What are Neutrinos, Why are they Important?

Neutrinos and Light

What are neutrinos and why are they important?

What are neutrinos and why are they  important? Neutrinos are fundamental particles that were formed in the first second of the Big Bang. They are continually produced in the nuclear reactions of stars such as our Sun. It was assumed that they are massless and travel at the speed of light. But that all changed in 2015 when they discovered that they have a small mass. How can they travel at light speed?

The LHC at CERN, picture of energy reaction with neutrinos

Neutrinos have mass and travel at light speed

Neutrinos are  strange particles. They were considered to be massless like photons. Then in 2015 the Nobel prize in physics was given to the work done in my hometown, Sudbury Ontario. The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory SNOLAB, is 2,000 meters underground.

Here they solved  the case of the missing neutrinos. The question was, why is there a smaller amount of solar electron neutrinos on Earth than at the sun? It was found  that neutrinos come in 3 different flavors and oscillate between types. That was enough proof to show that they must have a small mass.

Neutrino oscillations between 3 flavors as they travel at light speed

This was amazing, because these small particles come from the sun and change into different types as they are travelling to Earth. Another awesome fact is they travel at the speed of light and go right through the entire Earth without slowing down.

Why are Neutrinos important?

Important for humans:

We humans have a lot to learn about these tiny particles that have mass. They are traveling from the sun at the speed of light. It is estimated that they pass through us at the rate of 65 billion per square centimeter per second. Yet they rarely interact with matter or anything else.

Neutrinos are important because they don’t react with other particles. This allows astronomers the ability to study the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation using neutrinos.  They are also using neutrinos to study the inside solar reactions of the sun.

As a matter of fact this allows astronomers an early warning system about supernova events. Neutrinos are able to escape the sun’s surface before the solar nuclear reaction to signal the eminent supernova event. This gives astronomers a few hours to prepare to examine the supernova.

Scientists have already sent a message through 1000’s of meters of solid rock using neutrinos. Thus, proving that neutrinos can be used as a communication system.

Important for mankind:

I always try to imagine why some reactions of particles are important for mankind. Since neutrinos hardly react at all with matter what could that be useful for? Scientists are already making use of them as a tool of measurement.

But, why are neutrinos constantly oscillating between the 3 different flavors? Digital information can be communicated simply by 1’s and 0’s. This ability of neutrinos to be 3 different types seems like an intricate communication system!

As a matter of fact, scientists have already used this as a communication experiment. This would be a way to send messages at light speed straight through the Earth. No more satellite communication with time delay. Near instant messaging.

The experiments over 1,300 kilometers for testing neutrino communication

Importance for the Universe:

We must never overlook the fact that the Universe is a Creation. As part of creation there is a constant evolution. Nothing sits still and the only constant is change. This change is an evolutionary aspect of creation.

My belief is that the consciousness that created the Universe is here experiencing its creation. During this experience there is an evolution of that consciousness.  

What if information is arriving and being sent back to source by using neutrinos. I think it’s possible that the lifeforce comes to Earth from the sun. Imagine 65 billion neutrinos passing through us every square centimeter per second. Wow! Even at night 24 hours per day!

Key Takeaways

  1. Neutrinos have mass and travel at the speed of light.

  2. They rarely interact with matter.

  3. Solar neutrinos pass through the Earth at 65 billion per square cm. per second.

  4. Neutrinos can be used to communicate at light speed.

  5. Could the lifeforce come to Earth from solar neutrinos?

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