How Many Dimensions Are There

How Many Dimensions Are There

How many dimensions exist within the Universe?  Maybe 11 or 2...

The scientific thinking is that the entire universe is made up of one spacetime dimension and that it contains 3 spatial dimensions and the measure of time. 

The accepted theory is that the universe started from the Big bang event when energy entered this dimension. 

Where did the energy come from and when did time start?

In this article, a dimension means the space, area, container or realm that contains a part of the universe. 

Here is my disclaimer; I have a bachelor’s degree in physics but I didn’t have a career in science for very long. 

I want the reader to know that I don’t merely regurgitate the popular theories of science.

I have a lot of my own ideas because I find that the current theories about the universe don’t make any sense to me.

I am looking for the truth and my goal is to shine a light on topics in search of the ultimate truth of the universe.

I will explain in greater detail but first, think about this.

Before the start of anything, you need to have time, energy, and the laws of physics.

You can’t create without having a source of energy, a plan of how to create and a purpose for the creation. 

When I built my house the contractor for the landscaping said there are 3 kinds of people. 

The ones who don’t know what they want, the ones who ask too many questions and the ones who figure things out too much.

Marie Forleo (of Marie Forleo TV) has a new book out called “Everything is Figureoutable”. 

Marie hit the nail right on the head with her message that any problem has a solution that can be figured out. 

How many other dimensions exist within the entire Universe?  

What is the Universe?

The universe that we know has physical properties such as a birth date, a size, a mass, a shape, energy, frequency and time. 

I want you to consider that the Universe is made up of many levels or areas that function together to maintain a critical balance for all things.

The non-physical properties of the universe are time, consciousness, and the intelligence that sustains life as well as all the laws of physics. 

Consider the energy that keeps your body healthy. Your growing muscles and cells must be continually rejuvenated and maintained. What power keeps everything functioning?

We have consciousness and free will. These allow us to think and plan whatever we need to figure out. 

Let’s use a thought experiment to find other dimensions or areas that are part of this Universe. 

The dictionary meaning of the universe is that it contains everything that we can see or touch. 

I want you to think that we have the wrong idea of our universe. 

Consider that our universe with the small letter “u” is only our observable 3rd dimension.

Now I want you to imagine that the Universe with a capital “U” is much bigger than the 3rd dimension. 

We can feel other unseen dimensions so they must exist

What is a Dimension

The meaning of dimensions in science and math is different from the dimensions of the Universe. 

All dimensions are made of 3 spatial dimensions and time. That means if you are in the 5th dimension there are still only 3 spatial dimensions, not 5 spatial directions. 

You are probably asking what’s the difference between dimensions. 

The difference in dimensions is about the role that each dimension plays. 

The frequency of matter might be higher or lower and its place in the evolutionary sequence of physical matter is different. 

Each dimension has a specific task to perform.

The Barrier to Belief

The Universe looks more and more like a thought than a thing. Quote by Sir James Jeans.

There is something like an energy barrier or matrix preventing us from knowing who we are or what happened before the Big bang event. 

That barrier prevents science from studying things that are outside of the 3rd dimension.

 And that kind of puts a barrier between spirit and flesh, between religion and science and between having a powerful belief system and a stubborn unchanging belief.

I studied science and I believed that religion was false and for the weak-minded. 

Now I see that unseen things like the mind of consciousness are the energy that powers the Universe. 

Before the Big Bang

Time started in our universe during the big bang event.

But consider that time is non-physical and it has no meaning to say that time started at such and such a time. Time has always existed elsewhere.

We can say that the universe started about 13.8 billion years ago but not that time itself started. Actually we began to count time from the birth of baby Jesus 2020 years ago.

Energy and time existed before the beginning of the big bang and the universe. 

Furthermore, there isn’t an energy that can create the universe from inside of the universe.

If you argue that it’s possible then where did that energy initially come from? 

Therefore, if time and energy existed somewhere before the universe began, we must conclude that another place or dimension exists. 

So this other dimension is outside of our known universe and it has the power to create or even destroy our universe. 

Therefore, that dimension and our 3rd dimension are part of the total Universe.

Black holes are connected to other dimensions where dark matter is hiding from us… I suspect that when enough matter has moved into the next dimension the entire dimension moves and becomes part of that next dimension.

The Dark Dimension

We have been looking for dark matter since Einstein was alive. All the latest astronomy experimental results confirm that dark energy is real.

There is a strong gravity at the center of all galaxies yet the source of that gravity can’t be found. 

Strong evidence shows there are black holes in the center of all galaxies.

It’s estimated that dark matter and energy accounts for 95% of the universe.

Most people know that we haven’t found any of this dark matter and that it doesn’t react with electromagnetism. Namely, we can’t see it.

The only detection of dark matter is the force of gravity upon our visible 5% of the matter in the universe. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this dark matter could be in a different area or dimension of the universe.

Because the force of gravity is a long-range force I suggest that gravity leaks into our dimension from another dimension.

Since black holes are at the center of galaxies and the dark energy of gravity is also at the center of galaxies then they are at the same location and possibly the same thing.

Black holes are the source of dark energy and its gravitational force maintains a connection to stars and planets that rotate around these black holes creating galaxies. 

What is Dark Energy

Dark energy is the gravitational force of dark matter. We can see the force of this gravity but we can’t see the dark matter that’s causing it. 

Because we can’t see it that’s why we call the matter that creates this dark energy as dark matter.   

We know the force is real but we can’t see or find what causes it. 

We can’t see other dimensions but we can feel the effects of gravity

At first, the obvious idea is that dark matter is inside black holes. Maybe somewhere past the event horizon of the black hole?

But, a black hole is still in our dimension of the universe and we are missing a lot of matter that should be in the black hole.       Learn more about black holes here.

The problem is that we can’t find dark matter inside black holes and our 3rd dimension only has about 5% of the total matter of the universe.

Where is dark matter hiding? It might be on the other side of black holes in a different area or dimension of the universe.

This would also explain why the universe is expanding and accelerating outward. 

The strong force of gravity inside black holes is attracting matter as well as our dimension toward the dark dimension. 

Matter and Antimatter

Experiments at the LHC in CERN show that matter and antimatter are always present equally in any energy reaction.

The problem is why does this 3rd dimension (universe) only consist of matter, where is the antimatter? 

During the Big bang event, there must have been a quantum fluctuation that separated the two different forms of matter.

Study the diagram that shows how energy moved into our dimension.

Since matter and antimatter didn’t annihilate each other during the Big bang then this antimatter dimension explains what must have happened.

Quantum fluctuations must have sent antimatter into a different dimension 

These dimensions are entangled and evolving in parallel dimensions.

In order to explain what happens in the future of the Universe, we must add another dimension.

Because eventually the matter and antimatter dimensions will meet and annihilate each other. 

A quantum fluctuation in the 6th dimension sends all the energy back to the Source dimension. 

This ends the Universe and the law of the conservation of energy has been fulfilled. Don’t worry souls never die or do they... 

How many Dimensions so far?

Dimensions are the tools needed to create a Universe. Erik Lovin 2018

The Universe must be more than the 3rd dimension.

We have the Source of energy dimension, the dark dimension, the antimatter dimensions, and the final Big Bang dimension. 

It seems that there are 3 antimatter dimensions that are parallel to our 3 matter dimensions. 

Then there is a common 6th dimension and the source dimensions. 

My best guess is that we have a total of 11 dimensions as part of this one Universe.

Conclusion and Takeaways

The source of the universe is outside of the universe in another dimension.

Dark matter exists but is invisible in our dimension. Therefore dark matter is inside of another dimension.

The universe is starting to look like it’s made up of multiple dimensions. This is the only logical answer.

Nikola Tesla said that when we start to study the unseen non-physical things, we will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries. 

Thank you for being here to read the latest ideas for students of life. I appreciate your time and energy. Please, leave me a comment and as always be well. https://lovinthings.com 

My Mission Statement 

I help people learn about science so they can understand the universe without having to take the time and struggle to search for answers on their own. 

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published Author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe works. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and the science of cosmology. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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