What Is Time Dilation?

What is Time Dilation?

 Time dilation is a change in a clock's time due to a force such as gravity. 

I often say time has no power to change anything. But a GPS clock’s time could change using time dilation and show the wrong time, making our phone and GPS navigation useless. 

But time doesn’t cause the change. It can happen because gravity or mechanical error can change the clock's time. 

The GPS clocks are synchronized with reference clocks on Earth, and it's done accurately with monitoring stations, not by using Einstein’s relativity. 

Time can change because clocks are sensitive to gravity and must be adjusted to stay at the correct time. 

Scientists should be careful not to use time incorrectly as Einstein did. 

The force of gravity affects clocks and during motion, with acceleration and centrifugal force. 

However, time dilation has no physical force to change matter, so Einstein used time incorrectly.

Time was invented to be constant, but it can change.

We notice time changes in certain situations with the greater accuracy of atomic clocks. 

If an airplane is flying east or west, there’s a slight difference in time due to the difference in centrifugal force of the atmosphere, which is part of Earth. And also from any height difference of the planes. 

When one clock is near the North Pole and compared to a clock at the equator, a slight difference is from the centrifugal force during Earth’s rotation and the difference in the radius of Earth because Earth isn't a perfect sphere. 

And if a clock sits on a mountain top compared to a reference clock at sea level, the clock moves faster on the mountain. 

Similarly, a GPS clock ticks 38 microseconds faster per day. The satellite clocks experience both the force of acceleration and less gravity. 

Why does time change by so many physical conditions if time is a concept? 

The answer is that time is a measurement of motion, and it's the motion that changes by various types of force. 

Clocks measure the duration of motion, and if the duration changes because of a force or frequency, a clock's display has an error.

I can't think of anything on Earth that uses relativity. Even the GPS operates without using Einstein's relativity. 

Go to GPS.gov to see how they maintain and control the system with eleven ground station antennas and 16 monitoring stations to keep the satellites in the correct orbit and time. They manually adjust the orbits and the time for each satellite, and we receive the signal to our cell phone with the corrected time and GPS location.

Einstein Was Misled By Time Dilation

What does it mean when a force manipulates time? Einstein used time dilation as if it was real-time. 

His equations in special relativity make it seem that the faster an object moves, the shorter it gets, and at the speed of light, time stops. 

None of these have been verified as real changes except with his mathematics. Einstein made a mistake. 

The fact is that clocks are sensitive to gravity and acceleration. Time is the measurement of motion, and time doesn't have the power or force to cause any physical change. 

Everything is happening at the same moment (time). Time dilation in clocks doesn't change the present moment of the universe. 

The universe moves at one speed at this moment. Nothing exists outside of this moment. 

Is it up to me to teach the world what time is and isn't? It's certainly lonely and difficult being courageous enough to show that Einstein was wrong.  

If someone here agrees with my ideas, they should consider my book Einstein: Misled By Time. A paperback version is available in a couple of days. 

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