Does Reverse Time Dilation Change Your Age?

Does Reverse Time Dilation Change Your Age?

  Can time dilation in reverse change your age?  

If a clock is elevated higher than a reference clock at sea level, its rate of time changes. 

The higher you go up a high-rise apartment building, the faster a clock’s ticking rate goes. Namely, it seems that time moves faster. 

Less gravity causes a clock to tick faster than a reference clock. 

When a clock travels to a GPS satellite, it speeds up 45 microseconds per day faster if we don't count acceleration. 

I’ve never heard anyone call it reverse time dilation, but that’s what it is. 

The GPS reference clocks on Earth have time dilation due to the gravity on Earth. 

The farther away a clock moves from Earth, the faster its seconds move, and when a clock is far from any gravity, its time  moves at the fastest rate possible. 

However, if the clock starts to travel, a force of acceleration will slow down the clock’s time. 

At the speed of light, the time on the clock stops.

It's because the atoms in the clock have entered an energy phase transition similar to when particles are attracted to gravity in a black hole. 

But things that have a rest mass can't travel at light speed.

Time is very interesting because it seems to move faster or slower. But consider that time isn't moving. It's the numbers on a clock that are moving. 

Numbers aren't physical things. The time dilation of a clock is caused by gravity or the lack of gravity. 

However, always remember that a clock is experiencing gravity the same way we experience gravity, but time isn't experiencing gravity. 

Clocks show time because we interpret the numbers as time. 

We use the time to keep track of our daily events and activities, but time doesn’t have a force of energy that can cause anything to happen. 

So, time or time dilation does not affect your age or anything else. If this didn't answer your question, my new book Einstein Misled By Time, explains everything about time and your relationship with time. 

Does Time Only Move Forward?

Time doesn't move. The numbers on a clock move, and they move faster or slower but never backward. 

We never see things moving into the past. The observable evidence shows that events always move forward. 

Time is a measurement of motion, and we describe events using time. 

We use a clock or watch and say things like our flight took 3 hours. The movie took 2 hours, we drove home in 30 minutes, and it took 3 minutes to get to my bed.

The scientific evidence shows that light travels forward and never backward. 

The Earth rotates only one way and orbits the Sun the same way. When you drop a ball, it always falls down instead of moving up. 

But time isn’t a physical thing we can see, smell or touch. Time doesn’t exist in the way things exist. 

Time only exists on clocks, and we use the numbers on a clock’s display to count how many minutes a movie took. 

Time is a description of the motion we experience. 

You can describe events in a backward fashion, and you can play a video backward. But you are in your present moment, watching a video moving backward. 

Your mind remembers events from the past and your dream of returning to those events, but it’s impossible. 

The past has happened, it doesn’t exist anymore, and the future doesn't exist until it happens in the present moment. 

The only time we have is this moment that is moving forward to a future that doesn’t exist. 

Enjoy your moments instead of dreaming about going back to the past. 

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