What Is A Dimension Anyway?

What Is A Dimension Anyway?

  The word dimension has changed to mean several different things. A dimension is a measurement of objects, especially by architects, or as a deeper understanding of something such as dimensional analysis, or in the dimensions of life, the dimensions of taste, the dimensions of love, or the dimensions of science fiction, such as black holes or other realms. What is the dimension of time, and what is the dimension of space? 

The Size Of Dimensions

In physics, the String theory explains that there are 11 dimensions in the universe. Quantum mechanics explains that the strings are hidden dimensions that are too small to see or measure. 

But a dimension cannot have a size because a dimension is a measurement of size. I would suggest that the hidden dimensions have higher energy levels and thus cannot be seen; perhaps they are the dark energy. 

But I think that the mathematics are interpreted in the wrong way. Furthermore, energy can exist in higher frequencies which is the only reasonable answer if other dimensions (energy levels) of space exist.

Dimensions are Descriptions

Dimensions are not places or spaces, lol. Dimensions are descriptions of things. The universe has three dimensions to describe things and a reference of time to describe when.

But the universe has many levels of energy, and often, people refer to them as dimensions. Energy is real, but descriptions are not. 

Think about it this way; everything, including the universe, is made of particles of energy, and we can describe the energy. But the descriptions are like a map, and a map isn’t the territory.

Any physical place, space, or thing needs to have three dimensions to describe it. Even a map has three dimensions when you describe the thickness of the paper. But you can’t have more than three dimensions of an object.

However, energy exists on many different levels. Take water; for example, it can be ice as a solid, water as a liquid, vapor as a gas, a plasma, and a Boise-Einstein-condensate. 

When it’s gas, it’s an invisible energy level to our eyes. So, you should think about energy levels but don’t describe things with more or less than three dimensions. 

Remember to think of the territory and not the map.

Is Time A Dimension

Does time exist, and is it a dimension? Dimensions describe the size of physical things (height, width, and depth), and two more descriptions include where it is (space) and when (time)? These two things are known as Spacetime. 

Now they need five dimensions to describe something? The three dimensions of size, the GPS coordinates (where), and the time it exists there. 

To describe a thing, they also need the mass, energy, density, color, texture, temperature, smell, taste, and sound. 

Time can also be described in three dimensions, the past, present, and future. You and I and the things in the universe are more than 3 or 4 dimensional. 

The more I think about it; the word dimension is used in many ways with different meanings.

The architect draws on his paper of two dimensions to describe a three-dimensional object, and he says that your house will be ready for the construction workers next year. You have a destination for the house on your property and a time when you want to live in it. 

Spaceships and Space Travel Exist

When man decided to go to the moon, they needed a new meaning for the destination. Spaceships and space travel made Einstein’s Spacetime a reality. Now they are planning to travel to Mars in the near future. 

What are the dimensions of planets, of our solar system, of our galaxy, of the universe? What is the dimension or realm beyond the universe? 

The word dimension has grown beyond its meaning for architecture. They need new words to describe new things, new destinations, and new dimensions. 

One of the biggest things scientists are trying to understand is dark matter and dark energy. The word “dark” is a placeholder for something unknown about matter and energy. 

It’s a bit funny that they can’t find dark energy, but they are sure it exists. They can’t describe time, but they are sure it exists, they don’t know where gravity comes from, but they are sure that it exists, and they don’t know where the universe came from, but they are sure that it exists. 

That's all for today's blog post. I keep finding things that confuse scientists. There are so many things about gravity and time that aren't understood. I might not have the right answers, but I have suggestions and ideas. An idea is the first thing you need to start something. Think about that. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts today. I hope you are well, take care until next time.

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