How was the Big Bang Created

 How Was The Big Bang Created

How was the Big bang created and what is the ultimate reality of life?  What is the meaning of life? How did the Big bang create the universe? These are the questions that we need to answer. We will never understand reality until we face it on a deeper level. Let’s put religion and death on a shelf for the moment and focus on these questions about our reality. 

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The Infinite Reality of the Universe

We will know how the Big bang started by first understanding the universe. How did the universe start from nothingness? 

Let’s start by understanding that nothingness doesn’t exist. Imagine that nothingness has no time, no space and no physical matter. 

We can’t imagine nothingness because it doesn’t exist. Now try to imagine the opposite of nothing. In math, nothing is zero and the opposite is infinity. 

We can’t make anything from nothing but if we have the source of infinity we can make anything. 

We have to start with infinity before we can create the universe, having said that, then the universe is a part of infinity and not a part of nothingness. 

What does this idea look like? It means that the universe exists inside of infinity. It means that the moment of the Big Bang event wasn’t the start of the universe. 

It means infinity is our true reality. It means that we are born from infinity in the same way that the universe is born from infinity. 

Infinity is the state of reality and nothing exists outside of this reality.  It means that when the universe ends and when we die we will still be inside infinity. 

Infinity is the abundance of everything and it’s timeless, all-knowing and has infinite energy and power to do or make anything. 

Actually, the description of infinity is the same as the description of God. The reality is that God and infinity are the same things. 

Let’s take a moment and think about what that means. The reality is that infinity is the oneness of everything. 

All energy, all power and intelligence come from the one Source of God. 

The Infinity of God is Beyond the Big Bang

It’s not possible to imagine infinity but we must accept the idea that if infinity is all-powerful then it has a mind and intelligence to create anything. 

We have called this infinity the mind of God and then we have made God into a religion. 

Infinity has no beginning and no end. Infinity has an infinite amount of everything yet infinity has one thing. 

Infinity has a consciousness, a mind and is the power source of everything.

Because the mind of man is limited in understanding infinity the church saw a way to entertain the masses with stories, collect money and gain power.

However, let’s get back to the realm of infinity where everything started. The mind of God somehow created other Spirits into the reality of infinity. 

We know that other Spirits exist because we are here experiencing the power of consciousness from the Oneness of God. 

I know, I know let’s get back to our reality. How did the Big Bang event start? Science says that it was a singularly which means there’s no explanation or evidence beyond what mathematics can answer. 

Who Created the Big Bang

Religion has an answer based on evidence in the bible, it says the Earth and the heavens were created by God. 

At least they have an answer even if it seems like a fairytale. But I want the scientific answer because the universe works by the laws of science and not by the prayers of religion. 

The intelligence of the mind of infinity (God) created the scientific laws that allow energy to change into physical things. 

It’s always the mind that creates and evolves into other things, matter never evolves into the mind. My saying is based on mind over matter, so that, “the mind is never matter and matter never minds.” 

The other Spirits that God created have access to the same power and intelligence of Source. 

They experimented by changing energy into whatever they desired. They used the laws of science to create a physical world into their infinite reality. 

Eventually, in their eternal life, they learned how to create a physical universe into their realm of infinity. 

Then they could nurture and experiment with this physical thing that they made. 

Can you picture a child having a hamster or goldfish? That’s kind of the same fascination the Spiritual realm has with our Physical world. 

But the hand of spirit passes right through physical things so they couldn’t touch their creation. 

Creating the Human from the Big Bang

Eventually, some planets had the right ingredients for life and they helped the evolution of matter into living things and finally into the animal caveman. 

That’s when spirits added some of their own energy into the caveman’s baby at birth to create a human being. 

Thus they were able to partly enter a physical being to experience a physical body in a physical universe. 

We call that small spiritual energy part of our soul connection. We are still connected to our Source but we have lost our memories of who our soul is. 

It’s like having a dream and enjoying it but after waking up we end up forgetting the dream.

 Maybe we are stuck here in physically but eventually, we have to recognize our true spirit and our soul will return home to Source. 

Creating The Big Bang

How did the Spirits Create the Big Bang? The Spirits have access to all the laws of science and an infinite supply of energy.

It would be similar to going to university and learning about the laws of physics. 

The best students went to work at the creation facility where they performed experiments and tested possible methods. 

If you compare their experiments with Nasa’s Space program they possibly had some failures and explosions that were catastrophic.

However, there must have been a successful launch because we are here as living proof. 

That’s my best guess how the universe was created during the Big bag event.

Key Takeaways

There are two states of reality, to be and not to be. To have something versus to have nothing. 

The universe is something and the opposite is nothing so that means the universe is in a realm that has energy and intelligence.

The opposite of nothing (zero) is infinity. Thus the universe is in a realm of infinity.

Infinity has a consciousness and a mind that is beyond our understanding.

Spirits created by “God” worked to create a physical universe.

In order to experience their creation spirits attach a part of their soul during the birth of humans. 

This allows spirits to experience what a physical body feels like inside a physical world. 

The universe was created by Spirits using the energy source of infinity.

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Next week I will look at the evolution of time and gravity.

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