How Much Energy is in the Universe

How Much Energy is in the universe?

The energy that created the Big bang event was almost certainly photon radiation.

Today I was wondering if that energy had all the qualities of mass, gravity, temperature, and pressure, time, and dimensions (size and shape)? Energy is the potential to do work and the universe certainly did a lot of work. 

In a short period of time, the energy changed into particles of matter containing gravity, temperature, size, and shape. 

Immediately matter was put to work without coffee breaks or holidays. 

Can you imagine energy changing so fast into matter and then using the power of work (energy and matter) to produce a real physical universe.

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Energy of Motion

The energy of motion is what we call time. Let me explain the reality of time. 

There is an energy of movement that allows motion. We measure the length of that motion and call it time.

We use the measure of time each day to look at a clock for the time of day. 

But what is the actual energy of motion? If time is only a measure of how long motion happens then we don’t understand the energy that moves time.

It feels weird to talk about energy moving time because we never think about it that way or understand it.

Imagine if time stood still? It’s not like in the movies where everyone is motionless and you alone can walk around watching people.

If motion stops or doesn’t exist the universe would not exist. That’s how important the energy of motion is. 

What do you think about time travel? Is this possible or not?

Think about it like this. There is an energy of motion that allows physical objects to move and the best example is light. 

The top speed of motion is built into the speed of light. Time is a measurement of that motion. 

Humans have invented clocks to measure this motion accurately and calendars to keep track of the flow of the energy of this motion.

The flow of motion only goes forward like the flow of water in a river. 

And the motion of light only moves forward so each passing moment is never the same. 

The past doesn’t exist anymore! And the speed of motion is fixed at the speed of light.

Now you are asking a foolish question if you can travel to the past that doesn’t exist or to the future which doesn’t exist. 

That is impossible! But if you use your imagination you aren’t bound to physical reality so go ahead and travel in your imagination. I only suggest that you keep your sanity. 

Is it possible there is a dimension beyond our own where time does not exist?

Yes, that is a possible place or dimension. Time is an invention for measuring the movement of energy. 

The motion of energy is the real thing that moves at the speed of light. 

Measuring the time it took to move doesn’t say anything about what motion really is. 

If you are in a dimension that has no physical qualities such as perhaps your imagination, then time doesn't exist.

If you happen to be in a nonphysical dimension where only thoughts and energy exist then time wouldn’t exist by measuring or reading a clock. 

And the motion of energy becomes more like a series of evolving sequences of consciousness. 

I hope you can understand what my words fail to describe. 

Does time dilation effect biological time or aging as shown in the movies?

Movies are a fictional story that allows us to use our imagination. It’s great fun and enjoyable and I love movies. 

But it’s not reality and time travel is impossible. This question is about time dilation changing our biological age. Here’s the reality.

Time is an invention of mankind and we believe that time is something that we can bend and move to our own needs. 

We need to think about the energy of motion which is the real thing, time is only a measurement of this motion.

The measure of time started when the Universe started. 

But the flow of motion is the energy that entered the universe during the Big Bang event. 

The speed of that flow was the speed of light which is invariant and flows only in the forward direction.

Mankind has invented ways to measure the speed of time by using clocks and calendars.

What we call time is only a measurement of the flow of motion. Ths flow only moves forward as the river flows to the sea. 

The flow of water can be measured but that measurement isn’t the water. The measure of time isn’t the energy of motion.

Now you want to know about time dilation? 

If someone travels at 0.99 c and returns 10 years later, will he be younger than his twin?

The answer according to relativity is yes but in reality no.

Einstein postulated that traveling close to the speed of light increases the mass of an object infinitely and slows down the time to a stop. 

Since these results are impossible we must conclude that reality and mathematics are two different things.

However, atomic clocks have shown in experiments that clocks agree with Einstein’s predictions. Why is that? This is my theory...

The acceleration of speed produces a force of gravity that interacts with the normal quark-gluon interactions in atoms. 

This force acts upon the motion of atoms slowing down the energy of motion inside matter. 

Therefore, the time that a clock shows will be false and that measurement contains the time dilation.

Now consider that time is only a measurement of the energy of motion and that time is not the motion itself. 

We don’t know what causes the movement of energy. We have believed that time is a real thing or a real force. 

But it’s the force that creates movement that’s the real reason for time. Where does this energy come from? 

Can you imagine that time is how we measure the energy but time isn’t the energy!

In the same way, we measure gravity but the measurement of gravity isn’t the force that causes gravity. 

Are you following my logic? Interesting right?

If time dilation is only a false reading on the atomic clock and time is not the energy of motion. 

I conclude that time dilation is a mathematical construct that also registers on a clocks time because of the force of gravity.

And this measurement of time is not the energy of motion that causes movement. 

That means that the actual amount of time didn’t change, only the effects of measuring time changed the clocks ticking. Sorry, Albert. 

My proof that time dilation is false


In the diagram suppose a spaceship travels at 99% of the speed of light and it is connected by a long cable to a center point. 

Partway up is a clock station that has a synchronized atomic clock with the twin that’s in the spaceship.

One revolution around the center point takes one year. 

When the spaceship reads his clock it registers time dilation and shows about one month to travel one light-year.

His twin’s synchronized clock shows one year during the same amount of time.

After 10 years the spaceship returns and both twins have aged the same amount because they both made 10 revolutions during the same period of time.

Therefore, time dilation has no effect on the motion of energy or on the biological age of people.

Dark energy and the energy of Gravity 

Gravity is the energy of attraction just like the energy of motion is time. Perhaps the energy of attraction creates the force of gravity. 

Could the law of attraction come from this energy?

It gets a little confusing to talk about the energy of gravity because we don’t know what gravity is let alone dark energy.

It seems strange that the source of gravity is unknown to scientists since gravity is the force that builds the universe. 

A mass of matter contains the force of gravity and it attracts more mass to itself. 

That is how gas and particles attracted each other together and then when the force of gravity was strong enough a nuclear reaction started and stars were born.  

It seems that gravity is a force that comes from inside matter. 

We can measure the force of gravity but the measurement of the force doesn’t tell us what gravity is.

Just like the measure of time doesn’t explain what causes the energy of motion.

We have completely missed the fact that energy is the mechanism that creates. Time and gravity are only the measured amounts of energy. WOW!

Dark Energy in the Universe 

The energy of motion and attraction created stars and galaxies. Now people ask about dark matter and dark energy.

My answer is that they are not any different from the energies that we already know.

We just can’t find them by looking in our dimension so we call them dark unseen energy.

Dark energy is merely the force of gravity reaching us from another dimension.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of the universe yet, suffice it to say energy is the source of everything in the universe.

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