What Is The Best Definition Of Time

    What Is The Best Definition Of Time

Are you curious about time and time travel? What is time? The scientific definition of time does not address the fundamental nature of time. 

Events can happen forward and backward in space, whereas events only happen in the forward progress of time. 

In physics, motion is the phenomenon in which an object changes its position over time. Motion is mathematically described in terms of displacement, or distance, using the measurement of an object's speed. 

Time During Your Day

You use a clock to measure how fast you do things, but a clock doesn't measure anything. A clock is a system that ticks 86,400 seconds each day of earth time. Your clock keeps on ticking at the same rate all day, every day.

You need to count the number of ticks to measure your movement of motion or the duration and start of your events. 

You measure how long it takes to walk to work. You measure how long until you get out of work. Then you call this number time. To measure a race, you use a stopwatch to see how many seconds it took. We measure the duration of movement and then call it time.

Time is a motion measuring system based on the motion of the earth. But we don’t know why the Earth rotates at the rate of 86,400 seconds each day. 

We just measure events using the seconds based on the earth’s motion. We call these seconds time, but time is an abstract thing (number), and the motion that moves the earth is the cause. 

Most people don’t understand time or time dilation. You live in the motion of the earth from sunrise to sunset, and over the days, months, and years you get older. 

Then you believe that you get older because of time, but that’s our false way of thinking about time. 

Time is only a measurement of the motion of the earth, and it only exists on Earth. The time on a clock is a number, and numbers have no power or energy to change your age or do anything. 

Does Time Make You Older?

The only thing a clock does is it keeps ticking at the same rate, and we use it to keep track of the day's events. You don't get older because of time.

You get older because of the motion of your heart and the stress of physical and emotional issues. The body has a short lifetime that depends on many factors, but time isn’t the reason why you age. Time is only the measurement of how long you have lived.

The force of gravity can change a clock’s ticking rate. The force of gravity also acts on our biological age but not because of a clock’s time. 

We live and move in our earth’s gravity field, and our clock is standardized to the gravity on Earth. A clock outside earth's gravity will change its ticking rate, and this change is called time dilation, but time dilation doesn’t change the age of you or the universe.

As I said, we don’t understand time, and science has no definition of what time is except to say it’s based on the unit of one second on earth. 

Time Versus Motion

Time and time dilation are misunderstood concepts. First of all, time is a man-made motion measuring system based on the motion of earth using units of seconds. 

Most people make the error of thinking that time is the same as motion. Let me try to explain. 

It takes 86,400 seconds for one revolution of the earth. Time is the measurement of the motion of the earth. But time is not the motion or the cause of the motion.

We don’t know what causes the earth to move, but the movement and the measurement of the movement are not the same. 

You can think about your heart beating and measure it as 60 beats per minute, but the beating heart is the cause of its motion, not time. 

Time is a number, and numbers are not real. You can’t touch time, smell time, or see time, but you can feel time because you have a heart that beats.

Time on a clock slows down or stops when a clock is experiencing excessive gravity. If a clock enters a black hole, a clock will stop ticking, but the force of gravity doesn’t stop attracting the clock. 

Time is only a measurement. If a person goes into a black hole and is wearing a watch, he will die before he gets a chance to look at the time. 

Time doesn’t slow down motion or make you live longer. Time is the measurement of your motion. Your biological age doesn’t change because of time. 

You die because of the stress of gravity and the physical and emotional stress during the effects of living. Time keeps on ticking while you take a licking, lol. 

Losing Our Marbles

Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing doesn’t exist. Nothing is a mathematical point between positive and negative numbers. Numbers aren’t real things, and numbers only represent how many items are being counted. 

If you have a number of marbles and give some away until you have none left or zero, that's still a number but not a marble. Marbles are real, and numbers are not.

Time is another abstract thing that doesn’t exist outside of now. Time is a measurement using a clock that works using numbers. We don’t live in time or move in time. 

Time is the measurement of motion. Everything we do with time is based on the motion, duration, or rate of motion of an event. Time is not the event. We don't count numbers and grow old, and we don’t get old by looking at the time.

We get older because of unseen things such as gravity, physical and emotional stress, injury, and illness. Time is just the measurement of getting older and losing our marbles.

The 3 Dimensions of Time

Here is the latest news about time and just in the nick of time. The moment you have all been waiting for is here! 

Physical stuff has 3-spatial dimensions that describe the shape and size of matter. Time also has three dimensions to describe an event or motion. 

The three dimensions are the past, present, and future. The past is becoming now, the present is happening now, and the future is beginning now. 

That means all three dimensions of time are happening now, and now is the only moment that is real, so enjoy this moment now. 

Thank you for following my ideas here at https://lovinthings.com/

I am writing a book about time, and I hope you will be here to see it happen.

As always, be well. Until next time 😉

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