a mind and a consciousness. 

What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither... it was the mind of creation that created the universe and the power of evolution to make life.

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch you need a desire and a plan.

Try to create a universe without a plan, without energy, and without a purpose. 

You must create all the ingredients in just the right amount using proper tools and science.

What’s a universe without life, without a purpose, without you and me? 

A God must be all-knowing, eternal, everywhere, all-powerful and each of these attributes must be infinite. 

There can be nothing more infinite and nothing beyond this infinity.

The Source of Power

Words are inadequate to describe the source of consciousness. 

I don't like to use the word God because it has so many emotional meanings in our religious and social lives. 

I prefer to name the source of consciousness as our Source. 

Where this Source comes from is beyond our powers of imagination, yet we can imagine how we as a person arrived into physical existence. 

Imagine there’s no heaven and hell only the blue sky above, wrote John Lennon. 

Imagine that God does exist and that we have a connection to that energy source. 

Allow me to think outside the universe and stretch my mind to talk about the beginning of everything. 

To make it easier to understand I will explain in the first person as God speaking.

God in First Person

I (God) was feeling lonely at Source for one moment and that feeling gave me a thought and a desire. 

I am the all-knowing all-powerful omnipotent omnipresent energy of Source and that desire became stronger so I created it into a plan. 

I imagined that I would have other beings who would be with me. 

The plan evolved further so in all my powerful imagination I took some of my infinite energy and split it into an enormous number of small pieces of myself. 

These pieces were still attached to my energy but they were able to have separate thoughts. 

This way I imagined they would be parts of myself that would experience in many possible ways.

With their learning and experiences, these Spirits would help me in my evolution and I would learn more about myself and this feeling of loneliness... 

In effect, these Spirits became vehicles of my consciousness. 

Consciousness Creates a Universe

I can't take credit for what happened after that because all these little pieces of myself created various systems in their infinite powers of imagination and organization. 

As they evolved and interacted with each other they created all the infrastructure necessary to run operations that I didn't imagine. 

This was working out well and I was learning and enjoying their creative minds.

You could even say that they are my children in the sense that they are still attached to my energy field.

These spirits explored and played around with the infinite energy available to them. 

They learned to change energy into different forms of energy and into much lower frequencies so that light was produced. 

Fascination with this creation of lower forms of energy they were able to create the Universe.

You see my energy has intelligence, and this lower form of energy in the Universe still has intelligence. This is all a chip off the old block. 

The matter that was created by the big bang changed into all possible combinations as energy changed into lower vibrations of electrons, atoms, magnetism, light, etc. 

Then this energy cooled some more and gravity played a large part in creating stars and complex molecules.

The inherent intelligence in matter formed galaxies, stars, and planets. 

Furthermore, my Spirits were able to help the matter evolve into life, or what you call life. 

As this life evolved into complex forms some of my Spirits wanted to go and experience their creations. 

Vehicles of Consciousness

Alas, the high-frequency energy of Spirits could not enter into low energy states so they could only observe their creation. The hand of spirit passes right through matter.

Then they had the same desire that I had during my energy change into Spirits.

In the same way that I divided my energy into lower vibrations of my energy, some of these spirits decided to create vehicles and split part of their energy into lower forms. 

You know these Spirits as Souls and that is what you are. 

But try as they might the Souls still didn’t have a low enough frequency of vibration to enter a physical world. 

These Souls are vehicles of their Spirit and then the Soul level decided to split into still smaller parts to experience this world of life that was created.

The only way to really be inside this physical creation was to take a small part of the soul or a spark of the soul and enter into a prehistoric man at birth to create a Human. 

The soul was able to live inside a man and thus experience living a physical life inside their creation. 

Well, this is what happened after I had a desire and made an action to create Spirits. 

Later, Spirits created Souls as their vehicle and souls created humans as their vehicle. 

In this energy division, each step becomes a part of my vehicle to experience evolution, and evolve consciousness.  

Thus in this energy, we are all connected to the one Source that I Am.

This is my simplest explanation using the inadequate description of words. 

I am the Source Consciousness and you are the spark consciousness of the Soul. 

We are all connected together as one at my Source level.

Mind before Matter

Mind never matters and matter never minds -Erik Lovin~

As you can imagine, you need intelligence first before you can create anything. 

Soon you learned to make an apple pie and the entire world that you live in was created by your ability to use your mind.

But a strange thing happened when you the physical human decided to ignore your soul connection. 

Your spark of soul got stuck in physicality when humans started thinking that this was all that life was about. 

The soul spark of consciousness is in humans.

Is this all there is? Humans are now starting to wake up one soul at a time.

Ultimately you can't escape your source connection, because part of you is still with me. 

I am waiting for you to come back home. Enjoy the journey! 

Thoughts about- Confessions from God 

God exists as the Infinite Source of all energy and power. 

It was Spiritual energy that created the universe and the levels of hierarchy that operate their creation. 

We are all part of our soul connection which has a connection to our infinite source. 

And we should recognize that our soul spark is the reason for our vehicle of consciousness. 

Yes, we can hide and lie but ultimately we are going back to our source. 

Let’s start by acknowledging our true nature and stop hiding from our birthright.

God exists outside of the Universe but we are a small part of the Source connection.

You can say, I Am That I Am... 

Tell yourself this: I am the I am presence experiencing creation. 

Where Does Consciousness Come From

Do energy and matter become life and life evolves into consciousness? Or did consciousness evolve into life? 

Truth be told Creation and Evolution worked hand in hand over millions of years to create life from single-cell bacteria that evolved into animals.

However, there must have been some kind of mind at work. 

The energy that created the Big Bang had to have a mind to perform that event. 

Therefore, consciousness existed first and this mind with consciousness created the Universe!

Evolution was the next step, creation had to have a blueprint to follow and a consciousness to keep things in order. 

The group of evolution workers closely followed the creationary moments when necessary.

The universe came in with a big bang from a source that has consciousness. 

There’s no doubt that the universe was a creation but where was the creation from and who are the creators?

We are all aware of Mother Nature as the energy that gives earth life to grow and nourish.  But this is different than the energy of Creation and Evolution of the Universe.

The Journey of Consciousness

Here are the probable steps that were taken to bring us this power of consciousness.

After the Big bang formed matter, a spark of life was added to evolve matter into bacteria and simple cell structures that evolved into birds and animals. 

Millions of years later the missing link was given to Homo Sapiens as they became Humans by the magic of Creation. 

Now here we are asking the question, what came first, the chicken or the egg.

It was a consciousness that created the Universe and consciousness that lives in its own creation. There you have it in a nutshell…

What this really means is that a mind created this physical place and your physical body and mind are living in this world and in your body. 

The result is that Evolution continues to create and Creation continues to evolve.

Our purpose is to experience consciousness in a physical way in order to evolve the mind of Consciousness. Wow!... 

Our Soul spark

The way to understand the process is to understand that our body has the spark of soul.

Souls were created at our Source by the Spirit within us and all Souls are eternal and never die. 

We can't create Spirits and no new Spirits/Souls can be created in this Universe.

And Souls gave us the spark of our creator and the link to consciousness.

Consider that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are separate parts. 

We should realize that the spiritual part comes from outside of our bodies. 

Just like the Big Bang came from outside the Universe. 

The question is how does the spirit enter our body and when does it happen? What is the   

 "missing link"?

The missing Link

How does the intelligence of Source act upon all life and travel from Source to all parts of Creation? 

An intelligent Source Created this Universe and that intelligence is inside of everything, from the smallest particle to the largest parts of the Universe.

This intelligence came from outside our Universe and this intelligence has consciousness, unlimited power, infinite resources and the source of all science and physics.

These properties from Source existed before our Universe, they were not created inside of our Universe.

But we know that nothing is static and that the only constant is change! 

Therefore, that consciousness is evolving here just like we are evolving.

So there can be no other explanation except that the consciousness that created this Universe is the consciousness that is inside of us. 

Thus, this Universe was created for us, since we are a part of that consciousness.

Source of Consciousness

The source of consciousness comes ultimately from a supreme power we call God. 

But God is impersonal and is not a personal religious character. 

The mind of God allows every outcome in order to experience creation with all of its possibilities.  

As conscious souls, we are the ones making rules and conditions pertaining to living. 

We are souls with free will who use our life in order to evolve the mind of Source. 

As humans we create heaven and hell by our thoughts often with the help of religion and governments.

It’s a waste of time and effort to pray to a lower form of god in the hope of getting personal favors. 

Your life is in your hands and your hands only. 

The Buddha pose shows that your mind connects to your hands. What the mind thinks the law of attraction creates. 

Your thoughts create your beliefs and those beliefs mold your life. 

You are today what your thoughts were yesterday and you will be tomorrow what your thoughts are today. 

Destiny and fate  are also controlled and shaped by your thoughts

If you notice that your life is out of control change your thoughts accordingly.

The sooner you take control of your thoughts, the sooner you will live according to the law of the evolution of consciousness. 


Consciousness comes from the mind of God and we are connected to that mind by our consciousness. 

It was this consciousness that created the universe and our Soul levels. 

We are living a physical life so that we can physically experience consciousness and help evolve the Source by our thoughts and actions. 

I hope that this information is helping to answer some of those questions that were bugging you.

I thank you for being here and as always be well.  https://lovinthings.com 

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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