The Life Force

The Life Force

Our Life Force is the energy that gives us life and well being. We don’t have to do anything or believe in anything. Yet, it keeps us alive and provides all the functions needed to grow and maintain our body. There are somethings that we must do, such as drink water and eat food. But what is the source of the energy that takes care of Earth and all the life in it? In America we believe that the Sun is the source of this life force.

The Life Force is inside all matter on Mother Earth. It’s always growing and becoming more as it nurtures us while we search for new experiences.

The life force energy is called vital energy or Prana in Sanskrit. Prana is physical, mental and spiritual energy in Hinduism. The Chinese define life force energy as, Qi or Chi. Chi has two main parts.

The physical nourishing part that is air, water and food. The other branch is what takes place inside the body. The vital fluids and energy that flows through the body. This meaning of Chi is a part of all Chinese traditional medicine.

However,  the flow of life force energy moving in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can become unbalanced. If this life force doesn’t flow properly, then disease is the outcome. This dis-ease is possible in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.

Source of the Life Force

It’s easy to say the life force comes from the Sun or the food we eat. But, think about it deeper and you have to admit that some kind of energy is the root cause of life.

Imagine how our bodies can grow and pump blood through all the parts without us doing anything. Imagine how the planet makes our food, water, air and energy without us knowing how it happens.

We can help the process by eating good food, exercising the body, getting enough sleep and having someone to love. What is the real power or energy that makes things tick? It has been said that the universe seems more like a thought then a thing.

It looks like a computer program running the hardware system for life. Each atom and molecule perform the task it is programmed to do. This frees us to do other things such as learning and experiencing this physical dimension.

We should investigate our mental power and our spiritual body to evolve our life force and consciousness. The purpose of life must be more than we imagine.

Life On Other Planets

Scientists have searched for life on Mars and not found it. But many mysterious objects that looks like remnants of organic matter. The polar caps have plenty of frozen water which could mean that life was possible.

The red planet has lost the Planet's Soul and all life dies...

The one thing missing from Mars to support the life force is the Soul of Mars. Without a Soul it became lifeless, if it ever had life.

By a Soul I mean a computer program supporting the vital life force and all the necessary things needed like water, air and food.

Global Warming Process

This brings me to remind you about my last post about Global Warming a New Paradigm. I was saying that our evolution on Earth is at a point of ascending into a higher dimension.

People have been fearful that climate change will harm us and the planet. We are focusing on the negative issues instead of realizing it as a positive situation.

My point of view is that the Earth is ready to move us into the 4th dimension if we can eliminate our toxic emotions that prevent us from evolving.

The anger, fear and limiting beliefs of the mass consciousness are exactly like toxic poison to Mother Earth.

What if Mars was in a similar situation but the people failed to look after the planet and all the life vanished? Now we are at the same point in this planet’s evolution.

We can help Mother Earth by eliminating toxic emotions and start to raise our vibrations to the frequency of our planets’.

Meditate whenever you have the chance. You are helping Mother Earth to raise her vibrations and our mother will show its appreciation by giving us more love and life.

Ways To Raise Your Vibrations.

  1. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Everything you say, think or feel becomes part of your reality

  2. Use the power of gratitude and appreciation often

  3. Ask what would love do in this situation

  4. Drink clean water

  5. Eat fresh food that Mother Earth provides

  6. Practice being kind and generous

  7. Exercise to keep healthy

  8. Remember your Spiritual Body is connected to your soul

  9. Know that the Earth also has a Soul

The soul brings us our consciousness from the source of life and light. This spark of the soul enters our body after birth.

Where does Consciousness come from

Sometimes scientists have no vision beyond what can be seen. Yet, the unseen world is more real than all the physical things.

Actually they have measured that less than 5% of the stuff in the universe is what we can see. Where is all the other 95%?

Then there are the things we live for, like dreams, inspiration, imagination and love. Some other invisible things are gravity, magnetism, energy, thoughts and music.

The most important of these is consciousness. Yet, scientists and doctors don’t know where it comes from. Consciousness comes to us as a spark of the soul.

This spark is the vital life force in the spiritual body as part of our ‘Parana’. The life force is invisible and not a part of the DNA molecule.

Consider that the Big Bang came from outside of the Universe and consciousness also comes from outside of us and from outside this universe.

The spark of soul enters during the birth or maybe a few days after. No new souls are created and souls are eternal. All souls were created at the same time by our Source (GOD).

Dear scientists when you start to study the unseen world you will uncover the secrets of life and energy.

Mother nature provides for us with the life force creating water, air and earth

Meditation for the Soul

Get in touch with your soul or just get to know what your soul is. Think about that soft voice in your thoughts. Don’t push away that voice, nurture that voice and listen to its guidance.

You have a soulful reason to be in this life. Find out what that reason is by getting in touch with your soul. The real driver of your vehicle is waiting for you to help with your purpose of being here. What is your purpose?

How to Meditate so you can meet your soul even if you have never meditated   

The way to start into a meditation is the prepare your thoughts that you are ready to experience the energy within. Relax don’t start if you feel like running or exercise.

Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place and without bright lights. You can even do this while lying in bed but be prepared to fall asleep.

  1. Close your eyes and rest your arms comfortably on your lap.

  2. Breathe naturally and start to relax each part of your body.

  3. Focus on how your breath moves with each breath inhale and exhale.

  4. Notice how your chest and belly move with each breath

  5. When your mind wanders (as it will) don’t worry return to your breath

  6. Maintain this practice for 2 to 3 minutes before trying for a longer time

When you meditate focus on your breath as a kind of mantra and say the sound, ahhhhh with your outbreath. After a while just think the sound ahhhhh and notice that it feels the same. Your breath has the life force called Prana. Note, that when you are thinking it’s on the inbreath and when you are doing it’s on the outbreath.

By using your breath as a mantra you will receive intuition, peace and relaxation. In the stillness you will find what you are looking for or what you need in this moment.


  1. The life force comes to Earth from our Source

  2. It seems like a mind controlling physical matter and life

  3. Without a soul a planet or a human will die

  4. Earth is getting ready to move into a higher vibration

  5. Raise your vibration by using the right way to think

  6. Consciousness is our greatest gift from our Source

  7. Meditate to hear what your soul needs

If you resonate with this new information I want you to be on my tribe of followers. I would like to encourage your dreams and confirm your thoughts that science of light will show us the Ultimate Truth. I care about our evolution as we all start to wake up one soul at a time.

Let’s appreciate how important it is to share our personal beliefs.

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Thanks for being here. As always, be well.



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