Can Time Dilation Change Your Age?

Can Time Dilation Change Your Age?

 Does time dilation have the power to change your age? 

Time is what a clock shows, and the numbers on a clock relate to your position relative to the Sun. We are familiar with the time on a clock, but what is time dilation? 

Time dilation occurs when a clock experiences more or less gravity than a reference clock on Earth. 

Clocks are affected by the force of gravity, and so are we. 

Because of less gravity, people in the space station experience weightlessness and effortless motion. 

Less gravity allows faster motion, and a clock’s time display moves faster. 

But if an astronaut goes to a giant planet like Jupiter, he would have difficulty moving. His clock would tick slowly because of the strong force of gravity. 

A clock’s display has time dilation if the time on the clock shows a different time than a reference clock. It all makes sense if you realize that time only exists on clocks.

We use time as a description of motion and events. The power is in the force of motion, not in the description or measurement of motion. 

You can’t feel time. You can feel boredom, hunger, and motion. 

Time on a clock shows how long you are bored when you have dinner and how fast you move. 

Strangely, we think we’re experiencing time when, in fact, we experience everything except time. 

The invention of time is a fantastic way to keep track of our events, but time is a description of our events. 

Time isn’t a physical force that can cause a physical change. Allow me to explain.

We think that time causes us to age because we feel and look older the longer we live. 

It’s natural to think we get older because of time, and it would be great to reverse aging by using time dilation. 

But we live in the motion of our planet, not in the motion of time. 

Einstein suggested that traveling at relativistic speeds would result in time dilation and thus slow down your aging. 

But the reality is that time has no power to change anything. A clock doesn’t change your age. 

Timekeeping counts your age by the number of trips you took around the Sun. 

You get older from the physical and emotional stress of living. 

Notice that kings and queens live longer than others because of less stress, and people in stressful jobs age faster. 

The effect of gravity on clocks changes the way clocks tick. 

Consider that gravity also changes you and your biological age. 

A strong force of gravity would make walking painful and slow your heart down. Extreme time dilation would cause your heart to stop beating. 

A clock’s time shows how fast things move on Earth in the gravity where we live. 

Clocks tick at the same rate as the Earth moves, and we measure the speed of everything else with the speed of clocks. 

Clocks show us numbers, and we interpret them as the time. 

Clocks don't measure time, and we don’t get older because of clocks. We measure our age by counting the number of orbits around the Sun. 

We use the numbers on clocks to count the number of seconds and hours it takes for things to move. 

It takes 86,400 seconds for the Earth to rotate. It takes one hour to bake a cake and 365 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun. 

When we look at a clock, it shows numbers, and we have learned to think of the numbers as time.

However, your age doesn't come from the time on a clock. To get your age, you count how many days of motion you have experienced in your life.  

You think of it as time, but it’s the number of days and years you have lived. 

Time doesn't exist except in our minds. The clock's numbers are measurements of motion, not time.  

Time and time dilation are numbers, and numbers aren't things that can change your age. 

You age with the biological system of nature, and you count your age by the number of times you traveled around the Sun. 

Your chronological age is what it is, but your biological age depends on your stress and things like inherited body type. 

Thus, time and time dilation cannot change your chronological age. 

Gravity causes time dilation to clocks and adds pressure to your body. Thus, the experience of massive gravity will stop a clock's ticking as well as your beating heart. 

To summarize, time dilation happens to clocks because of gravity, and clocks don't have magical properties that can change your age. 

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