The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Hidden Treasure 

Let’s play a little mind game and try to find a priceless treasure hidden in plain site. Where can we hide an awesome treasure that will be easy to find yet hard to understand?

This golden box has all your deep desires and wishes inside. Can you find it?

I have a gold colored treasure box and inside it contains instructions in a letter how to find gold coins and some delicious candy. (The candy is for your energy)

The first person to find the box will feel like Ali Baba and can make a wish after reading the instructions in the letter.

I will give everyone who asks, the information on where to find the treasure box. Maybe 9 out of 10 have no clue what the instructions mean? 

The Treasure Box 

First clue is a description of the box. The size of the box is 30cm long by 15cm wide and 10cm deep. The top is gold colored with some fancy raised detail and the Treasure Box has a golden lock.

The material of the box is made with gold metal and the sides are some kind of exotic detail.  The box feels too heavy for its size so the treasure inside could be gold?

The combination to the lock for the box will be emailed to every person who asks for it. Remember you are special and the chosen one for a chosen task that only you can do.

Your map to the treasure location.

Physical location of the Treasure 

Your treasure is at the central train station in New York City. Go to the locker room and find number 1991 you must have the combination to open the locker.

Remember there are multiple New Your cities in the universe where we live. This particular New York city is on the island of Excalibur on planet Zion in the galaxy Fermion.

Before you travel get the time coordinates and dimension number. Otherwise the box won’t be there at your arrival time. 

Extra Instructions 

The size of the treasure box was in centimeters. Some people use dimensions of the box instead of size. 

I didn’t mention the weight of the box because depending on which planet you are in the weight will be different on your world.

The timeline is important in order to be at the locker when the treasure is there. Remember if your dimension is different from the destination dimension you can’t make the trip. 

What Dimension are you in?

A dimension is usually the distance of a direction. You could say the dimensions of the box are 30cm long x 15cm wide x 10 cm deep.  Dimension is a noun of a measured amount.

If I want to know what dimension you live in? How do you explain the size of your dimension?

You might say you live on Earth in a dimension that has 3 spatial directions in the milky way galaxy. What do the 3 spatial dimensions mean in the size of the universe where you live? 

Most people believe the universe is only one thing that contains everything and that nothing exists outside of the universe. 

Why do we call it the 3rd dimension? Does the universe have a one and a two dimension place? No of course not. 

The space we live in is called the 3rd dimension because we are inside of a space that contains 3 spatial directions. Commonly called 3 dimensions.

The 1, 2 and 3 dimensions are only mathematical values that describe a point on a graph or they can give you the coordinates of a place using the GPS system. 

If you add time to the coordinates you know where and when you are at a specific spot. 

Can you see that this only works on Earth? If you are on another planet or flying in a rocket ship, what then?

How can you have coordinates in space or a reference of time for that matter? 

How many Dimensions exist?

If I say there are 4 physical dimensions in our universe most people say they are the 3 spatial directions and time.

The reality is that the 4 dimensions are different areas inside the universe. They all have the same properties and the same time and the only difference is the frequency of matter. 

Each dimension is invisible to the other dimensions and when you are in a dimension they all look the same. 

There is one different aspect. Some dimensions have war and crime, while some have abundance and peace. Yet, they exist in the same universe with different levels of consciousness. 

It is this difference in consciousness that determines what dimension you are in. 

The Journey in Consciousness 

The Universe itself has a path of evolution of consciousness. 

Imagine the journey that planet Earth has followed. The solar system is only 4 billion years old and it took millions if not billions of years to evolve into a beautiful blue planet we call home.

Life started slowly as bacteria and evolved into animals. When it was ready for human life our school room began lessons. 

We are here to learn and experience the creation of physical life. In this living the universe evolves and we evolve with it. 

The meaning of life itself is to evolve consciousness while in a physical form. This evolution can’t be done while in a non physical form such as a spirit or soul. 

The Treasure Hunt

We spend our life time searching for happiness while having experiences. Isn’t the ultimate goal to be happy of is there another goal?

If you find the treasure box you get to make 3 wishes like Ali Baba, what would you wish for? 

Do you want riches and gold or happiness and love? The ultimate goal of happiness is not  only being in love with your partner but being in love with yourself.

We come into this life alone and we leave alone, the in between is how we grow and learn.

Let’s treat each other with respect, nurture each other and have fun on our journey.

The Treasure 

I make a wish that you will find your treasure within the dimension of consciousness that makes you happy.

Remember that you have a soul and your soul loves you, cares for you and is waiting to be loved back. 

Your treasure is within another dimension waiting to be discovered. Don’t give up your search it’s always in the last place you will look. Good luck, have fun and be well.

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About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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