Black Holes Finally Explained

Black Holes Finally Explained

Black holes started forming in the early universe before galaxies existed. 

The early universe was 93% hydrogen which quickly turned into giant stars. 

When these giant stars ran out of hydrogen fuel, they started to fuse helium atoms. 

A giant star has fused many atoms into shells surrounding the core, but fusion stops at iron. 

The fusion process continues with heavier elements until the star’s core is mostly iron. 

The fusion of iron isn’t possible, so the star has run out of fuel, and it causes a supernova reaction. 

The outward force of the nuclear fusion in the star’s core was balanced with the inward pull of gravity, holding the star’s outer layers together. 

When the star stops its fusion reaction energy going outward, the force of gravity pulls the outer layers of the star towards the center iron core. 

The (inwards) implosion of matter hits the iron core at speeds up to 23% of light speed. This sets off a supernova explosion that creates a black hole.  

The process is the most powerful reaction in the universe as the nuclear supernova explodes, sending most of the star’s outer material into space. 

During this explosion, the heavier atoms in the periodic table are created, and the star’s mass goes out into space. 

The explosion also has an equal and opposite force inwards to the iron core of the star. On top of that, the iron core collapses inward by gravity when the fusion reaction stopped. 

The result is that these two massive forces act together, creating a black hole. Think of it like hammering a spike into the fabric of space itself. 

This is the first real photo of a black hole, released in April 2018. 

What is a Black Hole

A supernova creates a black hole, and the force of gravity is so strong that it baffles us. 

Consider that the giant star was massive, perhaps more than 6 billion times larger than our sun. 

After most of the outer layers are blown away into space, the iron core has a much smaller size and less mass than it had. 

Therefore, why does the black hole have so much gravitational force that not even light can escape? 

When the iron core collapses in on itself by the pull of gravity, it turns into a small mass with the same amount of gravity but focused on a smaller area. 

Remember that the exploding supernova’s force also exerts an equal force into the iron core during the iron core collapse. 

What seems to happen is that there is so much energy created that a phase transition occurs. 

A phase transition is a moment between states of matter, like when ice turns into water. 

I think of it as matter existing in different energy levels with different frequencies.

The black hole’s matter transitions into a higher frequency matter and enters another energy level of the universe. 

A disclaimer is needed here. These other energy levels aren't inside our 3rd dimension because every energy level is separate.  

A brief lesson on phase transitions: Each time matter changes into a different form, it needs extra energy to transition between phases. 

For instance, when ice transitions into water, water into a gas, or gas into a plasma, there is an energy barrier between these water phases. 

Think of these energy barriers between phases as energy barriers between dimensions. 

A Black Hole then is really like a hole or a portal held open into another energy dimension. 

Examine this diagram of how energy makes a phase transition.

A Black hole has created a hole into another energy level of space. Past the event horizon is the point of no return, a phase transition takes place and sends the energy into the universe’s next level.  

The membrane between levels keeps energy levels separate from each other, but gravity is a long-range force and can “leak” into our dimension. 

Other Dimensions Exist

If you are skeptical about other energy levels or dimensions, let me ask you. Where do you think the Big bang came from? 

If we call dimensions “different energy levels,” it’s easier to understand instead of calling them different dimensions. 

The universe is 13.8 billion years old, and it started at the big bang event. The start of the universe is proof that other dimensions exist. 

You can’t build a universe from inside the universe or from nothing.

If you think that the universe sprang out of space as a quantum fluctuation or something like that?

Then, tell me, where did the energy come from to create the initial universe? You can’t escape the fact that there is a source that created the universe. 

That source must be in a different dimension or realm in a nonphysical dimension with unlimited energy and intelligence. 

We have a mini example of a similar kind of energy moving matter into a different dimension using black holes. 

The Big bang sent energy to make the entire universe, while black holes send energy into another energy level in the universe. 

The proof is in the amount of matter in the universe. Our dimension only has 5% of the total mass and energy of the universe. Where is the other 95%? 

You see, black holes have a massive amount of gravity and gravity comes from mass. Since we only have 5% of the total mass, the missing mass can’t be here or inside black holes? 

If the mass were inside black holes, it would register as being 100% in our dimension. 

The only solution is that black holes are portals into another level. Matter falls into black holes and comes out of possible white holes inside the other energy level. 

Where is the mystery energy level that has most of the matter?  See the diagram below.

Black Hole’s and Dark Dimensions

My realization is that matter falls into black holes, but it doesn’t stay inside the black hole.

It means that the massive gravity coming from Black holes is coming from somewhere else, namely from another energy level. 

Black holes must be a portal or opening into another energy level, and the strong field of gravity leaks out from the portal opening into our dimension. 

The moment you’ve been waiting for. The matter goes into the other dimension, and we call it dark matter.

That’s why we can’t find any dark matter in our dimension.

Dark matter is the ordinary matter that has gone into the next energy level, and we can feel the long-range force of gravity coming from there. 

The long-range force of gravity is the reason why our dimension is expanding and accelerating even faster towards that other level. 

As more and more matter leaves our dimension, we feel a stronger attraction towards the next more massive dimension. 

The Purpose of Black Holes

The Universe needs these Black holes because they are responsible for creating galaxies. 

Most of the matter ejected from a star’s supernova makes new stars and planets that orbit around the massive gravity coming out of black holes. 

Black holes also increase the universe’s entropy by changing ordinary matter into higher frequency matter that moves into higher energy levels in the universe’s evolution. 

The Event Horizon     

The size and thus the strength of black holes comes from the size of the event horizon. 

The event horizon is a circular region around the black hole from which matter and even light can not escape.

However, the real reason light can’t escape from the event horizon is because the portal only goes in one direction.  

Matter, including light, can only move into the portal and thus the next dimension. Nothing can come back out except the force of gravity, which doesn’t have mass.  

The Artist’s view of the event horizon is the black ball area representing the area of no return.

Time Dilation

Time slows down in a strong field of gravity. The effect is known as time dilation.

The science-fiction definition means that if we could see a spaceship falling towards a black hole, it would seem to happen in slow motion. 

The ultimate truth about time is that motion isn’t affected. Only the clock’s time will change. I invite you to read the report on time here.

The truth is that motion happens near light speed for the spaceship, and we wouldn’t see any of it taking place because black holes are millions of light-years away from Earth. 


Spaghettification is a science fiction theory made up by Stephen Hawking. 

His theory suggests that the force of gravity is stronger the closer you are to the singularity inside the black hole. He didn’t know about the phase transition area.

He said if an astronaut falls into a black hole, he will be stretched and pulled apart during his death because the force of gravity on his feet is much stronger than at his head. 

Stephen had a vivid imagination with a lot of humor. The fact is black holes are thousands and millions of light-years away, so we would never reach them.  

A body falling into a black hole gets stretched like in spaghettification.

Hawking Radiation

In 1974 Stephen Hawking announced that a black hole could lose energy by black body radiation and get smaller and eventually vanish. 

This does not happen since more matter falls into these holes constantly until there is no more matter left in the 3rd dimension. 

Hawking radiation doesn’t exist because a black hole a black body that can radiate energy. 

Scientists are still confused by the math and energy of black holes because they don’t believe that other dimensions exist. (mainly because they can’t see into black holes). 

Black and White Holes

A black hole appears completely black because light can’t come out of the event horizon. 

A white hole is the other end of the tunnel or portal that goes into another dimension. 

If we were in that other dimension, we would see a bright star in the sky.

But if all the matter were already in that other dimension, the white holes would close, and new black holes would start. The evolution of matter continues.  

The Einstein-Rosen bridge shows how a theoretical black hole can connect to an exit white hole.

Inside Black Holes

We can’t see into black holes because it’s a one-way door into an energy barrier. 

If we could see into a black hole, what would we find inside? 

The inside of a black hole is a phase transition portal into another energy level of existence. 

The energy inside is gravity because the matter (dark matter) can’t be in our 3rd dimension that contains less than 5% of the matter in the universe. 

A phase transition is something that we can’t observe. For example, when ice turns into water, we either have ice or water. 

The transition phase area depends on the amount of matter and energy in the black hole.

The End of Time

Time is the measurement of motion that came and started the Big bang event. 

The end of time in our physical universe will happen when all the energy goes back to the source of the universe. 

That event would look like the reverse of the Big bang. 

When the antimatter dimension meets our 6th dimension energy level, they will annihilate each other. 

The resulting force will push past the phase barrier separating the physical universe from the nonphysical universe. 

All the energy goes back to the source that created the universe, and time ends for our universe. 

Our universe is possibly at a mature age and approaching old age. We might only have another 3 billion years left in this universe. 

Where will we go when our time has come to an end? 

This drawing represents the flow of energy from the Big bang event in the 6th dimension where matter and antimatter separated into parallel dimensions and will meet again in the 6th dimension to annihilate each other and return the total energy back to the nonphysical 7th dimension.

Final Thoughts:

Black holes are a significant part of the evolution of the universe. Although everything is essential and necessary in its way, none of its features are useless. 

Consider that the early black holes formed while supergiant stars created the necessary molecules to make planets and start life. 

The first giant black holes formed the central point of gravity necessary for galaxies and planets to exist. 

All along the way, black holes are constantly moving matter into higher energy levels to bring the energy back to where it started. Wow-what a fantastic movement of matter/energy! 

The final Big bang ends the universe because of the vital work done by black holes and dark matter. 

This article is the ultimate and newest information about black holes. I hope it answers the questions that you had. 

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Thank you for your time and energy as we look for answers and, as always, be well. 

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